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February 23, 2005



(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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Bring it on!!!

*checking handbag* Lets see...lipstick, check, poison, check, beretta, check, pills to prolong Bond's drunkeness for seduction purposes, double check.

Just by a whisker was the West able to defeat the evil empire. Had they passed this around on St. Paddys day, they could have taken over the entire east coast of the US.
USSR Project schedule.
October-invade Germany
Any Month-Invade France
Feb-March-Invade New Orleans, Ireland, Boston

YAY!!!...MOre drunk dialing!!!...BRING IT ON!!!

"Responsible drinking promoted by Russians" ... somehow just seems like an oxymoron ...

RU 21? Get it?

I have also invented something that will keep you drunk...


Don't, Scat. I want to save him for an O'Neill showdown.

Jill: don't forget the butcher knife.

"This is GREAT! It's been hours since I drank that gallon of vodka and I'm STILL drunk! This pill is a miracle."
"We are proud of it."
"Oh, but my nuts fell off."
"It does have side effects. Similar to sugar pill, except that the sugar pill just sort of tastes like sugar, and ours makes your testes fall off a few minutes before your eyes implode."
"But I'll still be drunk, right?"

I was thinking more like a combat knife, but you'rs is good too.

So in Russia with this pill, the "morning after" is still the night before, which is going to make a lot of people late for work, which they will drive to drunk. I mean, there are downsides.

Pfft! C-Bol, side effects, side effects....

*googles the outlet for RU 21*

Gotta get some of this for the teenage son. Not only will he save lots on his drinking, I won't have to worry about any unexpected gradchildren!

First, Kalishnakov Vodka, now this. Them Russkies is up to no good, I tells ya . . .

"If you take a tablet you need less alcohol to stay drunk"

So, ya wanna be a lightweight, huh? Humph!

At least it's not "RU 1-2"

Hmmm....pills that will keep you loopy for a long time...

Is this really something new?

Should have tried this pill on the psychotic kitty before they snuffed it.

You know ... for posterity.

Eh. I give the parent company, Spirit Sciences, two weeks to survive, tops.

The lab developing RU21 is in Russia.

They're developing a pill to prolong drunkeness, which, as others have pointed out, means you don't have to drink as much, because you stay drunk much longer.

The lab is in RUSSIA. Sooner or later the vodka makers are going to hear about this.

Tiny little herbal supplement company vs. the Russian spirits industry.

Safe money says the herbal supplement people go down in the first.

The liquor companies are going to love this....NOT!

I think mescaline does the same thing.

Just sayin'

Can I mix it with my Xanax???...no??? ok... nevermind!!!..how about Vicodin???..ok I think I have assimilated this American culture way too much....or not...

Had a friend that used to smoke weed right before going to a dentist that still used the gas.
He'd stay chinese-eyed for at least 48 hours.

Wow! Sorry, that wasn't very PC, was it?

Sorry, juliet , RU-21 is not (yes not) yet (not jet) compatible with tequila.
I guess you and Mr Cuervo - or do you deal more with Mr Larios? - will get to meet each other just as often (not necessarily implying 'a lot') - as before ;-)

*** Late breaking news ***

This just in.....

Natives on a remote pacific island have perfected a new drug to enhance sexual performance amongst men.

The new drug, to be called RU-RU.....

Depends, horned frog: Was this one of those dentists who, after giving you gas, if he could smell pot on your clothes, would implant chinese eyes on you?

So, you've been there?
Actually the eyes weren't the worst part; the Mao hat was TOTALLY embarassing when the gas wore off.





wysiwyg -

Is that RU RU sorta like the old WHEEEEEEELLLS joke?

as in ...

"What are you doing ...?
What ...?
Are you?
ROO ROO!!!!"

The same scientists had earlier worked on secret programs for the Kremlin

Haaa, yah right!

No, it was a bit of a running joke on the blog a while ago:

Two men were captured natives on a remote pacific island and taken captive. They were brought before the tribal chief, who informed them both that they would be killed. He advised the men that they had the choice of dying by boiling water and he pointed out a large cauldron being heated over a campfire, the quick death by spear, or roo-roo.

The first man thought for a moment and asked the chief what roo-roo was. The chief replied that roo-roo was an ancient sexual ritual, so the first man chose roo-roo. The chief replied, "that's an excellent choice," and then led the man to a large tree, tied him naked to the tree where he was sexually raped by all of the men in the village and left to die.

The other man had witnessed his partner's demise and told the chief that he preferred to die by the quick spear. The chief looked at him and said, "that's also an excellent choice too, but first the roo-roo."

Many posts therefore ended with the punchline "...but first the roo-roo!".

I blogged prematurly.... and now the moment and what I was going to say is gone......

**falls asleep**

akgirl, try thinking about baseball.

wysiwyg -

Uh huh, I gnu the joke, but I sorta switched channels in mid-post there, and was tying the ROO ROO line to another joke and you din't make the leap with me ... which is not surprising, since folks around me (some say lucky, most say unlucky) can't follow my non sequitura, there's not any possible logical reason you should be able to do it from halfway around the globe ...

(at the moment I'm about 125 miles from the geographical center of North America ... and I'm guessing a bit as to the actual distance, since your Island Continent is a bit largish as well ... so it depends on whether you're in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or New South Wales ... and all I know is names, and some general directions, so don't expect me to guess any closer than that ...)

but the other joke made a connection, of sorts, in my own mind at least ...

Seems to me that a number of years ago, the U.S. secretly experimented with a pill that could increase the amount of alcohol needed to get drunk so spies could drink like Russians and avoid suspicion. Why go the other way?

Julietine -- Vicodin's enough. You can pass out from the recommended dose. (Don't ask me how I know that.)

They didn't tell how big the pill was. Nor did they disclose the secret ingredient.

It is as big as a urinalcake, and the secret ingredient is more vodka.

h.f. ---

I thot I had it right, and you confimed it ... you're a TCU-er ... I gnu the reference, and you're in Texas, but the memory slot had some cobwebs around it, so you helped dust them off ... and now I'm sure ...

Know any good Aggie jokes? (Hey, they're all good. Up here in Nodak, we call 'em NDSU jokes.)

AA better not here about this.

Apparently the author of that article has tested the product, because they misspelled the word DRUNKENNESS, which is a capital offense in my book.

By golly Doug, you are correct. I musta skimmed past that too fast to catch it ... altho I gotta say that the Moscow paper wouldn't necessarily hafta use the AP Stylebook ... still pretty sloppy as headline editors go, however ...

Besides which already, a botfly attackticated moi ownself when I linked to the page ... trying to get me to swat it, but I know that trick ... smash it into a hundred parts and each part grows back into a complete new fly ... at least that's how my biology teacher told it ...

I have paper that prolongs drunkeness. It's money to pay for another round.

In the USA it would be a "party drug." In Russia, it's just a way of life.

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