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February 21, 2005


The Bent Policemen

(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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Neo, have you heard any news? The video those stormchasers took in Oklahoma was astounding. Those guys are NUTZ! 50 yards away! My goal in life is to stay as far away from those things as possible.

Dave reviews a book about e-mail, in the NY Times.

Interesting article about Berkeley Breathed.

They didn't ask him if that's his real name.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. My front porch. A wonderful place to de-stress.

I have my cup of almond rocca cappucino; my plain yogurt with fresh berries and my laptop.

The only stressful thing I'm dealing with is the site of the garbage pile left at the curb by my neighbors when they moved and the stink-eye given to me by people walking their dogs who apparently think I did that. (the people are giving me the stink eye, not the dogs. They appreciate something to sniff)

Then of course, there's the weather. While it's comfortable outside, temperature wise, it's getting ready to storm.

And oh crap. Gotta head inside. Here comes Amorous Neighbor Guy walking his dog.


probably because he is too classy, or the n.y.times is too classy, he didn't say this, but if i got an e-mail with the subject 'the british are coming' , i'd wonder why the p0rn filters didn't catch it...

Insom, I'd be worried there was a video link *shudder*

Berke Breathed is incredibly funny! Thanks for that, Jeff. I try to keep up with the Bloom County classic columns over at Yahoo Comics. I've read a lot of them before, but they're still funny.

Sly - stay safe!

I fell yesterday and yuked my knee up. Dr. says I'm suppose to stay off it for 5 days!!! Well I guess I get another vacation. Wheeee!


Let Weasel pamper you... I mean even more than he does already!

Hey, since I have you here did you hear the news about Roger Clemens?

So much for the Yankees' rotation getting younger.

Finally got through to my folks. All my family is ok, though my uncle's house is completely gone, of course.

The review by Dave and the interview of Breathed were both very funny. Laughing is good.

Sly, you need to tell Amorous Neighbor Guy to take a hike. Not past your porch.

Mad... ouch! *loves Mad a kiss and a spiderman bandaid* (It used to always work for my kids)

Somebody, oddly enough, Amorous Neighbor Guy was called back to his house and a few minutes later I saw him and his wife walking both dogs.

Maybe she's catching on???????


Snoopy bandaids were my personal favorite.

Oh. Sorry. I wanted to be somebody else for a while, and I forgot to change back.

neo, glad to hear they are OK. The pictures from the town are amazing and too scary for words.

Just found out a cousin & his wife had a baby. Didn't even know they were expecting. Turns out they used a surrogate and the baby was born out in Arizona, where I guess this woman lives. My mother had them all over to her house. She didn't even tell me about the baby.

/end my mother is odd story

Actually, the one in Maryland was incredible. This idiot trooper steps out IN FRONT OF THE CAR from the center median (I was in the left lane) to flag me down. He's lucky I stopped without hitting him.
Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | 02:58 PM on May 4, 2007

Had that happen to me on a Czech highway. Looking ahead I see this guy standing in the passing lane (directly ahead of me) and I'm thinking, "what's this idiot doing on the highway?" Then, "oh, it's a cop with one of those red-dotted sticks pointing at me and then to the side of the road". D@mn if the car didn't listen to him!

I didn't know Czechs had speed limits. They got me at 150 km (90 mph?) as a VW in a 120 zone. I was actually doing 160 (100 mph) in an Audi. Said, "yep! That's me." before they figured out both mistakes - and before the VW guy got there. It cost $30.

Fried Fish Thongs?

*looks for ice pick*

Gas/benzine/petrol: 28.8 Czech thingies to a liter.
Exchange rate: 20 Czech thingies to the $

Actually, the one in Maryland was incredible. This idiot trooper steps out IN FRONT OF THE CAR from the center median (I was in the left lane) to flag me down. He's lucky I stopped without hitting him.
Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | 02:58 PM on May 4, 2007

Had that happen to me on a Czech highway. Looking ahead I see this guy standing in the passing lane (directly ahead of me) and I'm thinking, "what's this idiot doing on the highway?" Then, "oh, it's a cop with one of those red-dotted sticks pointing at me and then to the side of the road". D@mn if the car didn't listen to him!

I didn't know Czechs had speed limits. They got me at 150 km (90 mph?) as a VW in a 120 zone. I was actually doing 160 (100 mph) in an Audi. Said, "yep! That's me." before they figured out both mistakes - and before the VW guy got there. It cost $30.

Fried Fish Thongs?

