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February 21, 2005


The Bent Policemen

(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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Kibby, have fun videoing F2.4. I bought webcams for my grandkids and me and not one of us has hooked them up. I can't figure out how to use the damned thing.

About 10 years ago I had a wonderful herb garden. The year after I planted parsley it flowered and was just gorgeous. I also had a valerian plant that flowered; the stalks were about 6' high. A sage plant was huge and had purple flowers every spring. Now I got nuttin. The deer eat everything.

WE had a mint plant that was Mint gone wild. I couldn't give enough mint away. We made mint everything. Container gardens are definitely the way to go.

*sorry this post is not funny*

*snork @ insom*

Years ago I had mint mint mint. I loved it...then for some reason it all died off. I tried growing some last year, in a large pot so it wouldn't go wild...and ended up not watering it enough...it died off too. I need to try again.


I wanted to plant a container herb garden this year, but needing to be in California so much nixed that idea. Hopefully, there will be enough summer left for me to do that.

When we lived in the Chicago area, we had a small herb garden in the back yard, and had a patch of mint by the back door. Our Irish Setter puppy liked to roll in the mint on her way in and out of the door. We had the best smelling puppy in town. (and we did not use that mint for cooking or beverages).

/End; unfunny post.


What with all of the pants being flung on Lab's lawn on Friday's, I wonder if the reason he no longer hangs out here is because he's too busy going through the pants to see if any of them are worth %65,000,000.

Sly, I have yet to look at the link (I'll do that as soon as I post this) but I feel pretty sure Lab won't need to check my personal pants, there's no way on earth they could be worth that. Even, I think, if you stuffed a check for that amount in the pocket.

sly, how're you feeling?

my f-in-law has prostate cancer, which they aren't operating on yet...

t.m.i alert:
my last trip to the urologist, he remarked i had a 'middle-sized' prostate, but he also thought i was a couple years older than i was. so should i be worried that it's only middle-sized for my (wrong) age? would any of you guys go to a "Feel Your Prostate, Guess Your Age" booth at the state fair? would anyone?

uh, no.

Three of the ten Republican candidates for President (yes, of the United States and yes, Tom Tancredo is really running) in tonight's debate raised their hands in answer to the question:

"Who doesn't believe in evolution?"

Sometimes I despair for this country.

Insom - I would not go to that booth of course I am a woman so....
Sorry to hear about your FIL

Jeff that is the wonderful thing about this country - Everyone is free to believe what they want!!!

_Mad Scientist under Weasel's name

Insom.. best of luck to your father-in-law. Hopefully they'll be able to help him without surgery.

In other news, I may be addicted to lemon pepper. Mmmmmmmmm.

kibby votes "NO to insoms fair booth.

(not supposed to be funny, or was it?)

Kaf? Does that hurt?

Now Rachael Ray is doing Dunkin D$nuts ads using the word "delish"! Can nobody stop this woman?

*tosses pants on Lab's lawn even though he hates us*

The field split on another issue, with Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo raising their hands when asked who did not believe in evolution.

I knew that moron Tancredo was one of them.

kibby believes God planted all those fossils only to mislead us.

He's got a GREAT sense of humour!

*ducks under desk*

Note for those (not Lab) who might be interested: my cousin DeDe's restaurant (Clinton St. Baking Co.) is supposed to be featured on CNN's Headline News this morning at 8:40.

/end update

*hides under desk with kibby*

Is there room for one more under that desk?

*flings Tom's dirty underwear on Lab's lawn*

*loads Rachel Ray into Huey*

*aims at Lab's yard*


Damn, she didn't miss a word.

Don't know if this was an improvement or not.

We went from "Pantless Fridays with Peri" to "Fling Your Pants Fridays towards Lab's Lawn"

Sure! LOTS of room under here. Anyone stuck out can wear one of these extra aluminum foil hats (registered-thingie).

*tries to find "delish" setting on Heuy's Pull Cord*

*finds "Grate", "Scramble", "Purey", "SPLAT!!!"*

Thanks, kibby. I've been thinking of making my own aluminum hat. Now I don't have to.

Do you think that people at work would look at me funny?

*checks pants on Lab's lawn*

*doesn't find any worth $65M, so heads to work*

Well that was a waste. Headline News gave them about 30 seconds. They are known for their muffins and pancakes so instead of brunch they recommended you go there in the evening for... wait for it ... a pancake dinner!


Not at all Rita! They've gotten quite used to me here!

