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February 21, 2005


The Bent Policemen

(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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*logs on to ticket master*

I go home today. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

headline from local paper:

"More Shops Offering Laser Removal of Tattoos, But Experts Are Weary"

i know the feeling.

*hums "I'm going home" from RHPS for Sly*


My daughter was outside...apparently a frog peed on her arm. Such excitement around here.




Hi, BigD! *gropes just a little* *okay, maybe a lot*

Ewwww Susan! Still, could have been worse. Could have been a squirrel. What was she doing in a frog's bathroom, anyway?

YAY! Sly! Safe travel, hon!

Trillian - When's the concert? Have fun!

it's not until july. i got really good seats!

*loves Sly some Ruby Slippers*

Gropes Kaf back - gets "bitch-slapped" by wifester!

Yay for Sly - I hate traveling on business, I can't sleep in hotels/motels worth a crap.

*hangs 'welcome home, sly' banner*

has anyone heard from Marie in (location unknown)? I wonder how her produce is.

I'm in Vegas, baby!!!!


When is the Vegas blogmeet?

BigD, I conquered the sleeping away from home thing long ago. I've even becomed quite adept at sleeping on planes. In fact, I've been working it so my flights are the last ones of the day. They are usually fairly empty and I stretch out in the back of the plane, pop in my iPod and sleep across country.

Of course, after I made my flight arrangements and was committed to a late flight today, Meghan called to tell me she was at my house.


Her daddy got her tickets to last night's Cards/Cubs game. She's going to pick me up at the airport (at 12:25) so I'll get to see her a little bit since she's leaving in the morning.

Somebody bought me a drink.

I don't know who.

I'm sitting at the Tequileria in the C Concourse at McCarran Airport and the waitress brought me another glass of wine, saying it's compliments of "that gentleman over there. Oh, he's gone."

The paging system paged (ISIANMTU) "Rectum Ameerid". That's what it sounded like.

They just paged him again and the people at the table next to me agree that the announcer is saying "Rectum Ameerid."

I hope that's not who bought my drink.

oooh! thats cool

the drink bit, not the rectun bit

Well, my battery is dying, gotta sign off.


*sends good travel wishes to Sly* (even if it's too late)

Trillian.. no. So far as I know, she's still in Barcelona. Oh, and YAAY for the concert tickets!

Today is my niece's birthday. I'm the aunty that bought her a Barbie doll and a big box o' Barbie clothes

*runs n hides before Wifester D can find her*

Wow. I slept until 9 am today!

I had forgotten what it feels like to wake up on my own. :)

Yay! for Sly coming home!!!!! And for free drinks!!!

I slept until 9:30 according to my watch, which was still on Pacific Time. So it was really 11:30 Central time. I would have kept sleeping, by my neighbors are apparnetly doing their "final" move out today and are obviously compelled to be exceedingly noisy about it.

Then I turned on the TV and got the sad news about Cardinals Relief pitcher Josh Hancock, RIP.

They did a Moment of Silence at the beginning of the Yankee game today sly, and I thought of you. :(

RIP Josh.

In other news, I start my new job in less than an hour!! Eeek! See ya!

Yay Kaf!

And assorted other "yay's" as needed to all!

You know how there is always talk about "Kids today and that horrible music? It's not music...it's noise. Nothing like the music in our day...etc etc etc."


My kid...is fond of older music.

We heard Billy Squire on the radio earlier. "The Stroke". WOOOoooo!!!!

And once upon a time...I really really really REALLY liked Pink Floyd. The Wall was a particular favorite.

I think she is ruining it for me.

I think there are advantages to kids liking new music. They may mock the older stuff...but they aren't singing it...loudly....over and over and over and over....

"We don't need no education...."

say she can't have any pudding, if she doesn't eat all her meat...


She and I and a friend of hers went to a chinese buffet yesterday.

I did indeed have pudding.

And that statement was made.


Ah... well, at least she has good taste, Susan.

My first day was wonderful.. so good, in fact that I need a day and a half to recover.

Susan, understand the "kid & music" comment. F24 decided she liked Iron Butterfly.

Totally weirded Dad out!

kibby's beat from boat & dog schtuff! The more he scratched the boat's surface the more he found the paint was hiding BAD SCHTUFF! He now has 10 "rotting wood-potential" spots to clear up!

