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February 21, 2005


The Bent Policemen

(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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Prague update:

High 74 F, sunny
Humidity 20%
Gas 25 cents per gallon

That's not what CNN says, Kibby! Venezuela's looking pretty good right about now, though.

*packs bags for Venezuela; unpacks - WTFBBQ*

Why is Puerto Rico's gas so cheap.


Anyway, good morning campers. Today it could be close to the record high of 85 degrees here, with low 70s tomorrow and 60 by Wednesday. And the spring pollen is ready to explode.

We'll be showing our friends from Texas around the city today. Then tomorrow we have to start getting ready for the trip.

And how are you all doing?

So sly, who won the Sweet Adelines contest?

For those who can't make up their minds:

Rock Bottom Remainders in New York.

FED! was here! YAY!

... who says the MOAT's d.e.d., dead?

85 degrees today? that's awesome! :D

I went to a wedding yesterday, of one of my dorm-mates. Well, now former dorm-mate, as she and her new hubby have moved into married student housing. She was radiant, of course. It was just a lovely wedding.

On Saturday I spent most of the day in the city with Wurm and his girlfriend and some of his friends in the area. We went to the Met and then Macbeth done by marionettes (it was odd, but worked), and then dinner. It was a good time.

It was a good weekend.

and....Welcome back, Fed! Missed you.

from puppet-macbeth:

"who would have thought the old man had so much
sawdust in him?"

oh,and r.i.p. boris yeltsin

... speaking of "sawdust in him"!

Anyone have any "Yeltsen meets Lenin, Stalin & Khrushchev in Heaven" jokes?

punch line: et tu Boris?

*snork* Kibby

Excitement of the weekend: Two visits to the dog park with lots of humping

Was that at the park or when you got home, Mad?

I go to D.C. for the weekend and the long-lost Federal Duck shows up? How've ya been! Great story by the way. I'd have done the same thing.

The wedding was fantastic and I don't mind saying that I gave a fantastic Best Man toast. Especially considering I wrote it in a notebook while sitting on the curb outside of the Holiday Inn, smoking a cigarette, and barefoot about two hours before the wedding. I was going to really go after my brother, but since her family is extremely Catholic and conservative, I decided to just go with a short and sweet, really nice toast of the couple.

Also, after all my stressing about my classes ending this past weekend, I went online and with the grades posted for two of my three classes....they're both 'A's!

I'm hoping that someone will send me some pictures from the wedding that I can send to you. All the pictures I took were of CMB.


I had to take my mother to the eye doctor this morning...which is not the entire point of this...but I'll get to the point.

(She has apparently had a leaking blood vessel in one eye. The eye doctor was an hour from Cheraw...so I took her. They did surgery on her eye today, so clearly she couldn't have driven home after.)


I had a book with me to read, in the event that the surgery was done today.

So I was thus there for a loooooooong time, and in fact pretty much finished the book (which I had read before several times.)

The book...Dave Barry Is From Mars And Venus.

No big deal. Good book, but no big deal.

Then I get in to work and start reading the column from Sunday online, previously published July 31, 1994. Huh, I said to myself. This sounds very familiar.

Well, I get out the book. And what do I see on page 258 of the paperback copy of the book?

A very familiar column.

*makes a note to play A Horse With No Name tomorrow*

(The trip to golf central, NC was, also, the reason I have no playlist from the All Request Lunch Hour today, there being no All Request Lunch Hour.)

(I was in the Pinehurst area...home to many many many golf courses.)

From an earlier post that vanished...

Fed! Don't be such a stranger!

Leetie...yes, the Blenheim's is gooooood. I need to get some more.

???...I had another comment, to someone, and have forgotten whatever it was. FF encountered a problem and closed my window before I could post it.

Humpin' at the Dawg Park sounds like the name for... well, something.

Humping at the dog park led me to wonder just how Mad spent the weekend...

Humping at the dog park makes me think Mad would have better spent her time leaving her pants on (nolongerLab's) Lawn.

Unless the humping came after the park. In which case: Carry On.


I'm sorry. Never mind. Forget I said that. Stress release. I feel better now.

Brian.. you have to post some of those photos online. I know a blog where you could post them. *insert innocent look here*

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day, which is a public holiday. I probably won't get a sleep in, but I will have a lazy morning. That will be nice.

Hi all. Yesterday set a new record here, of 86 degrees.

We met our friends at their hotel (42nd St., near Grand Central) and took them all over midtown and lower Manhattan, ending at Ground Zero and St. Paul's Chapel, across from the site.

We even got into the Flatiron Building for the first time, as Bill went up to say hello to his editor, the famous (in the mystery field) Ruth Cavin.

Good day.