*adjusts "Attack Pink Flamingos" around his desk*

Beat the morning crowds, get your brunch the night before

*moves attack iguana away from pink flamingos*

*rolls up his lawn and takes it with him*

Hey, if that's good turf could sly have it?

... almost said "grass".

"pancakes for dinner... because it's always morning somewhere!"

"J.L. Gotbux is a busy commodities trader who's always on the go. Whether it's camels in Nairobi, soybeans in Kansas, or human organs in Bangalore, he's always trading something somewhere. So when you and I are unwinding from our humdrum, work-a-day lives and can afford to eat something from each of the major food groups, J.L. or "." for short, can't slow down. He needs carbs. and lots of them.
So whether it's waffles, crepes or latkes, next time you're out of time , be like "." and try pancakes for dinner!"

Our Boy Scout Troop always had a Father Son Pancake Dinner once a year! It was GREAT!

speakin of Prostraight ....... anyone else find this whack?

Lettuce Toot and Spike

Aaah, the elusive, playing hard to get Mr. Fisher makes a MOAT appearance.

CG told me about Cepeda yesterday. As an FCDA, I've already come up with a defense for him:
He collected all the drugs from the children he was helping, was on his way to the police station to turn them in, but needed to try the mj to make sure it really was.

OK then. Case dismissed.

I'd buy that.

For how much?

I got more in the trunk they didn't find.


Sorry. I got a speeding ticket, and that's how I feel. Pepper laughed at my plight. He said I deserved it. Unfortunately he's right.

Tom got a speeding ticket in Florida on the way to Ft. Lauderdale. On his birthday. Before he'd heard about his brother's death.

And he's lost it and hasn't paid it yet.

That sucks.

Pancakes are a great dinner. Yum. I want to be like "."!

*crawls under the desk with Kibby, Rita, and Jeff* Nice and cozy under here!

Unchained Melody makes me giggle.

Ok, who's going to peek out to see if the cost is clear!?


cost = coAst

The cost is $211.50. Dammit.

Name update!

GADS! How fast were ya going!?


...enough to deserve that.

Rita - Make sure Tom pays the ticket or else they will come find him 10 years later and harass him with letters and phone calls.

I hate Florida DMV.

Unchained Melody can make me giggle too...

A few weeks ago in Sunday School we had lists of words, and had to come up with the first word we thought of to go with them...I can't remember all of the words, of course the idea was that they would be biblically related. Of course with potter and clay, my first thought was Ghost.

I wasn't the only one either.

I'm no longer allowed to play those games at church.

At first it was individual words...in the grouped words "mold" went with potter and clay. Individualy, my first thought for mold was mildew. Not quite what was being looked for.

Crash- You're allowed here, anything goes. See how fast you can do this list. There's no speed limit! (anyone else who also feels compelled to: by all means, joint in.)

booger -
stick -
moat -
loud -
cheese -
hairy -
ball -
nappy headed -
poop -

(beginning and ending with bodily secretions, that's scary)

you may begin.

booger - blow
stick - shift
moat - monkees
loud - me
cheese - crevices
hairy - balls
ball - oh.
nappy headed - hos
poop - flaming

Benign words are better.
Also it being lunch time is hindering my creative, er, ...juices.

BEATUIFUL. And so was your list.

Here are the CORRECT answers (in my head)

booger - head
stick - shift
moat - stagnant
loud - mouth
cheese - dick
hairy - balls
ball - buster
nappy headed - fish
poop - deck

BEATUIFUL. And so was your list.

Here are the CORRECT answers (in my head)

booger - head
stick - shift
moat - stagnant
loud - mouth
cheese - dick
hairy - balls
ball - buster
nappy headed - fish
poop - deck

Susan, that's the reason I got rosemary in the first place--I had good luck with tarragon, so I figured the rosemary would be hard to kill. Wrong! It was sold in a bad pot, with no drainage. I should have replanted it. But didn't. Oh well.

Even mint would die in that pot.

I love mint. It's so hard to kill. I have a tendency to forget my plants until I notice, "Oh! It's dying!" Which is really not good for plants.

I have that problem too, Blogchik. This winter I managed to kill five-year-old Key lime and Spanish lime trees that I started from seed.

I just spent $25 in the school's greenhouse on thyme, rosemary, oregano, cosmos, bachelor's buttons, two baskets of nasturtiums, and probably other stuff. They did a really good job this year; the plants are healthy and gorgeous.

