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February 23, 2005


Lobster violence, with two -- yes, two -- breaches of an undertaking.

Update: Not to mention threat-uttering.


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Wow, they're really throwing the book at him. They've separated the charges of mischief and assault. How can you have mischievious assault?

Tabusintac? Miramichi?

How can you have an update before anyone even comments on it?

'Lobster Violence' wbagnfarb

How, exactly, would one breach an undertaking?

*runs of to Google and Ask Jeeves*

Wow, first for a topic I care nothing about.

America continues it's productivity dominance.


Put him in the slammer...errr...clammer...pincher!

Wow - he's charged with uttering threats? I'd be arrested 10 times a day in traffic around here....

Six months in the penalty box for swamping?!?

C'mon ref, what kind of game are you running here!?! This is just a friendly, summertime bay hockey game!

WTF is two breaches of an undertaking???

*Does Happy Lobster Dance that the two who claimed first rights were fourth and fifth*

off is what I meant, and...

Quadruple Simulpost! Now that's how to start off a day of blogging!

Perhaps it's actually "two takings of underbritches." Which would mean they've certainly got their panties in a twist over this.

Praise the Lord and pass the lemon and drawn butter.

"Und today vee haff der Schteemin' Loobster, okey dokey? Here vee haff da vater ... und here vee haff de loobster. BORK! BORK! BORK!"

*sketches a pat of butter for golfwidow*

Psst, Dave? Yesterday's "24" blog entry needs to be added to the "24" category still.

Sorry - wildly off topic.

The Miramichi is one of the best salmon-fishing rivers in New Brunswick.....

Thanks, FNRW. I thought it was when a cell phone rings in the middle of a funeral

I was going to make some remark about stealing a gravedigger's pants (breeches of an undertaker) but didn't.

My favorite bizarre crime name is 'uttering' which sounds it would be covered by free speech, but which is a form of forgery.

Could an 'undertaking' be a physical object?

*never mind*
Thank you, reference wench !
"Who was that masked librarian?"

I say we make him go on tour with Cher as punishment!

What? Too severe?

Alright, alright ... lightweights. I'll think of something less severe ...


Got it! I say we boil him alive!


*collective nod*



Lab: Done. Thanks.

Two breaches of an undertaking =
1. A keg with torn barefaced nuns
2. Infect a barenaked tush (wrong!)

I work with a large corporate directory, so I see a lot of unusual names. Ran across this one yesterday and wondered if the parents had a sense of humor or were on drugs: Justin Case. Does he have a brother, Seacrit, working for the CIA?

"Breach of an undertaking" sounds like forgetting to put the corpse in the coffin.

When I worked for a very large bank in a very large city, we had a guy on the payroll named "Hiyho Cherry".

Wan't "opie" Ron Howard's name when he was a kid on the Andy Griffith show which I never watched but I thought that's what they said on some tribute or whatever to Ron Howard -

i knew a guy named "Chris P. Bacon" ... no joke.

that's how they'd call him to the office in high school.

"Breach of an Undertaking" refers to a failed seduction...

Eleanor, you must be a lot younger than I thought; either that, or you've only recently been rescued from the plate-lip tribes of Papua New Guinea. NEVER WATCHED "ANDY GRIFFITH"???? Preposterous.
BTW, Lumpy was a character on "leave it to beaver"

Old N.E. radio announcer, Robert Lobla. His friends called him Bob.

OK, off topic...
A note to Melissa,
Another CPA here...Can you tell me why we're here reading this blog when we should be doing taxes (not Texas) and creative accounting this time of year?

It's here where I learned from Dave this part of the tax code:
Congress shall also create a tax code weighing more than the combined poundage of the largest member of the House and the largest member of the Senate, plus a standard musk ox.

And remember, old accountants never die, they just lose their balance.

I just love the fact that the ad alongside the article featured Steve McQueen as the "High Sheriff" (nods to Joe Bob Briggs) wantin' to bring in them Lobster rustlers...

This guy's angling to move up to a crew job on a flagged jigger.

hf - what is this "leave it to beaver" of which you speak?

*does the I Was Right Happy Dance*

thx wb -

They knew how to name kids on TV programs in the old days. What parents ever gave their kid a more embarrasing name than "Beaver Cleaver"? Sure it was a nickname, but his parents used it all the time, often preceded by "the".

Everyone remembers, or thinks they do, June's line ("Ward, weren't you a little hard on the Beaver last night?")

El, cable TV is a wonderful new invention; suggest you look into it. Even better: Dish Network. I further suggest extended viewing of the "TV Land" channel. Recent arheological finds there include "The Andy Griffith Show", "Leave it to Beaver", and the oft quoted "Green Acres".
And no, "Beaver" does not mean what you think it does.

If Dave would just get hooked up with Dish PVR, he'd quit missing 24, and his contributions to those threads would likely change the world.

Wally, you are the Reference Wench's rescuer. Thanks!

"What are you in for?"
"Two breaches of an undertaking."
"Really. What a coincidence, I'm fixin to undertake your breaches."
"Does that involve giving me cigarettes and leaving me alone?"
"Not exactly, but you do get to bite down on this towel."

Two Breaches of an Undertaking wbagnfarb

"Uttering" is used this way:

He uttered a forged check!

Translation: He passed a forged check -

Why? Because we're lawyers, that's why!

He was charged with dangerous operation of a vessel, mischief, assault, uttering threats ... was he yelling at the lobsters? i didnt know they had ears.
and thanks for the opie info - i wondered where that came from, and it makes sense.

Opiesgirl, what does the Opie stand for? And why didn't anyone think of this already?

Arcane Jill, are you on cold medicine or something today? :)

Why do you ask? And yes.

FCDA - so, does that mean he was passing a threat, as in "It was just a passing threat." ? And if we're going to talk about passing things, shouldn't this be on the rattlesnake toilet seat thread?
I mean, if I'm going to be a Friendly Neighborhood Reference Wench, I need to be informed.

"What'd ya get?"

"I didn't get nothin'. I had to pay fifty dollars and pick up the shells."

"What're ya in for?"

"Two breaches of an undertakin'."

And they all moved away from me on the bench ...

One for D'Art:

Two breaches of an undertaking; not to mention threat uttering. =
Wench's definition; truth to a T.
Grant a broken agreement, too, nut.

One for D'Art:

Two breaches of an undertaking; not to mention threat uttering. =

Wenchs definition, truth to a T.
Grant a broken agreement, too, nut.

Oops?! First double post: Woo Hoo!
I would have tried for an epic anagramic poem, but there's just too many 'a's in them breaches.

golfwidow -

Did they have 27 8x10 color glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explainin' what each one was to be used as evidence against the lobsters?

What the heck did the lobsters have to do with anything? I'm confused! Was it a lobster fishing vessel?

YFNR wench - since lawyers love to talk, I would be happy to answer your question, if I understood it :)

Arcane Jill -

re cold medicine -

nevermind :)


How ya doin'? Still raining out there? (I'm back home for a few days, out of the rain and into the cold.)

I just checked some pix on a news site ... looks pretty bad ... hope you're okay ...

Flooded, but otherwise fine, UO - thx for asking -

Flooded, but otherwise fine, UO - thx for asking -

"Breach of an undertaking" followed by "uttering threats" sounds like a funeral being disrupted by a grave robber, if you ask me.

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