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February 24, 2005


But we do have to give the headline writer brownie points for laying the groundwork.

(Thanks to Daniel Heskett)

(Warning: There's a littlle Bad Language in this article.)


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FIRST. And your tax dollars at work. Belgium.

nothing witty to say yet...just wanted to be first :)

dang...not fast enough

Sexual Harrassment on the Senate Floor... where will it end? With a fist up your ass that's where!

Vigil suggested that Cadman should know garbage.

Why, was Cadman a garbage man at one point, or something? Was his father?

Is that all that caused Cadman to FLIP OUT? Seems a bit overreactive...

"Your mom knows garbage" would have been a totally awesome comeback.

oh,these guys don't hold a candle to Oscar Wilde and James Whistler

Whistler: There's only one thing worse than being talked about and that's not being talked about

Wilde: I wish I had said that!

Whistler: You will, Oscar, you will.

Wilde: Go play with your paints, mama's boy!

Whistler: Well, why don't I cram my fist up your a**!!

Wilde: I'd rather like that ,actually.

Like the frogs, reneviht. Thanks.

you see the next slide after that ?
glued momma cat and her kittens

Coneheads don't have cracks in their bottoms.

. . . With a Frist up your ass

What, Bill Frist is giving his fellow legislators manual colonoscopies? I thought elected officials only bent over for lobbyists.

did anyone go as far as 98... the guy driving in a toilet, or the shark on the leg picture. Good humor!

i like the 7 inch chihauhau
also like the puppy who shot a man trying to kill him

Maybe it was more of an invitation than a threat.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. In private, anyway.


Now that's serious, threatening someone with a prostate exam...

If you notice that the word "garbage" was in quotes, I'd be inclined to think it wasn't really that word ... they din't have the guts to print the real one ...

reneviht - tnx 4 the site, I spent a bunch of time looking at all the pix, ... and bemoaning the dearth of proper usage/grammar by the writers for that station ...

how about the performance artist who does the worm/slug/snail and says his next one is an insect ... I'd say he's got the brain for it already ...

A Crack In Decorum WBAGNFARB

Bad language? What bad language? The article was entirely in English. Though undoubtedly some of those words originate from other languages, I hardly think that should cause them to acquire the "bad" adjective. I didn't detect any French in the mix, though I do tend to overlook the vulgar tongue, there may have been some hidden amongst the cracks.

Yes, there is a certain level of dialogue expected in these situations. Here's how it should have been handled.

Cadman: And so, worthy representatives, I propose that we amend the committee recommendation to say that members of killed soldiers can have the active duty plates, and that I am, in fact, da bomb.

Vigil: Would the worthy Mr. Cadman yeild the floor for comments?

Cadman: No he would not.

Vigil: Mr. Chairperson, I move that under article 1426 I be allowed to state that honorable Mr. Cadman is a dooty monkey who is trying to replace the committee's words with his own garbage.

Cadman: Mr. Chairperson! I move under article 6969 that I be allowed to shove my fist up Mr. Vigil's ass!

Chairperson: We have two motions on the floor. All in favor of whacking these two idiots with a bat please vote in the usual way.

great point, Uncle Omar.

Chris, why would you want to hit them with a flying mammal? Seems kinda cruel (to the bat, of course) to do that.

Lab - these are the type of bat that likes the rough stuff. I think their genus is Choeronycteris Kinkyous Legislatorious Smackimus Curasoae.

C-bol --

Best watch out, when you do that Latin stuff ... somebody will take offense ...

I recall a time (in my personal "humor?" column when I referred to My Bride as Pugilisticus Domesticus and I was on the receiving end of a lot of whacking around the cranial and scapular regions ... even before those nickels got stolen ...

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