Mad, now I remember your trouble with Florida's zealousity in going after you ten years after the fact. I'll tell Tom to call the state police there and maybe they can find it. Unless it was a deputy or someone like that.

Hi, neo! *waves*


mmmmmm. CAKE.

Programming update:

June 12 at 10 pm is the return of Rescue Me.

/end update

resume your previous blogging

Rita, You should have gone with Sage instead of Oregano.
and Thyme...

Bummer, Crash.

So, how fast were you going?

I've had two speeding tickets in my life, one in Oregon and one in Maryland. They total of both was less than $211.50 though.

Actually, the one in Maryland was incredible. This idiot trooper steps out IN FRONT OF THE CAR from the center median (I was in the left lane) to flag me down. He's lucky I stopped without hitting him.

Well, it's win win for him, you kill him, your a cop killer and he's a hero.


(you're, not your)

I did buy sage! That's one that I forgot. My boss bought parsley and is going to share it with me.

That song was running through my head the entire time we were in the greenhouse.

I didn't think of running him down at the moment, but I did consider just not stopping as he was on foot and had no way to catch me and I doubt he had my plate number.

But in the end I caved and stopped.

If you ever come across a book called Great Lies to Tell Small Kids...

I suggest you buy it.

Or at least read it. Giggling at quite a bit of it.

Some of the things are really striking me funny.

Or I just need to get out more.

"Strictly speaking, the tomato is not a vegetable. It's really a kind of dolphin."

"Lions carry barcode scanners. They run them over zebras to check how much they cost before they eat them."

"Most birds wear parachutes in case they suddenly forget how to fly."

I am so upset. I thought these things were true.

Kibby - only when I laugh.. (how's that for an answer almost 11 hours late)

*sees Lab's lawn is no more* *flings pants at Fluffy n Pliskin*

booger - head
stick - upsomeone'sass
moat - arita
loud - speaker
cheese - BURGER!!
hairy - back
ball - balls? Where?
nappy headed - no, it goes on the bottom, not the head.
poop - stinky.

I hearby declare the tomato, a kind of dolphin!

God knows that's what we throw at them.
The Miami Dolphins that is.

One more.

"We didn't have i-pods when I was your age. So we all had 20 piece marching bands with 10,000 songs memorized."

Hehehehehe.. that's funny, Susan!

Jeff - I finally read Innocent In Death (while you were in NO). Did Jackie like it? I had the killer picked from about halfway through the book. Either Nora's slipping a little or I'm getting smarter. I like the second option, but I suspect the first. Otherwise, a very interesting read, still.



*fish tanks*

*creaks and groans*

Why are the floors so close to the ground?

I've been sitting on the floor for half an hour or more, putting cd's in numerical order. (This after days of entering all of them in an excel program, then deleting a bunch that I figured we'd never ever ever play [Shai? Kevyn Lettau? Penny Ford? Who are these people?])

Then came the stock report call. I was not graceful getting up.

Too bad my daughter wasn't here to haul me to my feet.

My office mate was eating a product labeled fried fish floss.

This frightens me....a lot. And also gives me an image of Mr. Fisher's thong....

From a story about Paris Hilton's hearing today in which she was sentenced to 45 days in jail,

As a city prosecutor said during closing arguments that Hilton deserved jail time, Hilton's mother, Kathy, laughed. When the judge ruled, Kathy Hilton then blurted out: "May I have your autograph?"

I'm beginning to see that the nut didn't fall far from the tree.

Hmm. So I see they chose the theme for this season's Simple Life. How does this work? Does Nicole go to jail with Paris, or does she get a job as the prison guard?

conjugal visits...that's hot!

Neo, I was wondering the same thing! I figure Paris will try to get the OK to film in the cellblock and use the "wacky" goings-on next season.

Kaf, Jackie is having a tough time remembering the plot! (Now she remembers.) She says she did enjoy the Robb as always - though like you she figured it out - but not as much as the "baby" book. I think she likes the ones with more byplay between Dallas & Peabody.

Another gorgeous day here - around 70 with low humidity. The main problem has been the tree pollen, though I think Susan has it much worse.

Gas prices: $3.09 and rising.

How are we all this morning?

Paris jail update:

Breakfast is served between 6 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., hours when Hilton sometimes gets in after a night of partying.

Happy Sinko de Mayo.

62; foggy. I'm going to the Cards game today, so hopefully it will burn off by game time.

I went to the Ritz last night; we can call the evening "Parade of Old Boyfriends".

