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February 16, 2005


...for Marsupial Manure.


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"Tie me kangaroo dung, sport, tie me kangaroo dung ..."

"An environmentally friendly manufacturer has created its first batch of paper from marsupial manure."
China will soon be knocking on their door.

If they could make paper from Python doots, then they could truly keep up with paper demand in China. Just keep the python farm stocked in Pythons, and no shortage for our forest clearing Chines citizens.

kangaroo poo! JOY!

Actually, RooPoop is catchier.

"The kangaroo's our favorite marsupial.

"Just keep it away from all matters poop-ial."

Let's get some and write to Wanita Young!!

Wait a minute.... I'm wiping my a$$ with WHAT???

and the paper makes a good cheap substitute for chewing tobacco too !

ok let me get this straight....people will be cleaning their butts with Kangaroo Poop???...WTF???

It could be worse, julietine, I just blew my nose with it and I think it was reactivated.

And they got the idea from elephant dung paper made in Africa??????

You can make a lot more paper from elephant dung, IMO -

Gives a whole new meaning to "scented" paper.

So when I go to the loo I can use roo poo to get the doo doo off my hoo hoo?


Now THAT'S recycling!

RooPoop... not to be confused with roo roo poo

"So when I go to the loo I can use roo poo to get the doo doo off my hoo hoo?"

I don't know about you but my hoo hah makes doo doo. My hoo hoo makes.....ummm.....slippery liquid...and on occasion cheese.


Roughly 400 A4 sheets can be made from 55lbs of the fibrous droppings.

I'm not sure what an "A4" sheet is, but if it's equivalent to one square of toilet tissue, it doesn't sound like a very efficient process.

"The completed sand-coloured sheets will be embossed with “Genuine Kangaroo Poo”, she said."

What is the roo poo embossing going to say? And who is going to do the embossing?

An A4 sheet is the metric equivalent to an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper.

Actually, an A4 sheet is smaller and a bit different...when you fold it in half, I think you get two squares...been a long time since I did origami.
*sits back and waits for stupid jokes, paddle in hand*

A4 is still big enough for a monster size sheet of toilet paper! My low-flow toilet would choke on these babies like Queen Elizabeth on a Turkey Sandwich.

WC: roflmao (So when I go to the loo I can use roo poo to get the doo doo off my hoo hoo?)

Isn't this nastily redundant??

and, yech! :-p

Wow. Now that's smart business. They already have a global market -- toilet paper is in high demand over in China. I think they'd take anything over reusing handkerchiefs.

OK, toilet paper made of manure sounds pretty self-defeating -- sort of like making shampoo out of greasy hair (oh wait, they're already making soy sauce out of that) -- but maybe it would work.

Just so long as they don't start making envelopes out of roo poo. I'm not licking that sh!t.

No story is complete until I see the pics.

Look -- they've got pictures!

say it with roo poo..... and cane toad skin purses....

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