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February 24, 2005


And see if he'll take the crabs.

(Thanks to Writer's Cramp)


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how many crabs can jump off a toilet seat?

First??do we care???


wow, first time going for a first (or something), and i simulpost with two other people. que neat!

"but run along side and have to be nifty for 100 meters"? nifty???

I care!

how many??

Found this when I was looking up that crab-stuffed goat recipe, or was it the "how to get rid of crabs after spending 'special' time with your goat"?

Neener... I'm still wondering about the "crab on a string" guys. How do you encourage your crab to run faster? Just what is that string tied to?

i think i could only be nifty for fifty...

I don't know...it was a stupid pun employed in junior high.
Crabs, I suppose, is a double entendre concerning personal hygiene/bitchy people.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was a tender 13 and many jokes were over my head.

btw, nice simulpost steved & julietine! pleased to share (dubious) honour...

"with the race on Easter Tuesday in Buccoo village being the most prestigious."

Nothing celebrates the true meaning of Easter more than goat and crab races.

. . .

Actually, now that I think of it, is it more bizarre than a mythical rabbit that lays chocolate eggs?

I missed something here ... (what else is new?) ...

Where's Pete Rose?

Oooooohhhh, I get it!

Pete rose off the toilet seat so he wouldn't get crabs, while hurrying to finish so he could watch the goat races ...

Pete rose off the toilet seat so he wouldn't get crabs

...or a Python Surprise.

Once you've got pete rose on your toilet seat, not even Chlorox will get it off.

amaranth - geez, tnx muchly, I fergot about them toilet snakes ... (didja ever wonder about plumbers who always have a snake in their tool box ...?)

[Ed. Note: All puns intended.]

Oh, if you're looking nifty, I'll bet at least a fifty.
You'll be the sweetest handler in the Easter Goat Race!
And afterwards place hunches
On crabs, win, place, or lunches
Spend 'C' notes on 'sea'food on Tobago today!

"Nifty over 100 meters"----that's a problem from Algebra class in high school I still have yet to solve. Does X=goat?

How do you submit a link anyway? See above

This looks like a friendly neighborhood!

*zips in*

Looks friendly to me too!

Go get the rest of the gang, OK?

Hmmm....good napping potential.


I like it!

Yep, the couches work here.

Big change ... Kilties sleepin' back on Chicago thread, Kilties sleepin' here ...

sleep sounds good.

Hey, Pete Rose!!

What? Judi said to.....

Loud boos are heard coming from San Diego at the mention of the name Pete Rose.

Booze? Did I hear booze???

......oh. boos.


Hey, I like zoos!


Who's snoozing?

I'm getting a little woozy.

Is someone playing the blues?

Watching the news?

Taking a cruise?

Trying to peruse?

Let's just hope no one spews.

Hear the news? No clues? You lose. Just don't snooze on the booze cruise.

who would snooze on a
booze cruise? not kilties. as if...
please pass mojitos.

*applauds haikus*

Gawd I love you guys.

I was really tempted to craft a joke with the word "screws", but decided it would be too crass.

*listens to Foos*

Goodnight, all of yous.

In this world there are all kinds of views,
and you can adopt any you choose.
But heed kiltie clues;
then you cannot lose.
Life is better with them to amuse.

They like booze.

Not a very coherent poem, I grant you, but it’s high time I had a snooze. :-)


*pandemonium ensues*


*Pulls up to curb in beat up AMC Gremlin, unloads, sets up small amp, places container on ground in front of mike stand a few feet away from coffee shop door*

*Taps mike, adjusts sunglasses*
*Clears throat*

Still dark, it makes me lose ♫
Sight of one of my new shoes
I will simply refuse
To wear two different hues
Gonna blow me a fuse
This really don't amuse

[Moans] Ohhhhh-oh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Got them Blue's Got Only One New Shoe Blues

*Blistering instumental coda*


*Tears up parking ticket*

*Checks time zone map to see where they moved White Plains NY*

*zips in*

Good morning Kilties!

Do we have a theme for today? Is it Friday yet?

when Conan the B. dropped his trews
and showed to the girls massive thews
he thought they'd enthuse
with 'aahs' and some 'oohs'
but the smell just led to 'p-u' s!

mel gibson is now singin' the blues
for things he said under the booze
'it seems that my Muse
is a bigot' he rues
the day he blamed all on the Jews!

*is a limerick with one rhyme , a 'lamer-ick'?*

Maybe a unick?

Who's wearing a tunic?

Vodka tonic? Absolut-ly.

Let's go for breakfast to Sonic.

*Feels so moronic*

*snork*--reminds me of the second-best compliment a man has ever given me:

"Sharon, you have so much character you're positively runic!"

Happy pantless Friday, Kilties!! Can't wait for work to be done so I can get my kilt in a twist.

Twisted Kilts are all well and good (so I've heard), but the proper drink for the current rhyme chain would be a gin and tonic.

Sharon, I always thought you were pun-ic.


Sorry to break form, but I need to inform you all that I have chocolate chocolate chip crepes in my refrigerator. And whipped cream. They go great with coffee.

/end random declarationic

I will take that as an invitationic.


I'm on it.

I think I'll write a sonnet.