*looks for ice pick*

Gas/benzine/petrol: 28.8 Czech thingies to a liter.
Exchange rate: 20 Czech thingies to the $

Ok... 1 TypeTurd "robot-check" = 2 posts ...

Good morning, it's DOUBLE POST MONDAY!!

Good morning, it's DOUBLE POST MONDAY!!

Well, you insisted!

How are you feeling, sly? We worry.

Weather up to 68 (normal high) today and then around 80 the next three days.

/end morning update

*tries to work out litres to gallons ratio and Czech to U.S. currency conversion. Gives up*

28.8 czech thingy/L x $1/20 czech thingy x 3.79L/1gal = $5.56/gal

For rita in particular:

You really can't escape her.

Thanks, Trillian! I figured if I put it out there someone less lazy than I am would do the work!

THANKS Trillian! Now I'm REALLY upset!

*goes to cut floor out of car for Flinston-motion*

*refuses to look at Jeff's linkie*

Jeff, I'm doing better, thanks. Not 100% yet, but getting there.

*looks at Jeff's link*

A pit bull named Isaboo????


Gotta love that guy:

Hate Her: "Rachael Ray or some of the new shows ... are just vomit-inducing." -- Anthony Bourdain

No truth what-so-ever to the rumour that kibby's marrying R. Ray!

Then who ARE you marrying??

*scampers away giggling, thinking "and that's how rumo(u)rs get started"*

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Weasel is working so no one to pamper me. unless the dog licking my toes counts.

Dog licking toes counts!

*ignores sly's sly comment*


I remember the days when it was Punky licking toes.

me too, sly. *sigh*

Feel better, Mad. :)

A Paris Hilton movie we'd ALL like to see.

Thanks, Jeff. We've been watching the first 3 seasons of 24 on dvd so we've "missed" RR's shows. We caught part of one Friday night and it reminded me of just how annoying she is.

We watched 11 hours of 24's third season on Saturday and Sunday. That show is so addictive when there aren't any commercials, and I can actually remember what's going on when I see them back-to-back.

Good morning/afternoon and Happy George Clooney's Birthday. I think this should be a national holiday. I know I'm lusting celebrating in my own way.

Mad - I hope the knee improves quickly, hon!

apropos of nothing, we had kylie over last weekend, (sorry, no pics) when we only see her once or twice a week, you notice changes. a couple of months ago, if she wanted you to read to her, she would say "sit!" and pat the seat next to her...now she says "i want you to sit there!"

so she's articulate, bossy but articulate.

Wow.. she's growing so quickly!! She's 22 months now, am I correct? What a cutie!

Note to fans:

Hey, guess what May 24 is? Yes, the day after sweeps. Also the start of the "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" burn-off sweepstakes, where unseen episodes get a chance to go unseen yet again, starting at 10 p.m.

Kaf, if you're up, how's your mother feeling?


NYU bimbette #1: What were the original seven wonders of the world?
NYU bimbette #2: I don't know -- some sh!t that I've never heard of. Hold on, I'll look it up... The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Where the f&ck is that?
NYU bimbette #1: I don't know... Long Island?


Is the Moat closed in observance of Harry Truman's Birthday?

I was wondering that, Sly...

I've spent the day researching (Eeeew) radio automation software.

And playing with silly putty.

The silly putty has been more fun.

I thought everyone was playing an elaborate practical joke on me.

Jeff, elaborate is out of my league.

Waaaaaaaaaay out of my league.

Now I'm going to try for the 800th time to record this news...Boston Legal is on tonight.

James Spader. Yum. Pretty In Pink was on over the weekend. I'd seen it before but forgot he was in it. He's aged rather nicely.

No...I didn't go drool at pictures of him.



Not much anyway.

News is done too...

Chocolate is always a good way to end the day.

Anybody remember Dave D? He's still trying to be LAST. And today is his birthday. Anybody who remembers LASTing or who remembers Dave D or who just wants to be sociable, please stop by the LAST thread to wish Dave D a happy birthday!

Jeff.. slowly improving. She's finally (fingers crossed) on all the medications she should be, including one about which the doctor said "Didn't you get some of this two years ago when the problems all started?" Nope.. she got that one this morning. 'Tis a slow road, but she's feeling much better.

Has everyone remembered Mother's Day this Sunday? I'm trying to figure out how to wrap Mum's present.. it's several die cuts (cut-out stamps for scrapbooking and other crafts). There are several, so I'm thinking wrap them separately, then put them in a box and wrap that. Obsessive? Moi?

