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February 24, 2005


Thanks to Rob Adams, who says: This is exactly the sort of worthwhile research that our government should be funding.


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judi - are the powerful goat-racing interests making you post this twice? You've got to fight them, lass ?

Goats? Crabs? (Do they go sideways?)

Where I'm from, they have the International Turtle racing championships.

*sorry* that should end "!" not "?".

sorry :) fixed now!

First after the link was fixed!!?

NOW I understand why I enjoy Spider Robinson's writing so much.

Woah! No wonder my hands start to shake when I get too much caffine in me. Maybe I should change to mescaline....

This is an old experiment. I first encountered it in RESearch magazine in their edition on licit and illicit drugs. Its a fascinating read overall.

Cuzzin Omar: I'm pretty sure Spider does a cocktail of all the items shown, PLUS a big shot of "Lady Slings the Booze" before he sets out a plotline for his books.

I'd like to see the web spun by a spider that took a bite out of Jose Conseco.

Well, all four of the drug-induced webs are better than anything I can spin out of anything I can excrete so far. Maybe I should start using hashish, mescaline, and LSD too.

Oh, I wasn't paying attention. I guess I need to start eating flies that use hashish, mescaline, and LSD. MKJ, can you find me some stoned flies on eBay?

Think I need the caffeine, I looked at the headline and thought it said "...Dog-Nosed Flies."
(Like, how can they tell?)

oh dear. tried to open and my work's firewall catagorized as "Drugs". terrific, guess i better start drinking water now for that randon drug test i'll be asked for.

I notice the only web that looked seriously retarded was the caffeine one. And that's the only one of those drugs I still use - damn! Time to regress.

*note to anyone in tech support currently monitoring my system* not that I need water for anything specific mind you! water is healthy! yea, that's the ticket...

Now I know what was in the basement with "Mickey"

Maybe I should call the local "constable" instead of Terminex? Them spiders are getting rather frisky...

Haha, well that proves it. Starbucks is evil, I tell you, Eeeeevillll....

Am I the only one surprised that the spiders make a better web on mescaline than on caffeine? Bye bye Juan Valdez, hello green tea.

Well, that explains the condition of my house!

I think you're on to something, Corn. Eeeeeeeeeevil and eeeeeeeverywhere.

This is your spider..This is your spider on Hunter S. Thompsons breakfast..

I mean this is your spider after he EATS some of Hunter S. Thompson's breakfast..

Cuzzin Roggie -- well, yeah, that'd be my guess ... but Lady Slings the Booze is not the only one ... I'm in the midst of reading Callahan's Key right now, and the chemical mood-altering substances flow pretty freely there, too ...

I was just reading my copy of Charlete's Web and I realized that she wasn't really a smart spider after all - Just too much Starbucks

the LSD web looks like it might catch more drug flies that the "drug naive" spider web. Plus any researcher worth llama spit would have included Poison Toad secretion for an example.
Are the toxicology results back on Mickey?

All over the world parent spiders are breathing a sigh of relief. Just what they wanted a D.A.R.E. program because we all know how big of a drug problem they have.

Yeah, this information is GREAT for next time I want to become a spider and then take drugs.

What's next, a study of dogs driving vehicles to test which ones are safe?

"Here's a Toyota Camry after being driven by a chihuahua."

"Here's a Mini Cooper after being driven by a Saint Bernard."

Next we're going to feed the dogs spiders that have eaten drugged flies and see how it affects their (the dogs) ability to rebuild the transmission of a 1967 Corvette.

Well this explains the story of the Little Old Lady that swallowed the fly. As the story goes we don't know why she swallowed the fly - well now we know.

jilly willy --

... we also get the hidden meaning as to why she swallowed the horse ...

(or is that nomenclature so old it's another ticket on the geezer bus ... ?)

Wow, what a waste of drugs. Spiders don't get affected the same way as humans.

Redo the study. Give the drugs to humans and see what they can knit.

Or at least compromise and give the drugs to Spiderman, and see how often he shoots a web at "that pretty cloud up there" and crashes to the pavement.

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