Not now, doggone it!

If not now, when?
If not us, who?

The Who?

is it beer thirty yet?

Yes, please.

How would you like your drink chilled, Ms. KDF?

Rocks, no mice, please!

and if we're talkin margaritas, no salt, either.

thanks, Blue, i'll just chill my own drink...

Blue, I will be having nightmares about that by the way... PLEASE let it be an urban legend and not another sign of the apocalypse...

Yay! for something finally working out. I took El's advice and went ahead and ordered my shoes for the wedding online under the assumption that I could return them if they didn't fit. They fit! And they're just the right height for my dress, so I won't have to get it altered. The heels are a little higher than I'm used to wearing, but I'll deal. I don't have time to mess with getting the dress altered at this point. Thanks El! You've given me faith in shoe shopping; I'm probably the only woman on the planet who hates shoe shopping.

I'm really happy for you Bumble! I'm glad it worked out!


How histrionic.

Sorry...I just got home and am still in the pun-ic phase of things.

Glad you don't have to eschew the shoes, Bumble.

.........Okay. I deserve to be punished for that one.

YAYYY!!! for fall break! No school for me for more than a week! WOO HOOOOOO!!

*chugs gin and tonic*

*goes catatonic*

I'm probably the only woman on the planet who hates shoe shopping.

Posted by: Bumble

Bumble, trust me on this one...you're not. :)

Yeah....what s-girl said. I don't even wear shoes.

I wear these.

You don't think they add to my "intimidation factor", do you?

Not at all sharon - why would you even ask that?

I did overhear 2 of your students talking though, and they said that seeing this on your desk gave them pause....;)

*snork* @ the image El just put in my head: sharon gone all Indiana Jonesy.

It's been two hours now; where have all the kilties gone???

south fer the winter?

you're headin south?


you're headin south?


sorry, had to add the;)

and bumble, you posted before me...


trust me darlin - i am the very last person you should ask for help with calculus

i see the KILT has again drifted too close to a rift in the space/time continuum

i suspect it has somethin to do with blowin raspberries at mathematicians everywhere

I posted in the future again.

*cue eerie music*

TCK~ That's okay. I've got the important stuff (the stuff that will be graded) figured out. And as I said, I don't think I did anything wrong on the other either, but we'll see what my teacher has to say about it.

I've become one of those students other students loathe: I do my homework, talk to the teacher when I need help and get good grades. It's scary.

*cue eerie music again*

i suspect it has somethin to do with blowin raspberries at mathematicians everywhere

Posted by: TCK | 09:29 PM on November 17, 2006

insom did it!

*zips in*

Waaaay too weird for me here right now, or in the future, as it was in the past, which could be tomorrow, for all we know...

*zips out* (Or am I already back?)

wow, my post came in above 2 of Bumble's posts which were there when I posted....

let's see where this lands...It's 6:37p.m. PST

I've become one of those students other students loathe: I do my homework, talk to the teacher when I need help and get good grades. It's scary.

good thing you didn't go to college with me - i'd of talked ya outa all of them silly habits in a hurry ;)

*wonders if El noticed that her post landed right on top of mine*

*wonders if TCK & El noticed they simuled*

*wonders why a monkey wrench is called a monkey wrench*

*wonders if the clock is fixed*

*wonders whether the other bugs make fun of male ladybugs*

*wonders if TCK ever saw "A Bug's Life"*

The clock's fine; everything other than those two posts of mine are in order. Those two just posted in the future for some reason, and now everything will come in order behind them until 10:15.

nope - never say a bug's life

do the other bugs make fun of the male ladybugs?

i saw cars recently tho - me an my best bud went

it was excellent

bumble's last post hasn't happened yet.

and are there male ladybugs? guess there'd have to be, huh?

if there werent male ladybugs, who would the lady ladybugs talk about?

TCK~ Yes, they do. I haven't seen Cars yet, but it's on my to do list. If you liked that, check out some of the other Pixar stuff sometime. Toy Story, Bug's Life and Monsters Inc. were all quite good. Very funny.

I've got 'em all; you can come over and watch them with me. ;-)

But there's still TCK. Yay!

*tackles TCK*

Wanna help me with my calculus? I'm not getting the answer in the back of the book, but I've checked my entry of the function and endpoints twice, so I've decided it's either the fault of Houghton Mifflin, Latorre or Texas Instruments. At any rate, I'm sure it can't possibly be my fault. :-)

so, should i expect to be tackled any time now?

*finds the area under a graph*

There! Done with the homework I wanted to be done with tonight.

*smiles a sunny smile and blows a raspberry at mathematicians everywhere*

i'd like that :)

but i've seen toy story and monsters - both are worth watchin over and over and over again - just ask my kids

Wow...I come back from dinner to find the kilt all akimbo. A twisted kilt, indeed.

*SNORK* @ El. I don't have the whip, but those really are my boots...chains and all.

psst...Bumble...I DO have an Indiana Jones brown leather hat, tho!!

*wonders what TC's been smokin' and if he'll share*

I know what Toto's smokin' because he shared it with me after our simul - excellent! Both!

private message to sharon - did you get the e-mail that I sent answering your e-mail? Just czeching.:)

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