Sly - chocolate is a GREAT way to end the day.

Kaf has an over abundance of wrapping paper and, possibly, 'sticky' tape.

Meghan graduates this weekend; so on Mother's Day, we'll all be together. By "all" that includes my ex and his parents (who I like) and his girlfriend of the past 3 years who I will be meeting for the first time.

As it ends up, I'm allergic to the dye they used in a CT scan in the hospital. I broke out all over, and now I'm peeling. So I kind of look like I have leprosy.

Then there's all of the twitching because it still itches.

Sounds like fun, right?

did anyone else have the "letter people" in kindergarten or first grade? each letter had its own song. Sly's itches reminded me of Miss I

I am Miss I, I am Miss I
I've come to stay all day instead of passing by,
I've got an itch, which makes me twitch
Which makes me wiggle, always giggle, never cry

I'm itching and I'm itching and I'm itching and I'm itching
And I'm wiggling and I'm jiggling all day long
All day I'm hopping, wiggle hopping, I am never ever stopping
I'm Miss I, that's why I sing my itching song.

Bummer, sly. I've had hives all over my body (aspirin allergy) and it is no fun. Are you going back to California any time soon?

Give Meghan our congratulations. Will she be upstate this summer?

Susan, I've never cared for Mr. Spader (Jackie likes him) and he's gotten rather paunchy lately, especially his face. But then next to Shatner he looks svelte.

Kaf, yes I remembered Mother's Day. I'm very good at remembering birthdays, anniversaries and the like.

Another gorgeous day today, around 80 but cooler near the shore (where we are). We're over a week with zero rain for the first time all year, apparently, while in southern California and the Southeast they are dry as a bone. They are saying rain Friday night.

/end weather

Jeff, I'm heading to California on Monday.

The week after graduation, Meghan heads back to the Adirondacks for the summer to work at the youth camp again. At the end of the summer, she's moving to Buffalo and will look for a job there. Her boyfriend recently got a job there.


Jeff, I hadn't really noticed Spader's pudgyness until last night, after having just seen him from 20 years ago. He's still yummy.

And Whitt's age too...both born in 1960. Whitt's b-day is today...so we have cake!

I got called (Ha! Bellowed more like it!) into the studio this morning...and had to sing happy birthday. Alone. On the air.

Silly me then started singing it a la Marilyn.

I think it was recorded so it will come back to haunt me.

Prague - cool, rainy.

We haven't had rain in over 2 months - we need it. Kibby's car needs washing!

*searches YouTube for susan's singing*

GOod idea, kibby.

*being VERY thankful there is no video, only audio*

(although Jane did take a few pictures...)

Apparently I was quite funny to watch...

Happy Birthday to Whitt!!

James Spader doesn't do a lot for me. I liked him in White Castle (with Susan Sarandon) but that was many years ago. I think the pudgy look doesn't flatter him in the least. He has, however, got brilliant comic timing, and he and Shatner play off each other perfectly. Which reminds me.. I taped Boston Legal the other night. I must watch it.

Sly, I really feel for you. The itching sounds just awful!

Congratulations to Meghan (and anyone else graduating this year!) and a big *hug* to Sly.

Weather report - we've had some low cloud and mist, but no "real" rain this week. So far. That's supposed to change today. I knew it couldn't last, but I've enjoyed the slightly warmer temps of this week.

Kibby, yes. Too much time, too much paper, too much sellotape. But what can I say?? Wrapping things makes me happy. I'm a dork like that.

I'm sorry you're still itching Sly. Hopefully you will feel better soon. And your daughter will still be only a phone call away, right? And this is why you raised her, so that she'd be an independent woman, ready to make her own way in the world? Yeah, I know; saying all that doesn't help a bit, does it? {{Sly}}

*would love to have heard Susan sing, a la Marilyn*

I'm back at work.

Weather report: Hollywood is burning!

Gas: $2.45-2.65

Mad, they showed Griffith Park on fire this morning.

Too scary!

Kaf, that's part of what I like about him...the humor. He's not as yummy looking perhaps as he once was, but I still like him.

Sly, I'll have a good scratch for you...itching is no fun. Shall I send my mother to peel the dead skin? She always wanted to peel my sunburns...cause yes, I did get sunburned in my younger years.

*pops in*

I managed to not graduate this semester!

*pops out*

Hi guys. A week and a half of semester to go. I have 11.5 visitation hours to get done by Friday. And two ten-page papers. After that there'll be another big bloc of stuff to get done but it isn't due Fri so I'm not worrying about it yet.

