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February 21, 2005


The Bent Policemen

(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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*sorkn* kibby

Let me be the ocean for your tears ?


I'd say you're (not your) right, Susan. One of the reports about the TV shooter had his two roommates on and they were talking about tracking down girls the guy was IMing and warning them to stay away from him.

I know people do meet online and I know people who have even met their spouse that way, but you need to be awfully careful. There are just too many nuts out there.

Hi, sly! I bet it's a lot warmer there than here. We are finally supposed to warm up this weekend (fingers crossed).

When they are oblivious enough to send a "poem" they wrote...and a search shows someone else wrote it...you just know it's not serious.

Nicholas Gordon has certainly written a lot. Maybe he's a decent guy...but the guy who claimed to have written two of his poems is clearly not someone to bother with.

But I knew THAT early on. I'm just curious to see how he weasels his way out of this. "Oh I had no idea!" Oh sure.

Ahhh. The playlists from yesterday and today...

Tuesday 4-17-07 All Request Lunch Hour
Tec report
“Share the Land” Guess Who
“Go All The Way” Raspberries
“I Will Survive” Gloria Gaynor
“Hole In The World” Eagles
“Be My Baby” Ronettes
“Dixie Lullaby” Pat Green---Leighton
“She’s Always a Woman” Billy Joel
“The Warrior” Scandal
“Drift Away” Dobie Gray and Uncle Kracker
“Another Postcard” Barenaked Ladies
“Hey Baby” Bruce Channel
“American Pie” Don McLean

Wednesday 4-18-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“Whiter Shade of Pale” Procol Harum
“Fire” Pointer Sisters
“Walk of Life” Dire Straits
“Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” Jimmy Buffett
“Positively 4th Street” Bob Dylan
“I Go Blind” Hootie and the Blowfish---Beverly
“Don’t Want To Miss a Thing” Aerosmith
“The Joker” Steve Miller Band
“Lonesome Loser” Little River Band
“Having a Party” Sam Cooke
“Hello It’s Me” Todd Rundgren
“Hard Habit to Break” Chicago
“Mother and Child Reunion” Paul Simon
“To Be With You” Mr. Big

Hmmm. Nothing more from Mr. Poetry. (And why do I keep typing that as peotry?)

Yes, I pulled an all-nighter. I didn't get the thing done, though. I'm still working on it. It's going to be a long week of catching up.

(((((rita)))))) Can you find a Prime Care type place that will take you right away? Or another doctor? I have had the chronic cough thing before, it sucks.

((((((Mad)))))) I hope your friend is alright.

Susan, your correspondant sounds like a real prize. In all seriousness, have you tried eharmony? Their system is pretty good for weeding out people. You can usually tell the real duds long before it gets to 'open communication' which is emailing on their site. And you never have to give them your last name or real email address. I have met some decent guys on eharmony. OK, no romantic luck yet, but some nice, decent guys.

(((((((HUGS)))))))) to everyone on the MOAT.

Hmm. It seems he sold them, and they were resold to Nicholas.

Why do I soooooo not believe him? Although it is amusing me at the moment.

*snork* He just said he sold them to "Steve" who must have sold them. Oh suuuuuuuuuuuuure.

Such is the excitement in my life.

And Ashley (from the paper) and I are clearly evildoers, according to the info on the news right now. We both have documents and books at home. Eeeek!

Blogchik, I have considered eharmony. Haven't actually gone for it yet, but I am seriously considering it.

I'm certainly not finding guys on my own...oh well. If it happens, it happens. Worrying about it certainly won't help.

*flings pants and runs around in anticipation of Friday*

No! Anything but documents and books! What will people think???

I have an appt with my allergist this afternoon, Blogchik, and I will be discussing the matter with him. Emphatically. If he can't fix the stinking cough, who can? I've tried everyone, including him.

*keeps mispelling words and correcting them, even though wanting to leave them be*

*wondering if I mispelled "mispelled"*

*wonders why that man in a thong is walking through the school*

*wonders if that's a gun he's "carrying"*


Cause you know, there's always Nature Boy.

Or not. *giggle*

Susan, I stayed with a man on and off for 8 years; believe me, there's worse than not having a man around!

rita, how well I know.

And just to bring a mention of ramparts into things, I finally got around to reading Dave's column on the tragedy of incorrect brassiere sizes. *giggle*

Did it mention bazoomage?

The article mentions a news report he nearly saw on the possible hazards of wearing an incorrectly sized brassiere. Brassiere brassiere brassiere.

(He saw the promos for the report, but not the actual report.)

He also noted he almost never even wears a brassiere. (Unless schnapps are involved perhaps.)

Rita, two s's in misspelled. I wouldn't worry too much about it, though.

I would, however, worry about the cough. Find someone or something that can help.

RBRs in New York? Dang..

Susan.. 'tis better to find no one than to be in a bad or even compromising relationship. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Of course, I could just be a 30-something cynic. So you can take that FWIW

Kaf, I've always thought that.

Needless to say, some of these guys are amusing.