Humpin' at the Dawg Park would be a good song to the tune of "Smokin' in the Boys' Room" - which maybe Susan can play today? We can sing along using the other title if we so wish.

Brownsville Station.

Happy ANZAC Day, all... I'm supposed to be asleep. I will be soon. But I don't have to be up in the wee small hours, so that helps!

Well I been humpin' in a dog park
Goin' down down
Humpin' in a dog park
Whew! about to slip down

Happy ANZAC Day, Kaf.

*snork* @ Leetie!

For the record the humpin was by the dogs with other dogs at the dog part and it was so bad on Sat. there were a lot of fights breaking out so that we didn't stay long thus we went back on Sunday.

Ok I heard this joke on the radio this morning by D. L. Hughely. I apologize in advance if it offends anyone, but I found it funny. He was talking in reference to the Imus thing at what words were acceptable. His comment was that sometimes the word Ho is appropriate. He said:

If a woman has 5 men claiming to be the father of her baby and she has had more nuts in her than a snickers bar then she is a ho.

*SNORK* Mad!

Temp: mid 70's
Petrol: $2.99 9/10
Rain earlier, now sun.


I saw the Governator

Yay, Sly! You didn't happen to have the Giant Leetie Head with you for a photo op, did you?

Did he say "I'll be back"?

Hey.. has anyone seen Eleanor around these parts in the last week? I've seen her elsewhere.. but *peers into the bushes*

I read that bushes part WRONG.

*le sigh*

My daaaaling, come away with me to ze Cazbah! We will make beeeyoooteful love together!

Viewing parting bushes?

*wonders what else he's missed*

Hmm... you shouldn't go away so often, Kibby.

Just popped in to say we'll be gone for the next week. Weather permitting (down there it's stormy) we'll be off to New Orleans this afternoon for this weekend's Jazz & Heritage Festival and will be back next Tuesday. Have a good week, all.

I may check in a time or two before we leave.

kibby's friend had a baby boy over the weekend and we partied a little too much...

No such thing as too much partying, kibby.

Just sayin'...

Well there is...

But that doesn't make it any less awesome and/or acceptable!

Who has a Singer 6136 sewing machine or its manual? Kibby needs a replacement part!

ANY responses welcome, even Labs...

kibby found his Singer part. It's the Tensioner, # 353583456 that puts tension on the thread before it gets to the needle. It'll cost about $50s.

In other news, Santa Claus has been suspended without pay as the authorities look into allegations that he used the "ho" word three times. Many victims have been stepping forward, stating that he has made similar remarks dating back many years.

Wow, 10 posts for today and it's already 1/2 over. Seems like we're back to pre-2005 rates.

*walks around pasting "roll-back" price stickers on MOAT schtuff*

Hum, that Industrial-size MOATarita Mixer that Graz donated is looking quite inexpensive now!

I don't blame Santa.
She was a Ho.

Fo Sho.

Man are they going to hunt down pirates next?!
Stay away from the (yo ho ho and a bottle of) Rum!
It's a witch hunt!

...very small rocks!

Have a great trip, Jeff & Jackie!

Congrats to your friends on their new little boy, Kibby!

'Tis the second=to-last day of work for me. I'm considering developing an ulcer unless the job situation changes soon!

crash- according to G1eco we cannot say caveman or neanderthal anymore either.

kbiby also gots his b's back in order...

is that m.weasel's cool handiwork on the m.b?

Indeed it is. Nice work, Mike.

Howdy folks. I'm still neck-deep in work. If I keep plugging away at it I'll eventually be done.


Blogchik! That's a ruse! It'll never happen! QUITE NOW!

*steps out of life for a moment or two*

*rewrites to "QUIT NOW!"*


*bounces around the Moat*

I'm not unemployed any more! My current job finishes tomorrow, and now I have a job to go to on Monday!!

I'm going to be working with baby twins (11 weeks) and their 4 year old sister.

*bounces some more*
*hits a wall, rebounds*
*keeps on bouncing*

... the wonderful thing about tiggers ...

*wonders if we should move the MOAT*

*wonders if Eleanor recognizes the Pretzel photo for today's MOAT calender item*


*goes off to play in the MOAT waters...*


I am now, officially, a Super Senior.
Looking forward to doing close to nothing all summer.

FINISHED for the year! WOW! lucky you

*fires up MOATarita mixer and calls in a few monkeys*

Ooh! Monkey!

oops, sorry Crash ...

Ok, here's a strange (even for Prague) thought. Aubergine Cult?

Aubergine by any other name....

... is still an Egg Plant!

Hmmm... aubergine cults... could be pretty tasty. Then again, would eating cult members, or even worse, the object of their worship, could be really bad cosmic energy. It could come back and bite you in the ass.