New boat-launch date: 1 June 2008

From todays Classic Dave Barry calender:

"Ask Mr. Language Person

Q. Please define the word "ire."

A. "Ire" is a corpuscular refraction used primarily by cowboys in conjunction with the word "Bud'n". EXAMPLE: "Bud'n I're fixen' to mosey to the corral and apply unguents to our hives."

Unguent. There's a word you don't hear everyday.

hey Susan, is WCRE effected by the increase in royalties that internet radio broadcasts have to pay? I've heard that they've tripled the rates.

there's a site asking people to sign a petition and call their congressperson


Is a "congerssperson" non-sexual or bi-sexual?

... must be a genetic thing ...

Definitely not non-sexual, judging from past headlines.

Trillian, I haven't heard as yet if we have been affected.

I do know that coming up in May I get to once again do the BMI logging...a three day listing of all the music played. That was just done in November, and we (OK, I) get to do it again.


Taken from an article about the royalties issue:

Traditional radio broadcasts haven't been subject to royalties to recording companies and performers because they have served to promote sales of recordings. ... An arbitration panel proposed rates of $1.40 a song heard by 1,000 listeners...

*wonders why simo-webcasting doesn't "...serve(d) to promote sales ..." and how does one determine the listenership on the Internet*

*sees need for "Neilson-like" rating for webcasting*


Trillian, I haven't heard as yet if we have been affected.

I do know that coming up in May I get to once again do the BMI logging...a three day listing of all the music played. That was just done in November, and we (OK, I) get to do it again.


Perhaps I should have hit the "post" button, oh, say, an hour or so ago.


Apparently I did hit post.

I should have kibbied before I posted it again.


Posted by: Susan | 10:41 AM on April 30, 2007

Posted by: Susan | 11:48 AM on April 30, 2007

*blames type-turd*


kibby has day off tomorrow. Mayday - 1 May.


Hi everyone!

Hi one!

Good morning/afternoon/evening, wherever you happen to be!

*turns on WCRE* Just before it gets too expensive and all....

I'm going to visit my Mum today - she had some minor surgery yesterday and she'll be in hospital for a day or two more. I rang the hospital yesterday afternoon to see how the surgery had gone, and they put me through to her room (which I didn't expect...) She'd had a spinal block and a mild sedative, rather than a full anaesthetic, and she was still a bit dopey/sedated when I rang. "Kathy," she said, (very gravely) "I'm pretty sure I've only got half a bed. I can't feel anything from the waist down. If I can't feel it, it's not there, right?" I didn't talk for long after that. ;) When I hung up, she was ordering a coffee, I'm presuming from an actual person, but I can't guarantee it.

I hope your mom recovers quickly, Kaf.

*snorks at "half a bed"*

Me too, Kaf. Give her our best wishes.

Urgent Moatie Medical News: Slyeyes was admitted to the hospital today. She went to the ER with chest pains and dizziness. She is anemic, has hypertension, and preliminary tests show that she may have a pulmonary embolism. They're looking for an embolism and tomorrow she's having a thallium stress test.

+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+ for sly.

oooh... *hugs n best wishes for Sly*

Thanks, guys.. I went up to see her. She can feel everything today and wishes she couldn't. Didn't sleep much last night, and spent most of my visit dozing. Mum will probably be in for a few more days.

Pulmonary Embolism

Also called: Venous thromboembolism
A pulmonary embolism is a sudden blockage in a lung artery. The cause is usually a blood clot in the leg called a deep vein thrombosis that breaks loose and travels through the bloodstream to the lung. Pulmonary embolism is a serious condition that can cause

Permanent damage to the affected lung
Low oxygen levels in your blood
Damage to other organs in your body from not getting enough oxygen
If a clot is large, or if there are many clots, pulmonary embolism can cause death.

Half the people who have pulmonary embolism have no symptoms. If you do have symptoms, they can include shortness of breath, chest pain or coughing up blood. Symptoms of a blood clot include warmth, swelling, pain, tenderness and redness of the leg. The goal of treatment is to break up clots and help keep other clots from forming.

thats really scary. i hope she's ok.

are you in touch with her or her family, Leets? can you send her our well wishes and get well soons?

Trillian, I left a message on her cell that we were all thinking about her, etc.

(((((((((((((((((Kaf's mom)))))))))))))))))))))

Yes, Leetie, please send my prayers and best wishes to her. If you have an address for her that you feel comfortable sharing, I'd love to send her a card.

any word yet on sly?

I was wondering that myself, Trillian.


