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February 22, 2005


Frog rustlers.


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Quote: Jeff Wojcik nearly croaked yesterday after he arrived for work at his Point Place business.

First: *groan*
Second: How the #$@$% do you pronounce Wojcik?

check the local fraternity houses.

I had a huge crush on a guy named Wojcik in college, so of course I bothered to learn how to pronounce it.

It's Voy-Chick.

Frog rustling maybe nasty, but I pity the poor bugger that has to train that frog with a bit and saddle...

Nah, I got nothing...

My first instinct was to riff off the fact that a terrible crime had been Kermitted, but I decided being lynched might mess with the first good hair day I've had in ages.

Did anyone else notice that they didn't steal his Mr. Pole? I'd say that Jeff is a very lucky man.

Jeff: Officer, my frog's been stolen!!

Officer: What's that right there?

Jeff: That's my other frog.

Officer: We don't take kindly to you preverts in Toledo.

gw -

... kermitted ... LOL! LUV it! TNX muchly!

'niac -

very subtle sociological comment there, with use of "preverts" ... or a typo ... whatever ...

either way, LOL!

"Mr. Wojcik said he was going to take the other statue home last night."

...because 1) he's desperate; and 2) the other statue needs "consoling".

I hope when they catch the little bastards they assign them to probation officer Kim Tran.

Can't anyone just be drunk anymore? Must they go out and steal our frogs? I think the root of the problem is women. I don't know if it is still the case, but back in my college days you were pretty well gauranteed some sack time if you opened with, "So, I just stole a frog."

Toledo Blade ==> Lo, toad bleed
coincidence? Holy Toledo!
* ducks *

$1500 for a frog, the torch repair business must be thriving these days. What is a torch repair business anyway?

I dunno, but I'll bet I know where the other statue went...

A "torch and regulator repair shop" is, of course, where you would take your torches and regulators when they don't torch or regulate anymore.


Frog Rustlers!!!
now THAT is a great name for a rock band!!!

Oh phooey!!!

The link is gone now.

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