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February 25, 2005


Perhaps this guy would have had more success with a different tactic.

(Thanks to Collins69S, edited by Christobol, so no more thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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Chowchilla. Yummy!!

maybe the guy could have gotten off if he offered the cop a Big Mac

If that cop saw "Supersize Me", he probably would've pepper-sprayed the guy for offering him McD's.

He was heard singing"Cheeseburger in Paradise" on the way to the lock-up

Pacheco was arrested by the Madera Narcotic Enforcement Team on Feb. 17 at his home on Emerald Street in Chowchilla.

That's a mouthful.

McDonalds? First big mistake, he should have offered to take him to Krispy Kremes!

Nice, judi.

Now the poor guy has to buy the whole frikken internet.

ok then.

I believe both scenarios were plot lines on Laverne & Shirley; only they tried to treat a cop to a burger at Arnold's.

Or maybe not.

So, if I get arrested for speeding or something minor, offering Prozac isn't gonna work??

OK, the thread got changed and now my previous post makes no sense.


judi - what's with the big space in the middle of the article?
Is censorship involved??? :)

What does Christobol have to do with this? And why is Mike Zlotnick denied credit?

*Funny incarnate, yelling gibberish, exits blog*

Sorry about that.

I think what has happened, is that the squirrel mob has infliltrated the blog, and are shorting out the text transformers in an effort to find all of the "Nuts" known to populate this corner of cyberspace.

The dude obviously thinks McDonalds food is better than it is.

Maybe filet mignon next time?

*is hungry*

Denton: "So, would you consider letting me go if I bought you a T-bone steak dinner and slipped $200 under the plate?"

Deputy: "Sure"

Denton: "Would you let me go if I bought you two Big Macs and slipped a dollar under your tray?"

Deputy (insulted): "How dare you! What do you think I am?"

Denton: "We already established that...now we're negotiating the price."

old, old, old, old joke, philintexas - get some new material :-)

Come on, Eleanor! There's nothing like the classics!

You know, if this had happened in Massachusetts, he could have just offered a combo at Dunkin' Donuts. Or even better... Honey Dew! The cops just love 'em.

You're right, Blogfly -
apologies to philintexas!

El. the 'negotiating the price' thing is sometimes credited to George Bernard Shaw, who I think was a vegetarian , but you already know he wasn't talking about 'cheeseburgers'.

The real problem here is that there are no Jack In The Box locations in Florida. And the Keys are in Florida. Therefore, there are no Jack In The Box locations in the Keys.

This whole story could have ended very, very differently.

I'm on your side judi. Although I don't know why you can't blog it. We could come up with a new psuedonym(Never could spell that word)...
" Then There's That Tuxedo Thing".
When I was a youngster, it was hair length on the boys.
Sheesh, where is the progress.

insom - I'm so glad you're here - I have a question for you - and please be careful how you answer - don't break my heart :)

I read another blog every day - Wonkette - news from D.C. posted in high vulgarity and hilarity - anyway she mentioned that there was an internet set for




Plese tell me you make up yours and do not use that site -

*holds her breath until insom replies*

Key quote:

Clay School Superintendent David Owens denies it's about her sexual orientation, just about a student not following the rules.

Of course it is Mr. Owens, of course.....

'my' anagrams come straight from the anagram mines of West Virginia, no artificial aids are used.

you know that scene in 'A Beautiful Mind' where John Nash sees the glowing groups of numbers and picks out the message from them? It's nothing like that (but it would be cool if it were).

Mostly, I just doodle them on the back of napkins.

Insom...Hope this is not claim jumping?
"anagram mines"
a mans migrane?



I knew you wouldn't let me down, insom - you're the bomb!!
*pretending she is still in junior high school*

anagram mines = names a margin = grime 'man~anas'

igloo- the more, the merrier, I say!

'niac --

Yeah, I think that's correct r.e. GBS ... it did relate to "meat" however, but not the eating (except superficially) type, tho ...

UU (translation: "You use") napkins? I prefer to create lasting examples of literature ... I use those little note pads on the desk in my m/hotel rooms ...

or 'arming seaman'

Judi - I completely agree. I went to my Jr. Prom with a girl and we weren't dating at the time, but there was a buzz about it. They tried to say she couldn't go because she went to a different school. But we both wore dresses and apparently didn't offend anyone. As long as she's not naked or (at the very least) holding a naked glowing frog, I don't see the big deal.

Blog away Judi, I say. Blog away!

Judi - granted, the tux isn't that flattering, but why does her choice to wear it make you so mad?

I understand your position, Judi. You can't blog it, because it's more thought-provoking than humerous... but I'm sure we can find a way to poke fun at the backward-ass yahoos that run the school board.

For instance, why are they so determined to force a girl to expose her skin for a photo? Sounds like a case of sexual harassment to me... bunch of perverts.

See? Like that... Who's next?

St. judi -

Well, didn't you get "educated" by this article?

There are neeners and goober-brains in every walk of life ... but I will go along with any suggestions that hint at the fact that a very large proportion of them seem to gravitate into "education" ...

Judi, agree completely! Just one more instance of people being the sh!+$ they can be. And what is with requiring them to wear a certain outfit for senior pix to begin with?? How I wish for John Lennon's "Imagine" utopia....

I, for one, do not want to be wearing the same "drape and pearls" that all the other sweaty girls wore !! That's just not sanitary ! EW.

Eleanor, (gasp) your'e [not your] not in junior high?...........
please say it isn't so.

Judi's link. Saw this on the morning news. As El says, who is she kidding?

Sly and philintexas: geezer bus leaving in 10 minutes! 'Scuse me while I put the turn signal on.

I have to wonder if there would have been the uproar if she had not been a lesbian, but had gone with the tux because of taste.

Drapes and pearls??? That's SOOOOOOOOOO 1960's!

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