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February 24, 2005


It is out of control.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Dare I say "first?"

Dear Sir,

My cats and I were shocked at the extent of illegal gambling. This is disgusting. Whatever

Arthur Pratt.

Sidcup, Kent

Key quote:
"Have fun with your bingo without the bureaucracy."

The Board of Commissioners moved with incredible speed after supermarket cashiers threatened to strike. Said the Shana Pricecheck, head of the cashier's union: "There is no way we are going to stand there for hours while all these senior citizens pay their shopping bills in nickels!"

Sin in Klamath Falls = Filth! Nana milks Sal!

I've been telling EVERYONE for YEARS that sin in Klamath Falls is out of control thanks to Claire Martin and NOBODY would listen.

Maybe now that Dave has said so we can all begin to work together on this.

For example, why don't we all go to Klamath Falls and party?

WoooHoooo!! Havin some fun with my bingo has just moved to the top of my list of things to do today!

Now we know who stole that nickel truck!

Klamath sounds like the sort of place that needs invading. It sounds very foreign.

Klamath sounds like the sort of place that needs invading. It sounds very foreign.

Well, thank goodness the bingo players weren't baking cookies and leaving them on doorsteps.

Klamath sounds like the sort of place that needs invading. It sounds very foreign.

Klamath sounds like the sort of place that needs invading. It sounds very foreign.

I used to think double posting was neat, but it has got outta hand.

Cbol- Don't forget to pack your Polydent.

Luckily, I remembered to in the shower this morning.

Slow weird news day, Dave??????

I wonder if my church knows about this.

MOTW, mind if I drop you an email?

Find me an extra couple billion in the budget, and I'm all over it.

How handy is that? Having a Rock Python Rehabilitator on staff?

"Naked Bingo Night" was my first thought when I read that headline. I am sooo glad to have been wrong.

Wouldn't Geriatric Bingo Outlaws BAGNF some kind of band? I don't know about a rock band, but maybe a C & W band. Or a polka trio.

Sounds like the name of a '50s reunion tour.

Nickel bingo, which is gambling; is a dangerous activity for our elderly. It could lead to depravity, drunkenness, excessive oxygen usage, and a new movie entitled, "Fast Times at the Retirement Home."
Which would probably be a pretty good flick. Perhaps Christobol can come up with some diologue.

The Scavottos are placing an ad in the paper for anyone who may have lost the snake.

They might want to place that ad in Alaska

This is why I live in AK. NO SNAKES!

Fast Times at Ridgemont Retirement Home

"You bastard."
"Always with the luck, this guy."
"Who ordered a pizza?"
"I did, my fine friend."
"You can't order a pizza. You have to eat your bran."
*nurse eats slice of pizza*
"You dick!"

Huh. Those guys are fags!

Not that theres anything WRONG with that, RIGHT, spicoli?

No, it's casual.

Dang, now somebody's gonna hafta go back and get a shit-load o' dimes!

Dang, there goes my plan to replace the depleted ozone layer with a permanent poo-smoke-oshphere.

Great now there going to have to find something else to rebel against.

On one side there's an article about "Constantine" then on the other ,there's one about a smoldering dungheap . Isn't that redundant ?

... dung pile ... clean air laws, it worked with him to extinguish it.

Improper structure/usage in pronoun reference to its antecedent, as per AP Stylebook ...

Tsk, tsk, tsk ... Is it any wonder ... blah, blah, blah ...?

Was Klamath Falls the place where the Internet Suicide Guy was from?

If so, boy, it weirds me out that K-Falls (as we call it here) is getting so much Barry Blog attention for one midsized Oregon town.

I am from Klamath Falls, home of the internet suicide guy, and I am embarrased. But it is a fun place to live.

Peace OUT.

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