I have one exam Tues, and one Wed, but I'm really more worried about the papers and the hospital hours.

If you are the praying sort, pray for my productivity...I don't expect I'll be posting til I can come up for air again. Or unless I have some kind of status update.

Lab hates posts like this.

(((((sly)))))) I know from itching. I have really sensitive skin. When I was a kid I would wind up itching all winter long. Nowadays, not so much--better soap I guess--but anyway, I know from itching. Hope you get better soon. Did they give you a steroid cream or something?

Congrats to Meghan! Sly, sorry your daughter is moving so far away. I know parents hate that. Hopefully you can keep in touch by phone. Frankly, my relationship with my parents is always better when I'm not living nearby.

I was surprised to see Shatner on Boston Legal. He was playing Shatner, as usual. He was kind of comic relief in that episode, I don't know what he does in the other ones. He served as the sidekick to the younger guy. I guess that's Spader?

Blogchik - Shatner is a cast regular..He's one of the name partners in the law firm. I quite enjoy him - Spader & Shatner play off each other very well!

{{Crash}} & Good luck getting everything finished!

*wonders how Crash managed NOT to graduate, sees summer school in crystal ball*

*loads crystal ball into the catapult*

Kaf, thought you'd be interested in hearing that Christchurch played a minor role (off screen) in a dream I had this morning. Someone made a comment about New Zealanders bypassing Christchurch and how that was a bad sign.

Don't ask me what it means.

So Tony Blair is stepping down at last. Would that we had a parliamentary system and didn't need to wait until January 2009 to be rid of W.

Nail polish remover, nail files & perfumed powder in a Taxi service?

Kibby wants to know what's in the male taxis.

Chaplain: Let us praise God. O Lord...

Congregation: O Lord...

Chaplain: ...Ooh, You are so big...

Congregation: ...ooh, You are so big...

Chaplain: ...So absolutely huge.

Congregation: ...So absolutely huge.

Chaplain: Gosh, we're all really impressed down here, I can tell You.

Congregation: Gosh, we're all really impressed down here, I can tell You.

Chaplain: Forgive us, O Lord, for this, our dreadful toadying, and...

Congregation: And barefaced flattery.

Chaplain: But You are so strong and, well, just so super.

Congregation: Fantastic.

Chaplain: And please forgive us for asking, but would you please help Blogchik to finish her homework?

Congregation: Must. Finish. Homework.

Chaplain: Amen.

Congregation: BAAAH!




*snork*s abound
Amen indeed

*raises up after prayer*

Chaplain: Praise the Lord, for He is good
Congregation: His mercy endureth forever.

oh, and *snork* Leetie

I found out late last night that Mum's had to go back into hospital overnight. She's had some bleeding and a couple of stitches have popped. According to Dad, she's probably going to come home today (Friday), they just wanted to keep her in overnight to be safe. This whole recovery process has been a much bigger drama than she ever anticipated.

*pumps nitrous oxide in The Moat*

*tickles the moat*

This is all I have to say

Sorry Kaf...

*ignoring all tickling*
Nah... No summer school for me thankyouverymuch. The Lottery doesn't cover that. I have two classes in Fall, and then: Life?

I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself then.

(I will end up hitchhiking and stowawaying my way around the world.
Live like Jack Kerouac, et al.)

Crash - I hope you find something wonderful!

I talked to Mum this morning and she sounded fine. She's supposed to be home by tonight.

*strips nekkid and hulas through the MOAT*

*pulls up chair, ogles naked MOAT*

I was woken up by a violent thundershower moving through an hour ago, the first rain in 10 days. They predict on and off showers later on too, then cooler temps moving in tonight.

/end weather

Crash, enjoy your last summer of freedom. Unless you get a teaching job, that is, and have every summer free.

*tosses pants, runs*

*wonders if Crash's wanderings will include Prague*

Finally getting some rain here. We haven't had any all spring and I was beginning to worry the lake I keep the boat on would be low. I'm still doing deck work though. It's a problem only having weekends free...

Think we should start tossing pants onto Sly's yard. What ya'll think!?

*flings pants towards Sly's yard*

Crap! they got stuck on The Arch!

Well, all that Crap the neighbors left was hauled away yesterday, so the lawn is available. There ARE the construction workers at the new house across the street to deal with. However, I wouldn't mind if a couple of them observed pantsless Friday's, ifyouknowhatimean......andithinkyoudo.

