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February 28, 2005


But an oddly pleasing one, when you get right down to it.

(Thanks to Jim Legans)


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It takes a long time to load, and I'm seeing a 'Tsunami victim' banner. That looks like it is the apocalypse, but I doubt that's what you mean.

One supposes that a delivery from Pizza Hut does, technically, qualify as pizza, but ...

Wow! I may never have to leave my house again!!!

*quivering with anti-social excitement*

(Meaning that I am *peeing my pants with delight*)

Would this be a real pizza, or just a virtual one?

Most single guys are sure to try '/honeys' just to see . . .

Ah, well, after reading the article as well as Dave's 'Classic' article, and somehow messing up the computer so I lost the other comment that is almost exactly like this one except this part where I am complaining, I believe that (if they haven't thought of it already) there should be a /New Hope Dog Spit Treatment function. I mean, PIZZA? Who needs THAT!?

* trembles with anticipation *

types in "/hooker"

* aww, man!!! *

MKJ, what would a single guy do with a delivery of several jars of honey? I'm puzzled.

No, wait, I don't really want to know.

Judi, get NAVA working on that for this blog, okay?

I'm not participating unless they allow me to type in White Castle, and in a jiffy, i get a large sack of those delicacies delivered to my house.
I specify White Castle, since I have a closet full of Colon Blow that is fast approaching it's expirary date. Between the two, I will finally be clean.

Key quote: "Demonstrating a deep understanding of what its computer-gaming audience, Sony has built the ability to order pizza into its latest online multiplayer game."

Would that the writer could demonstrate a command of language. "..what its computer-gaming audience" what?

Besides, if they had a deep understanding of the computer gaming audience, you'd be able to type in "/hotgirlshowsupwithpizzaandsecretpasswordto4thlevel" and have it work.

*types in "/much larger penis"*

*trembles with anticipation*

Hang on a sec, someones at the door...

Well HELLO SAILOR. This thing works!!

Gamers - /harry potter - /starwars - /pizza

A deep understanding of their gaming audience needs? Wow, talk about stereo-typing.

'Sides, if you're gonna order /pizza, you gotta be able to order /beer. Am I /right?

So Dave, when does the blog get this feature? And with the blog clock still screwed up, what happens to the 30 minute or less guarantee?

If my son hears about this, I will need to get a home equity line to cover his X-Box live subscription every month...

MOTW, the command for that is /beerrun

So what happens if your just playing along, punching random hot keys, and you accidently type in /pizza. I mean if I did that a lot I would end up gaining a ton of weight due to unwanted Pizzas show up at my door.

MzVette - no problemo. Just type in /party@MzVettes and you'll get lots of company to help with that unwanted pizza.

They should make it so that you have to "earn" the pizza by making it to a certain level. and the delivery guy should be one of the characters from the game and he comes armed with a bazooka. You can have the pizza if you can get it away from.

cubie: i got suckered into that too; first it was "free" with the xbox, then it became "really cheap if you buy it for a year." next, who knows...

I actually PLAY the game they're talking about...

It's kinda funny listening to the other players talking about that new addition. "Putting that in takes away from the realism of the game".... As opposed to, there's a huge fire-breathing dragon, and that's realistic? Yikes!


Dang, it didn't work...

And now at Pizza Hut , Thursday's are Gamer's nights! Listen to our manager, Arfindol Thunderblaines (a/k/a Melvin Schwartz):
"Whether you be elf,dwarf or hobbit
You'll love our new Orc Gobbets
Only $2.99 extra with any large order."

Wonder if Sony can do this with a pollitical game?
*order up a politician and have him served still warm in a box from Pizza Hut*

Yeah, but you still have to actually get up and answer the door.

Wait a minute. I do have a mail slot in the door.

Never mind, I've got it covered.

... I got nothing ...


Honey comes from bees!

Ooooolllllddd joke. Really old, riddle type.

"What did the flower say to the bee?"

"Fructify know."

... or ...

"Fructify? NO!" ???

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