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February 17, 2005


But the bloggerette is foolish brave.

(Thanks to Mrs. Mary Mac)


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Now what's that link for...?

Hmmm...I figured "snake charmer" would refer to a woman in underwear, not the underwear itself. That's just messed up.

OKAY, this is REEdickulous!

..or not?

you can tell us blogerettes:
Do you men secretly want your own fancy, lacy panties??

Or perhaps, silkies??

So graceful, pretty and fancy. Not sexy.

sooo.....what's the point?

The Flower Field String Bikini is particularly offensive. It looks like something a guy would wear to impress... well, to impress his guy. Do you like these things Judi? Are they sexy, funny, stupid or what? I wouldn't wear them on ebay even if I lost a bet.

I bet the guy who was modeling his wife's maternity bathing suit would love one of this.
* I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! I feel pretty and witty and gay. And I pity any guy who isn't me tonight.*

'Camisole for guys'?

How 'bout one with an Earnhardt # 3 on it?

Graz, the Earnhardt #3 comment cracked me up!

HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!
Finally found a use for my collection of Gift ties that aren't suitable for the workplace. As and added plus, I get to get in touch with my feminine side.
One question. Does this person make a "Bro"? I think I may need one in a couple of years.

"Bubba, you seem different. Did you lose weight?"
"Been working out?"
"Not hardly."
"You just seem, more confident. Happier, and perhaps more likely to want me to cup your buttocks while looking deep into your eyes and reciting a poem about your loins. What is it?"
"Well, I guess I can let you in on the secret, Hank."
"Do you like pretty, frilly panties?"
"Do I ever!"
"I mean, to wear, for your ownself, so that you, well, feel cute and pretty when you're out here welding girters together."
"You know, I think I would."
"Let me give you a web address that is going to change your world...."

*at scene of highway accident*

EMT 1: Rick, Dude ... get a look at this.

EMT 2: What is it, Bro... did he forget to put on clean underwear?

EMT 1: Nah, Dude. You're not gonna believe what this guy has on for boxers. Take a look, Dude.

EMT 2: Holy crap, Man.

*both stare in silence*

EMT 1: I mean look at that detial, Dude. The lace is so delicate. Is that a cross stitch?

EMT 2: I think it's a Herringbone stitch. It's magnificent. And the ribbon ... oh, my. I just have to touch it.

EMT 3: Ladies! WTF are you doing? Get your queer asses in gear ... scrape his ass off the highway and let's go ... we got a fire in Brooklyn.

ok I don't understand...if she/he does not sell them..what's the point of the website???

Peter Pan bears an eerily resemblence to a younger Dave Barry.

Currently accepting all panties from any of the women posters, frilly or not (as long as they're not vegetable pants - I hate vegetable pants).

I'll, uh, wear 'em! Yeah, that's right. That's what I'll do with 'em, you betcha.

Give me your tired, your wretched, your torn and abused undies, yearning to breathe free....

"Ok, sports fans, Scat is safe on third with a triple."
"Up-to-Bat is julietine, a career .296 hitter. Hits with power to right field."
"On deck. C'bol. Currently leading the league in Hits and RBI's".

Punky said: "EMT 2: I think it's a Herringbone stitch. It's magnificent. And the ribbon ... oh, my. I just have to touch it."


*getting dressed*

"Honey! Do these frilly boxers make my ass look gay?"

Christobol, you are too funny as usual. And Punky ain't bad either. I missed you guys.

'Cool' means 'not so hot.'


I thought the same thing!..he loos like a young Dave!...the guy is super weird though...

"the guy is super weird though..."

and Dave is.......

Balanchine, I'm afraid to ask...what ARE vegetable pants?

Jill, fear not. Ok, you may tremble slightly, but only if I get to watch.

Vegetable pants* are one of mankind's - wait, scratch that, they were doubtless invented by a woman because no red-blooded male would ever think up anything so heinous - anyway one of humankind's most dasterdly inventions. The term refers to any of that species of large, I daresay gargantuan panties, usually white or beige, that extend fully down the hips and thighs so as to appear squared off, and whose waistband is practically high enough to be worn as a turtleneck. They have the turn-on potential of a bag of carpet tacks and should be worn only in the event of nuclear attack, and then with apology.

Please bear in mind, this is not a comfort issue! I have no objection to being at one's ease with one's underwear, nor am I suggesting that the micro-panty or thong is the only form of female skin covering with erotic potential. There are scads of designs that are modest and yet sexy, and I applaud them and the women who wear them. I am also of course not suggesting that allowances not be made for variances in the lunar cycle, as I realize and respect that, uh, we men don't know &%^#@! about that and should back the &%^#! off, okay!

I will of course always reciprocate by wearing whatever the hell kind of underwear my partner requests, as long as it's under my pants when in public.

Thanks for listening. You may now continue with your day.

*Also see syn. granny pants

Judi posted me! I am now complete!

Sometimes the only thing that there is to say is," WTF??????"

Okay, Balanchine, now WHY are they called Vegetable Pants? Because they resemble a potato sack?
Oh, and Bloglits...boxers, briefs, or commando style? *big evil grin*

Jill, the answer to your question is lost in myth and antiquity. And a roommate in one of my old college days Beantown apartments.

Frankly, I'm afraid to know.


PS since I'm new: is Bloglits a person or was that directed at me?

Bloglits means everybody who reads this page, or perhaps only everybody who comments upon it.

Shouldn't that be Bloglets?

I think the site has some nice things. I really love the bamboo bikini and the flower field. I am a straight guy who has been wearing panties for about 3 years. Although I don't make my own panties I buy them at women's clothing stores. My panties are cute and comfy - and I think a lot of women think it is adorable.

William Styron, whose Holocaust novel Sophie's Choice became a film and an opera, has died, aged 81...

Colombia's vice president is "baffled" by Kate Moss's success following cocaine allegations...

The judge who put coded messages in his Da Vinci Code plagiarism trial ruling has written another...

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