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February 17, 2005


...you are looking for a star-nosed mole.


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I think I smell a mole....

Oh my, oh my!

Oh my, oh my!

The thing is a freak. I have a coworker that does the same thing with corn dogs and pizza. I'm glad that I finally understand him.

Hey! I've used StarNosedMole as my AIM name. I was mighty surprised no one had taken it prior to me, too. No, I don't eat worms but I used to do impersonations of the critter once I had a beer or two or three in me...

It's impossible to eat a single slice of American enriched bread (i.e. Wonderbread) in less than 45 seconds. We all tried it in college. It dries up the entire mouth cavity in the first few bites.

If those biologists were responsible and had any sense of ethics, they'd explain to this star-nosed mole the concept of gluttony.

Excuse me while I finish my tub of ice cream and platter of chicken fried steak.

And who says God doesn't have a sense of humor.

Moles, schmoles. I have a black Lab who does not go through the formality of chewing his food. Instead he inhales it. I put his bowl of chow down and, oh, about a nanosecond later it's gone.

Hmmph. He could make the mole look like he wasn't even trying.

Lab owners know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

Fifteen dollars to watch an eleven-second movie?

I don't think so, Tim.

(So, geek me this please. The "movie" says I've gotta have Quicktime installed to run the clip. I've got it, sitting right there at the bottom of the screen. What's the deal? They just want my $15? Or what?)

Don't know what the problem could be. All the links worked fine for me. I would go to apple.com and upgrade to the newest free Quicktime. There's no reason you should have to pay.
"Star-Nose Mole Theater" was especially cool:-)

earthworm chunks???


I saw that thing over at the mexican food buffet scarfing up all the guacamole. I had to push it out of the way, as I just wont stand for that. Nothing gets between me and my guac.

"Why so glum, Mr. Gere?"
"I just can't content myself with this hamster anymore, it's, well, boring."
"You need to move on to the delights of the star nosed mole - it has freakish nose rays, for your pleasure."
"Wow. Thanks!"

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