Do you feel the need for a Moat move, Kibby? We've not been here that long, and it's still loading pretty quickly for me. If it's a problem for you (or anyone else) we can move anyday.

It is my last day at this job. I'm really going to miss this family, but "to everything there is a time and a season" and all that. Also, I have something new to look forward to! To top it all off, we're going out to lunch today for my final day, and I got a text message last night that said "wear something a bit nicer for lunchtime." That's always a good thing, huh?


*resumes bouncing*

Hmmm... aubergine cults... could be pretty tasty. Then again, would eating cult members, or even worse, the object of their worship, could be really bad cosmic energy. It could come back and bite you in the ass.

Do you feel the need for a Moat move, Kibby? We've not been here that long, and it's still loading pretty quickly for me. If it's a problem for you (or anyone else) we can move anyday.

It is my last day at this job. I'm really going to miss this family, but "to everything there is a time and a season" and all that. Also, I have something new to look forward to! To top it all off, we're going out to lunch today for my final day, and I got a text message last night that said "wear something a bit nicer for lunchtime." That's always a good thing, huh?

*resumes bouncing*

eep. Apparently bouncing causes hiccups. As does editing.

*shakes butt*

Double POSTER!

On a side note, it has come to my attention that pigs have indeed been flying for many, many years.

Hmmm.. looks like a fun day out!

*waves hi to Jamester* - Weasel and I have a mini ticket package to Dodger games. Send me an email if you want to go sometime. Good to see you around these parts.

*peers around*

What's up?

Burnin' the midnight oil tonight. Wish me luck ya'll.

I'm not going to bed til I get some stuff done. It's going to be a long night.

Luck, Blogchik!

Well, it's all over. I officially have no job until sometime early on Monday. I'm gonna miss those little boys. But I have much to look forward to, so I'm focusing on that.

I've over 18 meg of Internet speed so reloading usually's not a problem. Thought we'd been here for about a month but just looked back and it's only been 1/2 of a month.

*plants stake for shade awning*

R.I.P. Bobby Pickett - Monster Mash singer.

*re-heinz's to understand the MOAT no-shows*

*doesn't understand*




*suddenly feels like everyone's off playing in the park while he's sitting on his bike in front of the school*

I'm here. Sort of.

I'm here too...

Ooooh...it is a nice day for a bike ride!

*flings pants*

Hmmm. Perhaps I should keep the pants on to ride bike.

Maybe it's something to do with the "Passage of Spring" that's gotten everyone off busy?

Kibby's dog-sitting a couple boxers this weekend so he's going to be out in the country. SHOULD be nice weather (mid to high 70s) and he'll be running over to the boat getting it ready for the season. Yea, MORE boat work!


I LOVED Hott Fuzz.
Hi-larious. Also, Timothy Dalton.

I haven't seen Hot Fuzz yet...maybe one day.

I did see Meet the Robinsons last weekend. Not the most fabulous movie ever, but I splurged and got the 3D glasses. Nothing major flying off the screen, but it was pretty cool.

Plus, there was a Disney cartoon at the beginning in 3D, that had never been shown theatrically, in 3D. I don't really like Donald Duck...but I enjoyed it anyway.

Kibby-not sure anyone understands. Just the circle of life or something. Have fun with the boat and the dogs!

hot fuzz has-is-and always will be my very mostest
favorite, only not with Timothy in it.

ok. yeah.....so.....anyway.

better than shaun of the dead?

I'm here, just got nothing funny to add.

My biggest news is that I've been called for jury duty.

well, i think the way you said duty, was damn funny.

butt, then again, i got fish fer brains.

thank you Fish. *smooch*

Whoa. I just got today's mail. There is ANOTHER summons for jury duty. I'm afraid to open it.

Double duty?

Maybe it's a sign you'll get double "pay" Neo.

I'm here. I was just asleep.

I think some have abandoned the Moat for the ReMoat. I wish they'd come back. Maybe if there was more alcohol.

*drops off a couple pitchers of MOATaritas*

(and popcorn)

*flings pants*

*turns the Jello Hot Tub into a Jello SHOTS hot tub*

*dives into hot tub face first*

*brings more alcohol*

dang neo, watch where you're divin, will ya?

ya almost missed me ;)

Woo hoO! See? It works!

Neo, SG - did either of you bring the entertainment?

Kaf, darlin', we ARE the entertainment.

*entertains thoughts of hilarity*


*attempts to disrobe, realises she wasn't wearing anything in the first place*


I can't whistle.
Well I can whistle tunes, not cat calls.

Show tunes? Can I request something?

Tool tickets! on sale! this morning! 10 am!

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