{{{{{Kaf's mom}}}}}}

*unhelpful comment*
you don't suppose it had something to do with all those airplane trips recently?

i wondered about that too. if it is a pulmonary embolism - i vaguely recall hearing something about air travel leading to blood clots in the legs, all that sitting around.

WHOA - I check in on the MOAT and SLy is in the hospital?!?! WTFBBQ?

Updates most appreciated.

You all know as much as I do.

*worries some more*

*sends some more good thoughts and prayers in Sly's direction*

I did wonder about the flight/embolism coincidence myself. Whatever the cause, I hope the solution is simple and quick.

Is she in St. Louis or in CA? Yes plane rides can increase the risk, but usually more a problem in people already at risk.


Kaf- good news about your mom I hope her recovery continues.

She's in St. Louis.

She is still waiting on test results.
Could be embolism, could be GERD; still stressed, anemic, and hypertensive.

Depending on test results, she could be home as early as tonight.

Please don't post this information anywhere else.

Sorry, Leets..

Thanks, Mad.. apparently last night was a much better night for Mum. She's probably going home this afternoon and she sounded almost normal when I spoke to her a little while ago.

thanks for update, leetie

glad to hear your mum is recovering well, kaf


I'm out and alive. A little stress thing. Isn't California supposed to be the official "chill out state"? Notsomuch for me.

Thanks for the good thoughts.

I'm going to head to bed.



So here's what happened.

I hadn't been feeling well for quite some time, but had been too busy to deal with it. While in California, things were getting worse and I was experiencing more and more light headedness and dizziness. I planned on going to my doc while I was in town this week.

I got into St. Louis around 12:30 AM Sunday, was in bed by 1:30 am. I basically slept all day Sunday and got up to go to work Monday, planning on calling the doc from work. As I was leaving, I got very dizzy and started feeling pressure in my chest and got clammy and sweaty. Did I call the ambulance? No. I live close to the hospital, so I waited for the dizziness to pass and drove and BOY! let me tell you I've heard about THAT decision from everyone and his brother.

I tell you, I have never been stripped so fast in my life. I said, "I'm dizzy and have chest pains" and the next thing I know, my clothes are off and I'm hooked up to about 15 machines.

One of the values of a blood test were elevated and that is usually due to an embolism; either pulmonary, cardiac or --- um, I forget. All of those tests were negative and THEN I'm told that GERD can also do that. Well, tell me that earlier to keep me from freaking out!! My bp was already dinging some pretty impressively high numbers.

I didn't have a heart attack, thankfully, and passed all manner of cardiac tests. And, frankly, I'm surprised by that. My family history is full of that and both of my parents had their first cardiac events around my age. But I'm OK as far as that goes. BUT, if I don't get the hypertension under control, that will change. So, I have no choice but to do that.

And, that sums it up. Thanks for the hugs and concerns.



...and who says the MOAT's a waste of time?


(just kidding sly, sorry) ;-)

Whoa! What happened to italics?

*loves Sly some high potassium foods to help lower her blood pressure*

*hears crash*

oops, probably should have skipped the watermelon

I didn't have a heart attack, thankfully, and passed all manner of cardiac tests. And, frankly, I'm surprised by that. My family history is full of that and both of my parents had their first cardiac events around my age. But I'm OK as far as that goes. BUT, if I don't get the hypertension under control, that will change. So, I have no choice but to do that.

Yikes! We got home last night from New Orleans and I just got to checking my e-mail this morning and saw Kaf's bulletin. Too scary!

I'm glad it wasn't a heart attack or anything like it but...please! Take care of yourself, sly. I can't believe you have a family history and ... oh, never mind, you've heard it from the world so just assume we feel the same.

I've been thinking a lot about heredity lately, as I've definitely inherited things like high blood pressure and cholesterol issues from my parents, along with some better things (as both are still pretty healthy in their 80s). You need to work with the good you get and keep an eye on the bad stuff.

Anyway, we're back, we had a great time - huge crowds, great food and music and weather - and more later.

Oh yeah, cool Dave update from a friend. He (the friend, not Dave) is a regional VP of MWA (Mystery Writers of America) and was here last week for the Edgar Awards, where a second friend was nominated for an award. (Sadly, he didn't win.)

Anyway, both the nominee (Bill Crider) & the other friend (Ted is his name) had conversations with Dave, who was there because Stephen King was getting the MWA Grand Master award, and started by mentioning me!

