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February 14, 2005


(Thanks Justin Barber, who notes the name of the company: Axfood)


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Personally, I prefer mustard on my weiners!

I hesitate. Dare I say, first?

That is why I prefer squeeze bottles. Them damn glass bottles, are difficult to remove.

Obviously, a tragic confusion between in "condom" and "condiments" and the penis was put in the wrong one.

No sh!t quote:

"I will never buy this brand again, it's finished," vowed Ed.

Would you like fries with that?

So instead of putting ketchup on your wiener, you get ketchup that comes pre-wienered from the factory. How convenient! Wish I'd thought of that first.

"I got fired for putting my penis in the ketchup bottler."

"That's horrible. What happened to the ketchup bottler?"

"She got fired too."

Sigh. I hesitated too long.

I have no doubt this will turn out the same way as the "human penis" in the drink bottle. If any of you remember that story, it was eventually found to actually be a fungal growth due to improper sealing of the container.

Much more likely than someone actually being able to remove someone's penis without it being reported, sneak it into a manufacturing plant, sneak it into a bottle, and it still pass all QA checks.

alas, another urban legend


maglizrd OK, but what if QA Checks was that same bozo that let the lady past security with a butcher knife!

Hmm, must be from the brother of the ballsy balls-less guy!

Maglizrd's right, of course. No way would a missing wank go unreported. But, you know, just in case, maybe we should hold inspections...as a community service...for Valentine's day?


Igloo and Tamara: BACKSEAT! It's more comfortable anyway!

This is a slamdunk finalist for the Industrial Accident Hall of Fame!

Igloo, you rascal! Too funny!

How about a Darwin Award nomination? No way the donor is going to be playing in the gene pool.

And it's "medium" sized... Well, that's all relative. I say Super Size me!

Brings to mind Swedish Meatballs ...

... or, it coulda only been a bald-headed mouse ... ???

or ... Swedish Bells ... Yingle! Yangle!

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