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February 18, 2005



(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Bet the dog didn't give up his own stash of toxic toads though... Smart dealers those dogs - get rid of the competition.

Hey, what did he expect? It was a retriever, right?

Aww, that's so cute.

This incident needs to be immortalized by a painting of the loyal dog with the bag in his mouth sitting outside the jailhouse, a la the RCA dog, and entitled "His Master's Stash".

I'm thinking it wasn't the smell of marijuana smoke that made the cops suspicious, it was the fact that the hippies were playing frisbee golf!! (grateful) Dead giveaway!!

See? Now this is why I have a cat. He wouldn't do that unless he was tempted with Meow Mix.

I wonder how long it'll be before J.D's owner takes him to the vet for a little "payback"....

Higgy, maybe that was the payback for getting taken to the vet.

Don't tell me the guys were so stupid as to admit ownership? It could have been in the stream for a friend.

Labrador Retreiver = Canadian Dog Breed

Canadian = Pro-legal Pot

It's obvious that this dog thought he was in Canada at the time. It's in his DNA.

note: the story is datelined Grapevine TX.

Cop: I bet you wondering how I knew
About that primo weed you said you grew.
Well, it was your dog, J.D. the Labrador
If the subject is brains, I think that he has more!

It took me by surprise at the time,
When your doggie 'dropped the dime'!

Instead of smoking down in Grapevine
You ain't just gonna pay a fine.
No more frolfing down in Grapevine.
And you're just about to serve your time!

In Texas, the animals have to be 'smart.' These 'airheads' down here don't have sense enough to come in out of the rain! Who ever heard of leaving valuable merchandise down in a pond? Why the 'Goats', Cows, Dogs, and Sheep literally 'run' the country in Texas. They even use 'Donkeys' to herd the Goats and Sheep! Lazy Bastards! (ranchers, that is) The only problem is that the poor, underpaid and abused animals can't vote!

Did anybody check out the wierd photos link? Photo #8 features a Mr. Potato head called "Darth Tater!"

And #17, with Shaq, just looks freaky.

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