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February 16, 2005


Now they're using whales.

(Thanks to Octavia Sawyer)


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Skipper Geoff Meek has offered a gold coin to the first person to spot the Southern Right responsible.


Ramparts abound, what the heck was that link for?

sloop up the John B..

A Southern right is responsible, not a northern left.

I feel sorry for the whale -

Shamu - are you OK, hon???

Team Shosholoza's sloop.....

ha ha

I think it's more of a slOOPS now.

My great gramma Nanook had a saying for this:

If you see a whale in the water, kill it kill it KILL IT KILLITKILLITKILLIT!

Did the sloop ream the whale a new blow hole?

Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on!

(OK that was lame, but I got nothin' else.)

Sloop? Spinakker? Shosholoza? What are we talking about? Did I miss the link for English?

Well, dictionary.com tells me that a spinnaker is "a large triangular sail set on a spar that swings out opposite the mainsail, used on yachts when running before the wind."

And a Google search reveals that "shosholoza" is a bastardization of the South African word "chocholoza," which means "go forward." It is a chant that is sung in times of hardship.

You're welcome. :-)

All competing America's Cup yachts are now required to sport bumper stickers that say "Warning: I Brake for Whales".

News Flash!
"Sloop Troop Pooped after Cetacean Mutilation"

Thats nothing, last year a Royal Navy frigate was struck by New Zealand.

I seem to remember the Exxon Valdez being struck by Alaska.

I think bodazhang fell asleep on his keyboard

"...A Google search reveals that 'shosholoza' is a bastardization of the South African word 'chocholoza,' which means 'go forward.'"

Time to rename the sloop.

Jeez, Boda, how do I know which one to pick? So many choices?

Re: the story, where do you find a 5 lb aspirin for a whale?

i hope the whale is ok, why don't they say whether it survived the crash??? :/

Bodazhang, I am not sure how many of the people who post here can read your posts. I cannot, it just looks like so much SPAM to me! Perhaps it is authentic Chinese frontier gibberish, but we are talking about important stuff here, like ramparts and whale vs. sailboat collisions, so really we don't have time to be unproductive and view whatever it is you are selling. Go 'way now, okay!?

Now wouldn't you think that with a whole OCEAN out there to swim in, that that whale could have missed that boat!? Do whales navigate by sonar or do they actually use their eyes? Either way, I think that a boat of that size would be "visible". Do whale collisions happen frequently? Does the huge insurance racket sell a policy for this kind of accident? Does the whale have to give a statement to the cops for the report?

Boda is such a trash talker.

I guess whales are the oceanic version of a dear in the headlights...or should I say stern?

That's a whale of a story...I bet Ernest Hemingway had something to do with this.

Team Shosholoza's * WBAGNFARB

"Navigator Marc Lagesse, who was checking the compass reading on the starboard steering wheel, fell forward, breaking the wheel and injuring his collar bone. Skipper Geoff Meek was flung forward, injuring his knee on the crossbar linking the two steering wheels.

Olympic sailor Ian Ainslie, who was at the helm, fell forward over the port steering wheel, breaking the wheel off its mount."

Owww...! That must've been one hell of a whale.

Just a guess but my bet is that a sail boat doesn't make a lot of noise. The whale probably never heard it. I actually feel sorry for the whale. Whales have been swimming the oceans a lot longer than sailboats have been sailing them and they probably aren't programmed to deal with them. As a additional note I am going to drop the name Ford Prefect. I really liked hitchhikers guide years ago when I read it, but it does not reflect who I really am. So I am changing my name to the Poster Formerly Known As Ford Prefect.

Corn - Interesting background info - tnx

PFKAFP - whatever ... does this mean you'll be a poster boy ... for a group that advocates changing names?


I dunno ... I dismember seeing it, but don't recall which thread it was on ...

Yeah, I used to think Bob and Ray were pretty dumb, prolly 'cuz my Mom liked them so well ... but I wised up pretty quickly ... they were pretty sharp ...

someday I'll mebbe get a collection of their stuff on DVD or whatever ... I see them @ amazon & alibris ... but I usually spend money on something else first ... I've got a Stan Freberg collection I haven't even looked at yet ... and some Rocky and Bullwinkle still only halfway thru ...

(What was that radio program they were on, I can almost hear the theme music, Mutual network? Sorta like a forerunner of some of the news magazine shows on TV today ... seems as if I recall it ran much of a weekend?)

I'm headed home on Friday a.m. so I might be mia for a couple of stretches in the next 72 hours ... going to see the kids first before I get home to my highspeed connection ... I'll catch up with y'all by Tuesday, at the latest ...

PFKFP -- The old name still shows up.

Now we know the origins of the phrase "whaling on someone."


"It was a pun."

"A pun?"

"No, not a pun. What's that thing that reads the same forwards and backwards?"

"A palindrome?"

"Yes, yes, of course, a palindrome."

Christy, et. al. I doubt that the keel would have done much damage to a Right Whale. Read Moby Dick sometime. No, wait, don't do that. I don't even know you and I like you too much to ask you to do that. Let's just say that Right Whales are BIG. Vastly, hugely, immensely big. Keels are small. Relative to the whale, anyway.

Also, whales can see. They don't use sonar. The whale probably saw it and wondered what it was. Then head-butted it just for kicks.

Current score: Whales 1, South Africa 0
(Sounds like a 'football' score)

PFKFP = People Fancy Kentucky-Fried Possum

yea, my keel hangs about 13 feet and has a 4 meter draft

*looks at his FSLW*

yea, where'd everybody go ? ahhh geeez, I did it again


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