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February 25, 2005


It's getting worse.


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I caught a flying squirrel in my house. They're nicer than ordinary squirrels. Well-behaved.

This would lead one to believe there are no "country squirrels".

"He has woken up to find a squirrel sitting on his bed... "
When I was at FSU in the sixties, many a morning I would wake up wishing for the same thing.

Bad news Poop Dogg - I caught 20 flying squirrels in my house this year. They do NOT hang out alone.

On the plus side, I have a great flying squirrel chili recipe if you're interested.

"she was suddenly hit by something small and furry."

Some men would be delighted to be hit by somthing small and furry!

The squirrel had apparently been sitting on his keyboard gnawing through a bag of chips, and "somehow managed to press enter" after typing a jumble of letters and a long line of zeros into a text box.

So if you fill a room with squirrels and feed them potato chips, do you end up with a DB column?

. . . The squirrel had apparently been sitting on his keyboard gnawing through a bag of chips, and "somehow managed to press enter" after typing a jumble of letters and a long line of zeros into a text box.

Maybe this explains Bodzhang's "posts".

the university president lives on Walnut Street, no wonder she has squirrels

but they're SO cute!!!

"I try not to walk so close to the garbage cans" anymore, she said.

There's a nice, realistic resolution for a college student to take up.

"was holding onto my jacket pocket, so I was pretty much standing there shaking it off and freaking out."

"mating season in full swing "

"try to migrate towards the buildings and try to find a place to nest"

"feasted on snack foods"

"eat the dry Ramen noodles and the cereal"

"are "opportunists" and will eat almost anything"

"foraging machines"

"sitting on his keyboard gnawing through a bag of chips"

"They eat trash"

"They can be a fire hazard"

And the difference squirrels and college students grows thinner.

erm..."the difference between..."

Marvelous, Marvin

Marvelous Marvin wbagnfa children's show

Jeff - good point.

And, it's not as if dressing up as a squirrel and leaping out of trashcans onto college girls is the lamest way I've ever tried to date.

Hell, it doesn't even make the top ten lamest, for me.

Who would have thought you could find squirrels at a college. They referred to the squirrel's act of stealing snacks as a crime. Maybe they should pass another law making it a crime for squirrels to jump out of trash cans - that'll show 'em.

Let's see... a frat house with crumbling ceilings and damaged electrical wiring...

Sure it's squirrels.

"I try not to walk so close to the garbage cans" anymore, she said.
spoken by a future Phi Beta Kappa applicant!

Entire article: Another reason to go to Penn State instead.....

My university campus was crawling with squirrels as well. They used to act a little crazy on days that were really foggy or cloudy. This may have called for an investigation of some sorts, but I had drinking to do.

Squirrel Opportunists/Opportunist Squirrels, wbagnf something...

would marvelous marvis's cildrens show host be a giant squirrel?

make that children's

AND marvins'

im going home now.....

*hangs head in shame*

First cats now squirrels. It's an epidemic.

Maybe the students should start carrying guns like they do in schools here in California

A squirrel is nothing more that a large rat with a long furry tail. However, they are delicious, and go well with mashed potatoes and gravy.

... a jumble of letters and long line of zeroes into a text box ...

Whew! Sure glad that was attributed to Bozdahang ... thot fer shure you'd all think it's more like my usual entries ...

I grew up in So. California, where the smog has wiped out what little native fauna once existed. Nothing is left but little brown sparrows, and pigeons which are nothing but rats with wings. Down there the air is brown, the water is brown, the landscape is brown, the birds area brown, it's like some sci-fi post-nuclear movie.
This has left me with a soft spot for all small furry creatures, no matter how annoying... *moves away from Jeff and C'bol*

"But stealing snacks is not the only crime that squirrels have committed on campus."

There are just too many jokes one could base on that line...

That's nothing, I tell you. I once had a wet, muddy raccoon that came in through the cat-door, sitting on my chair, unwrapping and eating Easter candies. I had to get a broom after Rocky.Sowwy if this posted twice.

This makes me extremely nervous. I mean, what will happen in bird matting season will it be like the movie THE BIRDS? Or will it happen with bunnies?

IF so no carrots are safe shaped humans are safe.

boy do i have an interesting story about squirrels:
they stole my dead brothers body from my understairs cupboard, in which i was keeping him for later. I now fear them intently and fully emphathise with you silly persons who have problems with crisp eating squirells, my problems are much greater!!

Um flying squirrels are protected by federal law you moron!

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