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February 20, 2005


Radical Knitters.

(Thanks to Laura)


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This is the greatest accomplishment of my life.

But is it so radical it will get me sent home? Maybe if I knit a willie with realistic veins.

Underneath the knitted weewee there is a picture of something which may be a bare bottom.
I didn't really see any veins, realistic or otherwise, on the penis.

If simply drawing a picture of a gun can get a kid sent home, a knitted grenade would get you expelled.

Excuse me for a moment while I exploit Dave’s site in order to access your knowledge.

I need help finding a movie. A few years ago, I was traveling with some friends around Mexico, and on one particularly nauseating seven hour bus ride, there was an equally nauseating movie playing. It was an American movie that looked like it came out in the 70s (or maybe 80s), and if I remember correctly, Elliot Gould had a small role as an attorney. The premise of the film had to do with a boy being kidnapped in the U.S. by his father and then taken to a Middle Eastern country, maybe Morocco. After that, I think the boy's mother enlisted the help of some vigilante American soldier and the last half of the movie involved a lot of desert fighting with machine guns and a lot of people getting shot. Like I said, Elliot Gould's part was marginal, but he was the only actor I could identify, so that’s all I have to go on. I don’t even remember what it was called.

The movie was far from a cinematic masterpiece, and I’m sure that if I can find a copy of it and give to my friends, they will vomit like they so much wanted to on that Mexican bus. Needless to say, I would enjoy that very much. I’m assuming it will be hard to find (it’s not listed on any of Elliot Gould’s filmographies that I’ve found), mostly because I have a theory that the worst movies Hollywood makes go straight to video on Mexican buses. Nevertheless, I’m confident that bloggers and bloggerettes such as yourselves, though normally busy enhancing your (not you’re) productivity, will be successful. If not, then I’ve spent all this time typing for nothing. Don’t let me down. Booger.

Strong popcorn,

I can answer any question on Charles Bronson. I'm not much on Elliot Gould. Could you rephrase it to include Charles Bronson?

They're smoking crack in London. The Charles/Camilla thing apparently pushed them all over the edge.

Finally some knitted male genitalia to go with the knitted uterus from a while back (see Jan. 11)!


What, No DVD?

Judi, I could kiss you!

(please let me kiss you)

Now I just need to find a copy of it to buy somewhere.

Ebay has tons of copies-CHEAP.

"For many of the artists in the show, the act of knitting is itself political. "

That cracked me up!

Thanks for posting this.

Hey! Just out of curiosity, I checked IMDB for the movie "Beyond Justice," and the user comment from "vincentga" is really hilarious.

Quill, I must agree this is a good post. My favorite line is...

By knitting you are resisting capitalism and consumerism.

Now I know why no capitalist country has a flag that's knitted.

I fear for the Britains. Once this seemingly innocent hobby takes root, I can envision an entire island of Madam Lafarge wannabes. Before long the guillotine (not julietine) will become standard punishment for any and all crimes.
Englishmen, stand firm and do all you can to repel this subtle invasion by the French.

i much prefer to crochet. far more radical.. and much faster...

Proof positive that Guardian readers are Knitwits!

how come silly research doesn't get me kisses in REAL life? :(

OK barbi (with an "i" - I bit and looke at the picture - very disappointing, IMO

*hee, hee - I made a penis joke "I bit"*

I live in Washington, DC. Something tells me that walking around with a hand grenade purse is NOT a good idea.

The IMDB page on Beyond Justice is worth reading.

"I never heard of this Italian made film...I caught on Long Islands ch.55 late night movie.. I was amazed.. its a fascinating adventure, beautifully photographed and well acted.. Sustained my interest even at this 2am viewing! It is somewhat cliched, and stereotypic, but an exciting tale well told.. In view of our present world conflict, it gives some insight into the tribal nomadic existences of the various cults that still exist !!, and the mores and values which still persist. Worth seeing..."

I thought this same thing about "the Notebook" Lovely movie.

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