I saw a guy I briefly dated several years ago. He used to work for NPR in Washington, DC, moved here and started at a local radio station. On our second date, he asked me for a loan to pay his phone bill.

There was no third date.

Then I saw a friend's former boyfriend, catching him in a huge lie.


I'm watching pre-race coverage of the Kentucky Derby. Why are women practicing their curtsey? (did I spell that correctly? Can't remember the last time I needed to spell it)

Anyway, QE II is not our queen, so we don't need to be bowing and scraping or that silly looking curtseying. Wonder if some Southern Belle will have one too many julips and will stumble in her curtsey.

good morning.
its 54 and sunny. expected high of 63. Barometer is 30.16 in and rising.
gas prices are up around $3.15, ouch! Tigers face Kansas city tonight at 7:05.
if i can manage to locate a bit of motivation, i may get out and do some yard work.

for those following the pet food recall thing, they've added to the list of brands:
ASPCA Recall List


American Veterinary Medical Association Recall List

I saw a guy I briefly dated several years ago. He used to work for NPR in Washington, DC, moved here and started at a local radio station. On our second date, he asked me for a loan to pay his phone bill.

Whoops, bad move. Any guy with a brain knows that's at least a third date request.

As for the Queen & curtseying, you are correct, sly. Americans aren't supposed to be doing it, and they tend to look ridiculous when they do.

Fried fish floss?

Why is Fisher frying his thongs? I mean, ironing undies is one thing, but frying?

Gas is about $2.80 here...temp 62 with a high today of 68.

Pollen has cleared out for the most part.

Trillian, yard work? Oh my.

OK, I should go do some myself. Chance of showers today though...

There's a chance I'll take a shower today.

yard work plan has been aborted. went into home depot for mulch, place was packed, i said "bugger this" and left. picked up new collars for the cats, ones with loud bells. hopefully that will reduce some of the carnage around here. poor little birdies....

before or after the Cards game, sly?

and 8 hours of pre-game for the kentucky derby? for a 2 minute race? at that rate, for a three hour super bowl, there should be 720 hours or roughly one month of pre-game coverage, when everyone knows a week is enough!

After, insom. I had to wash off the residue from the shellacking the Cards got at the hands of the Astros.

0-13. Eckstein made errors. It was abismal. There's more going on than mourning Hancock. They weren't playing great before his death.

Hopefully they will snap out of it soon.

Regarding the race, I think they used up all possible royal references and puns two hours ago. ENOUGH!!!

Insom, the thing about The Derby, after the multi-hour buildup, they will run replays of the race overandoverandoverandoverandover and analyze it from EVERY possible angle; and even some impossible ones.

This explains all of the mint julips.



WHY!?!?!? do I watch the Derby every year? I don't follow horse racing any other time. I don't know the horses. I get aggravated by all of the build-up.

OK, the hats are funny.

And, I think it has something to do with the way I tear up when I hear "Old Kentucky Home." Some things are just in the blood and hard to ignore.

I'm going to go vote on some of the hats now.



WHY!?!?!? do I watch the Derby every year? I don't follow horse racing any other time. I don't know the horses. I get aggravated by all of the build-up.

OK, the hats are funny.

And, I think it has something to do with the way I tear up when I hear "Old Kentucky Home." Some things are just in the blood and hard to ignore.

I'm going to go vote on some of the hats now.



WHY!?!?! did I double post?

little known fact: Derby Winner Street Sense is both 35th in line for the British crown, and an American Idol finalist.

i tear up at 'my old kentucky home' and i only lived there three years...

Here's a Kid Rock/Kentucky Derby story that will make you both stop crying. :)

Always happy to help! ;)

awww, what a touching story. I wonder if he had the same conversation with the Queen this year? And if he remembered to curtsy?

Oh crud. I decided to go check out the news. I found this. For those who don't want to follow the link, it is a story about a tornado hitting a little town in Kansas. I have family there. I tried to call; stupid me, 95% of the town is destroyed; they won't be answering the phone.

Neo.. I hope your family and friends are safe.. I did see something about that on the news.

Neo, I just saw the video of the town on the news. It looks like the place has been destroyed. We get hurricanes here on the East Coast so think of them in similar terms, but tornados pack incredible power. Ironically, the silly movie Twister is on HBO today.

Good luck to your family.

It turned cool overnight and will stay that way for a day or two before warming up to near 80 Tuesday.

/end weather

Happy Sunday

Greensburg, Kansas.

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