Ted said:

Had the chance to talk briefly to Dave Barry at the Edgars . . . I used you (at Bill Crider’s suggestion) as a way to “break the ice.” Barry said “a lot of people here seem to know Jeff” (an obvious reference to Bill, who’d already used this ploy). I reminded him of the time he and I met during a book signing here in Milwaukee. I’m sure he was impressed with that.

Anyway, he and Ridley Pearson did a very nice tribute to King, including a totally embarrassing showing of some of King’s work with the Rock Bottom Remainders (during which King was flipping the two of them double birds). Great fun.

Sly, I can't resist saying that denial and driving yourself to the hospital are two huge no nos.

But you knew that.

Anyway, here is the Katrina disaster tour we took on Monday, one of the best tours we've ever taken.

We even got to see Fats Domino's house, though no one was home.

SLy - glad to hear you're ok (within reason.) I'd hate to hear that the stress of possibly having dinner with us and meeting Owen pushed you over the top :-)
Get well and come back out to CA soon - I swear, we are the "chill-out" state, although I'll be buggered before I actually use that term in conversation....

And DON'T drive yourself to the hospital!!!

sly, drive yourself to CA next time...

Sly, I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better. But young lady, what do you mean by driving yourself to the hospital? Hmmm?

And as a completly pervy comment (we can still make those here, right? I am anyway...) I would guess if you were gonna get stripped so fast you'd have preferred it was for something a little more fun...

Again, I am very glad to hear you're doing better. Now get some rest.

Or better yet, drive to the Ambulance dispatch!

They're actually pissed because they couldn't charge your (not you're) insurance company.

If you only knew how close I live to the hospital, you'd understand. I don't think the siren would have time to go through two complete cycles.

But thanks all.

*sees if he can modify the catapult to make sly's hospital trips easier*

Good plan, kibby. ;)

I have never been stripped so fast in my life. I said, "I'm dizzy and have chest pains" and the next thing I know, my clothes are off...

well, it's worth a try...

i'm dizzy and have chest pains!

nope, nothin'

*strips Insom*

Sorry I couldn't be here sooner. Technology failure. I do, however, have some interesting toy important medical equipment that we can play with.

*wonders if "I'm dizzy and have chest pains" could be converted into a pickup line*



whoops ... good thing that was just a 'test' ...

*back to the drawing board*

Sly - I'm so glad you're feeling better and it wasn't anything major!

Jeff & Jackie - welcome home!

potential date: So, what's the quickest way for me to get my clothes stripped off?

kibby: Say, "I'm dizzy and have chest pains!"

*exits dream sequence*

sly glad to see you on the Moat. Don't listen to all the nay sayers. Feel free to drive to the hospital anytime you want. I hate calling for ambulances. It is much cheaper to drive - unless the cost of gas reaches $400/gallon.

OK - heinzed.

Congrats on the new job, Kaf. Babies are a lot of work but they are also so cute. How are these?

And how is your mom doing?

Here's what happened to us:

Wednesday morning we go down to the car with the suitcase for the drive to the airport. Car is totally and completely dead. Battery has snuffed it, big time.

Fortunately we were plenty early. However, we have Alternate Side of the Street parking rules here and I'm on a "No Parking Friday 8:30-10:00 am" side. I leave a nice note asking the ticket writer not to ticket me. Amazingly, s/he doesn't.

We come home yesterday and as the cabdriver readies to turn into the street behind our house (where the car was parked) we notice the street is blocked off. It seems they are repaving (along with nearly every other street in the city) and there is NO PARKING TUESDAY.

All cars that aren't moved by 6:00 AM (including ours, obviously) will be towed! WTFBBQ?!

Luckily the guys hadn't yet left for the day and the one Jackie spoke to was able to call the guy with the list who told her where they'd towed us (around the corner and up the block). It was there, unticketed and undamaged.

New Orleans was a lot less stressful than getting there and back.

*itch itch*

*scratch scratch*

Rats. It seems that I'm allergic to the dye used in the CT scan.

And, may I say, I am SHOCKED! Shocked, I tell you, that NO ONE said "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on the Moat."

Of course, Mad and Insom can't say that, but the rest of you have no excuse.

*exits for benadryl*

*itch, scratch*

Well, that's because Dr. Jackie isn't on the MOAT, sly.

