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February 18, 2005


Stud Mollusks

Key Sexually Explicit Quote: By 5:30 p.m., the oysters began burping out white clouds...


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That's what makes them STUDS!!

Prodigious Belching Glands.

Oyster porn...Right on!!!
So when are they coming out with a video I wonder...

they must be studs if they leave their females in a fog

...however if the clouds are green, it's something entirely different.

Naw, the key quote is "Labor intensive as it may be".........

Okay, I got nothin'....

i see a hookup with the fart shoes for some reason...

"Labor intensive as it may be, convincing oysters to reproduce in a lab setting is big business."

*In the boardroom*

CEO: We've got to diversify our debentures and adjust our gross rates of accrual to achieve buy-in from the stockholders. Think outside the box!

Corporate Suckup: We could sell those "special" poisonous frogs to inner-city youth. That'd make a fortune.

Visionary: Nay. I've got the perfect solution to corporate nirvana. We'll sell oyster prostitutes to scientists in New England. We'll call our new business "Stud Mollusks."

Rock Band: Doh! That's a good name.

Yeah, I got nothin' too.

Could the fog be cigarette smoke? You know, after.....



*tackles the Duck*

Oh, and Dave? What's with the clam/fish/lobster/mollusc theme here? You haven't blogged anything about red meat in AGES.

I always wondered what oysters considered to be an aphrodisiac.....

Since the 1960s, the oyster population has struggled with diseases

Yeah, them and everyone else......

"..increase to 30 million a year.."

That's a lot of phlegm globs for people to snork down...

And by people I mean "not me"

That's good Marvin because you're too young to....you know, smoke:)

There's a white cloud of sperm in the fishtank
There's a white cloud of sperm in the fishtank
The eggs are as crowded as on Easter morn
It's a good thing I know about oyster porn!

(chorus)Oh, what a beautiful evening
Oh, what a beautiful night
Staring like Masters & Johnson
I think that they're doing it right.

My customers line up for hours
My customers line up for hours.
Oysters they say are an aphrodisiac
There must be something else that they lack!

"La Bella Luna" crooneth the 'Croakers,' as the mass fertilization takes place amongst the Coral Reef. Yes, Cher has even penetrated the depths of the oceans!

the spunky manks....just kinda rolls off the tongue

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