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February 18, 2005


Crime is raging out of control.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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Surely if he had the blowup pilot from Airplane in the front seat it wouldn't have been stolen.

I know, don't call you Shirley, got it.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
"That's right. License and registration?"
"Uh, sir?"
"Do you know you're made of plywood?"
"Shut up. License and registration!"

ouch! gonna sue - your car gave me splinters in my **** and ***!

greetings also from Albany NY, where we have real police cars, but the officers are blow-up dummies.

Key Quote: "Pyburn is making a few more patrol cars and has plans for making other cutouts, such as children, dogs and chickens, to get drivers to slow down.

Chickens? Chickens? What the baaawk!!?

On the plus side, he got a break from making all those plywood doughnuts!

yea, sounds like they could use the Megazooka loaded with Xiang Poo

Maybe next time he could make a plywood cutout of a cop in the bushes to scare away would-be plywood-cutout-of-patrol-car thieves.

Maybe even plywood cutout bushes...

I'm cracking up at the vision of a guy inside of a plywood patrol car chasing after a speeder while making siren noises with his mouth.

Of course, his name would be Barney Fife.

Yeah, it's a jungle out here in Albany. If you think the plywood patrol car is funny, you should see the concrete meth heads!

I was a bit distracted by the tabs along the top of that website.


Police Officer: Sir, do you realize you hit that cut-out kid and cut-out dog?
Driver: Sorry, officer, I'll do better next time.
Police Officer: Let's see...that comes out to $600.
Driver: Wow, you're giving me $600? I thought they were only worth 50 points.
Police Officer: No, no. We're FINING you $600.
Driver: But I only missed the duck! Come on, let me play again. How many points is the duck worth, anyway?

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