*passes the benadryl and cough syrup - just in case*

Jeff, you may have misunderstood me. I was going for "playing doctor" angle in connection with the references to my saying I felt dizzy and had chest pains and then was quickly stripped.

Unless I misunderstood you.

I'm doped up on benadryl and logistical thinking has gone out the window.


Logistical thinking?

What's that?

(Logic OR thinking.)

Sly, I'm not itching, but I may be sneezing soon...

I've been cataloging cd's for two days. There has been much dust.

Not, however, as some people around think (or would if they had seen it) plague-containing dust. Just your everyday dust.

Far far far less than I've seen on How Clean Is Your House.

*shudder* That show creeps me out.

*hugs sly* Glad you're home from the hospital, glad you're feeling better, glad they found out what was wrong.

News from these here parts:
1)I got 8 hours of sleep last night for the first time in 2 weeks, and I was still feeling tired and blah all day.

2)I still have a boatload of work to do. And I'm SOOOOO TIIIIIIIRED. But I won't get 8 hours tonight.

3) My rosemary plant is dying of neglect.

4) There is no 4.

5) We got our schedule of classes for next semester. First time they've figured out how to do it before the week before school starts. I've pretty much figured out what I'm taking--the only question is whether I audit a certain class or just don't take it at all.

Sly, I'm not a doctor, but I did play one in my imagination once.

However, I don't think it was me you were wanting to get you all dizzy, was it? Damn.

*puts on naughty nurse uniform instead*

Oh, sorry, Jeff - I got distracted! I'm really enjoying the job.. today was long and tiring, but I'm happy just to be there.

Mum's doing well. She got out of hospital last night, but she's been a bit tired, and she's not allowed to lift anything heavier than a milk bottle, so she's quite restricted and it's getting frustrating. A visitor overfilled the kettle and left, and Mum's desperate for a coffee, but she's not allowed to pick it up to empty it... so she has to wait for Dad to get home or someone to visit.

A visitor overfilled the kettle and left, and Mum's desperate for a coffee, but she's not allowed to pick it up to empty it...


A little over zealous about Dr's instructions?

Does that mean she can't hold her child either?

Mum's doing well. She got out of hospital last night, but she's been a bit tired, and she's not allowed to lift anything heavier than a milk bottle, so she's quite restricted and it's getting frustrating.

Kaf, that really rang a bell. Jackie's late father was - to understate it greatly - not one to pay attention to doctors' advice. When he had (TMI Alert) prostate surgery he was told not to lift anything heavy. On the way home (he insisted on driving of course) he stopped at the store and picked up a turkey!

When the doctor came to see him in the hospital he picked up a single sheet of paper and said, "nothing heavier than this!"

Blogchik, my rosemary is planted outside...I ignore it most of the time and it's huge. I probably shouldn't have let it flower though, I should have pinched the blooms off.

I was amazed yesterday though. I had gone to the library. There is a flower bed out front, and there were some HUGE plants, the base looked like parsley, and there were really tall stems that looked a little like Queen Anne's Lace...I asked the librarian, and yes, they were indeed parsley. The parsley part of each plant was at least a foot and a half. I didn't know parsley could grow that hugely. She told me to help myself to some of it, and I did. They planted it because they wanted something evergreen in the flower bed...and someone thought of parsley. I wish mine would grow like that.

("Old Man River")
(with apologies to, well, just about everyone)

Dat old man's prostate
Dat old man's prostate
It's good for something
An almost-done thing
But that old man prostate
It just keep growing along

You and me, we get exams
from uro-docs with hands like hams
Get too large, get an op.
Lift too much, and your stitches pop!

It's a common problem
For cop, king, or druid
Keepin' us supplied with
a useful fluid
But dat' old man prostate
He just keeps growing along!

*snork* for

It's a common problem
For cop, king, or druid
Keepin' us supplied with
a useful fluid

*hears whistle blow*

Gotta go home and MSN with F2.4! Hope the audio works this time!


Kibby - the kettle's quite heavy when it's full (just the water volume was probably 3-4x what she was allowed to lift), it's only been a few days since her surgery and the stitches that could potentially rip are in quite a .. delicate area. So yes, she's being careful.

Susan, rosemary, lavender, chamomile, parsley and mint (in season) will generally grow like weeds. Someone planted parsley in one of the flowering beds at the Botanic Gardens.. it's quite funny to see.

*snork* at Insom! Nicely played!

Jeff - I winced for your FIL and I don't even HAVE a prostate. That had to hurt!

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