Off to the post office!

i have been destroying books and documents at a hitleriffic rate, in anticipation of being tossed out of my office for asbestos 'abatement' . and then next fall, i will get a new and improved (smaller) office. this summer my office will be a dorm room, which i haven't czeched out yet, as someone is still living there most like.

*makes a quick call to the WV Feds*

What?? I was wondering what they thought of their long-distance plan!!

*skips in to do a quick "hooray for a rainy reading day" dance*

*skips out to study more for finals to be taken at the end of the week*


Although I have atleast one "A".

Susan, the way I feel about eharmony is, if it doesn't work out with these random guys they pair me up with, so what. It does cost some money, but I feel like at least I've got some irons in the fire. See where the chips fall. See how many metaphors I can mix.

Sarah J, yay for you!

insom, how will your new office be new and improved if smaller? newer everything? new carpet?

Speaking of new vs not new things, this dorm has a terrible mold problem. We're pretty sure it's between the walls where none of us can get at it. It's an allergy-stravaganza. Thank God for my air purifier, but my friend without one down the hall is suffering. Actually, I'm still symptomatic and I'm on two antihistimines and a nasal spray. I don't know how much it would cost to get the mold out of here but I know it's more money than the powers that be here are willing to spend.

(((HUGS))) to all. I'm still in paper-inertia. Quite frustrating.

way to go Crash, and good luck on your finals. :)

blogchik-i'm not sure how it will be better...we will get a copy room on our floor, as opposed to the departmental offices 2 floors down. but since a lot of different departments (sociology, political sciences, criminal justice, modern languages and math) will be using it ,no one knows who will pay for it!
as for carpeting ,the chalk dust gets into it...

chalk?!?! That's SOOOO 20th century!

Chalk??? As in blackboards??? OMG you ARE in the dark ages. Whiteboards are even outdated. Promethean boards, that where it's at now.

(Looks like a whiteboard, but actually computer based. Really cool. I should know, I sat through a 45 minute presentation about them at a school board meeting. I'd have rather spent the time having them let everyone try them out, rather than two teachers spend the time demonstrating everything.)

Night Shift Czeching in!


White boards aren't as fun as black boards for leaving butt cheek marks.

Not that I'd know anything about that ...

It's a lot more difficult to screech fingernails down a whiteboard.

I know. I just tried the one beside my desk.

Another thing I like about whiteboards: I can use pretty colored markers on them. And they're metal, so I can put photos all over it with magnets to hold them. Screw picture frames.

Kibby, you can use those pretty markers before you leave a butt-cheek impression.

Plus you'd have a festive @ss.

Good morning. We went to the game last night - (final score NY 9, Cleveland 2) and it was pretty chilly out there. The attendance was announced at 41,000+ but there were a lot of empty seats, probably due to the weather. I was glad to see they are already working on the new Stadium across the street.

Hmmm. Nothing more from Mr. Poetry. (And why do I keep typing that as peotry?)

Maybe you were thinking of Nature Boy, Susan.

*wondering if I mispelled "mispelled"*

Well, since you mentioned it, rita...

It is misspelled.

Whoops, Kaf beat me to it. NTTAWWT

Festive a$$.

Interesting term

*going home to czech his mirror*

... results in the morning ....

I think Festive A$$es (besides being a great name for a rock band) should be mandatory at the next Vegas invasion!

in trigonometry ('zzzzzzz' arises from the moat) the case of solving a triangle where you know two sides of the triangle and an angle (but not the one between the two known sides) is the side-side-angle or SSA case. generations of students have mentally rearranged these letters. because in this case there is also the possibility of 2 solutions ,it is also called the 'ambiguous' case ...so 'ambiguous A$$es' wbagnfarb.

Hmm... beatings and festive a$$es? I miss some interesting stuff while I'm asleep.

Mad - will there be a competition, with categories and prizes? What will they be?

I'm going to spend the day with furred and feathered animals - as well as the usual 2-legged animals. We're all going to Willowbank for the day.

Would we (If able to participate) need shiny garlands, lights and glitter? Or just tattoos?

What would constitute the festiveness?

Kiwi! Delicious!

Mmmmm... Yay!

*flings pants in anticipation of Friday*

Hi guys. It was weird. They predicted that tomorrow would be nicer and warmer. This morning when we were out it was cool and overcast with a little light drizzle. But suddenly this afternoon, along with A-Rod's heroics, spring came back!

The sun came out, the winds died away, and the temperatures rose toward 60.

Also, after blood and other tests we both are doing OK with one exception: too high cholesterol.

*tosses pants next to Susan's*

Um, did everybody die?

*limps in*

Any idea how tricky it is to balance on a bathroom sink? Backwards? With a camera?

Tap dancing, were you, Kibby?

Kibby, I'd pay to see that.

Good to know sly - in case I find myself short of cash.

*doesn't plan to give up his daytime job*

*czechs clock*

Hey! I should be in bed. Or something! G'night folks!

So how's California, sly? Looks like rain on the coast today. We were in Sacramento in the summer and it was HOT.

Spring is finally here. 67 today and 70s over the weekend.