Oops, but not him. There's a port-a-potty in front of the home bing built (which is just lovely touch, if I may say so). Some guy with a HUGE pot belly just stepped out of it while zipping up his pants.

Oh, if I didn't say it already, I hve the day off, so I'm on my porch with coffee and laptop. In a few hours, I'm heading down to Kentucky with my parental units for Meghan's graduation weekend.

I honestly don't think there are enough kleenex in the world to get me through this.

And, YES, I'm happy for her, and YES and I raised her to be independant and YES there is the freaking telephone and e-mail, and YES kids make their own way in the world, yada yada blech. But my girls and I have fun together and I'm going to miss that.

Why can't she be independent HERE IN ST. LOUIS!?!? WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO GO TO NEW YORK STATE TO BE WITH A BOY!?!?!?!?!?!

(ps, she told me she only plans on being in NY for two years until Ben gets enough time in to request a position in the midwest; she said she can't deal with upstate New York's winters any longer than that. So there's hope.)

*belches with Sly*

*for some reason doesn't feel any better*

By the way, Dave posted a link on the MB to more video of Steve Martin interviewing the RBR. It's a long video, but funny!

(I belched?)

sly, she'll come back home. They always do.
Keep the faith!

Programming note For TVOE:

On May 4 the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the Studio 60 sets were being dismantled on the Warner Bros soundstage. If true, this would make the series' cancellation a virtual certainty.

And today NBC is expected to announce its fall lineup will include a new version of Bionic Woman.

Oh, the humanity!

*blech's with sly*

*feels the same...*

We had some cleaning going on around here this morning, a big truckload of stuff hauled off. I certainly wouldn't have minded seeing at least one of the guys observing pantsless Friday...

*drools a bit*

*shakes head*

Where was I?

Boxes and boxes of albums, primarily old gospel albums. Could have been worth something to someone, but then again, they were used at a radio station, where people are hard on vinyl anyway, and they've been in a fairly uninsulated attic for many many many years, in the heat and cold...so they are probably warped anyway.

And for anyone that has seen the lobby here...it looks a little different. It got another coat of paint this week...and new flooring. Wood.

Well, not REAL wood...but wood look flooring. Looks nice. After the end of the month the other big front room will be redone.

Even MORE people back and forth through the studio. Oh boy.

Oooh, yes. Sly...she will indeed come back home. New York isn't THAT far away...

*sees that his subscription to The Link is going for a good cause*

Note I never said anything about the actual radio part of things around here...

*will watch Bionic Woman if it has Amanda Peete in it*

commenting from my new office/dormroom for the summer, so any of you who want to come by (and sneak by the mean R.A.) are welcome! there's not a phone yet, but there's internet (obviously) and the a.c's not working well so casual clothing is suggested.

right now, time to go back to the old floor and gloat over the people who aren't packed up yet!

Sly, I feel your pain. When my daughter moved across the state (twice; the first time didn't take) I hated it, although we get along better when we're far apart. It was worse the second time because she took my grandkids with her.

My daughter also hates winter, so they moved to freaking Florida. I don't think they'll ever move north again, and I don't blame them. I see them more often than when they lived a four-hour drive away, and Florida is a whole lot more fun to visit.

So at least you have a good chance of Meghan moving back to St. Louis, or at least nearby. I know that's not much of a comfort now.

*takes laptop and bashes phone*

I hate playing secretary.

insomniac: trust me, Michelle Ryan is no Amanda Peet.

Nope Susan, never saw that coming! ;-)

*google's Amanda Peet*

Shouldn't have done that!

*snork* @ Kibby!

Insom- check the ceiling tiles to see if the previous occupant(s) of the room left any hidden treasure. I know a lot of college kids "store" things up there for the summer.

Oooh... *flings pajama pants at Sly's lawn* I wonder what Amorous Neighbour Guy will think of this turn of events?

Susan - Don't you wish you had a record player at times like that? I do have one, but it needs to be fixed. Probably needs a new needle as well. I've got some lovely old records, though (gospel included.. some rock, some jazz, some kids' stuff)

Insom.. are you saying that if we come to your office, things will get hot n sweaty pretty quickly? Sounds like we should move the MOAT there..

Michelle Ryan vs Amanda Peet. I'm straight and Amanda still wins.

Mum did come home last night. I'm going to get to see her today. Hopefully, this will be the last step backwards.. this hasn't been fun for her.

yep. no a.c. two beds, contraband in the ceiling according to mad, internet ,and not a black- or whiteboard in sight! (and the floor of the building has no men's room), i'll get some powerful thinkin' done there!

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