Kaf, I agree it's been awfully quiet around here lately.

Read any good books?

I hope for 2 things today: good weather and some productivity.

If it's warm and sunny today I think I'll just sit outside basking in the sun like a cat. Mrow. :)

*flings pants on Lab's lawn*


Oh, btw, some VA Tech alumni groups have declared today "National Orange and Maroon Effect Day," so I'm going to wear a maroon sweater in honor of Tech. I wish I still had my Tech sweatshirt, but it's too small for me now and it's probably in some Goodwill box in my parents' garage. Anyway, if you want to, wear orange and maroon (or just one of those colors) in honor of Tech.

I hope everybody has a really good day today.


The p-nut wore an orange plaid skirt to school today. That's all we could come up with. We did see lots of orange and maroon on the way.

They had a candlelight memorial last night of VT alumni and friends in Washington Square Park. They had a really big group show up so I guess Blogchik is not the only one living in the NY area who went there.

I've been unpacking our file and now have some lovely maroon bruises. None are orange yet.

Jeff, it really doesn't matter what the weather is out here; I've been working 12 - 13 hour days, then stagger across the street to the hotel where I fall into bed.

Ain't this FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*mails "mirror shot" photo to sly's hotel*

Kibby...I think I'd pay to see that too...

*searches the web for some "cha bauwbauw" music*

*boom chicka bow wow!*

The weather is B-E-A-utiful today.
I'm in a ridiculously good mood.
I did a little cuddling... today is a good day, ...so far.
Usually something terrible happens as soon as I recognize good times.

Who says reading the New York Post is worthless? (Well, a lot of people, but that's another story.)

It got Eleanor posted by Dave.

*zings over to MB*


What a Friday GO HOME song!

Susan- It is Vegas anything goes in the Festive A$$ contest.
Kaf- Girls get to judge the guys and guys get to judge the girls.

I have a maroon shirt on today.

*tosses pants on the moat lawn*

It just isn't the same without lab

*puts on a pair of pants to have something to fling*

The playlist...yesterday and today.

(Yes, I'm forgetful. We knew that.)

Thursday 4-19-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“A Day in the Life” Beatles
“December ‘63” Four Seasons
“I Can’t Fight This Feeling” REO Speedwagon
“Can’t You See” Marshall Tucker Band
“Stagger Lee” Lloyd Price---Carl
“Missing You” John Waite
“Maggie May” Rod Stewart
“Can’t Help Falling In Love” Elvis Presley
“Reach Out I’ll Be There” Four Tops
“Roll On Down The Highway” Bachman Turner Overdrive
“Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” Paul Simon
“No Such Thing” John Mayer

Friday 4-20-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“Loving Every Minute Of It” Loverboy
“Carry On Wayward Son" Kansas
“Bus Stop” Hollies
“I Heard It Through the Grapevine” Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Come Dancing” Kinks
“Don’t Bring Me Down” ELO
“Like a Rolling Stone” Bob Dylan
“Chapel Of Love” Dixie Cups---Eleanor
“Blue on Black” Kenny Wayne Sheppard
“Young Americans” David Bowie---Kurt
“Rosanna” Toto

Hey, congrats to Eleanor!

Mad - if you're differently inclined (sexually speaking) do you still have to judge the opposite gender, or can you judge both? Also, what are the judges looking for in the bonus (*snicker* I said bonus!) point category?

I'm back. It's gorgeous out there - upper 60s and sunny. I'm also wearing a maroon shirt and had an orange stripe on my jacket.

*flings Lab on Susan's lawn*

Thanks to everyone who wore maroon or orange today!

I actually didn't make it to the vigil on Thursday night. I couldn't make it. I wanted to.

The weather today was beautiful, but I had a nap attack this afternoon. So not very productive. There's still time left in today to get something done, though.

*hugs to everyone*

Final totals just in: high temperature 71.

Gas prices: ca. $2.95 a gallon.

The story of how my plans for the day changed without my permission:

I was at my nephew's birthday party (lots of fun, lots of cake, 18 - 20 children and a bouncy castle.... wheee!) when I heard Dad's cellphone ring. He left the room to answer the call, then returned and said "Dave's in Picton. He's just got off the ferry and he'll be in Christchurch by 6pm. Can we meet him for dinner?" Mum said "I didn't know he was coming to Christchurch" Dad said "Neither did I" Kiri said "I knew. In fact, I told you two weeks ago that he was coming. His firm sent him over to audit their NZ stores" Mum said "You didn't tell me that! I would have remembered that!" Long story short - Kiri did tell her and she had forgotten.
So we all ended up going out for dinner and having a big catch-up(Speights Ale House, which is about 3 blocks from my house). The atmosphere was noisy,but you could still talk reasonably easily, and the food was just amazing. If you're looking through the menus, I had the Vegetarian Ensemble, and I enjoyed every single bite.

*Dad's brother-in-law, not my brother

oops. There should be an asterisk up by the first mention of Dave in this story. Then the asterisk and footnote at the bottom would make sense

Sounds fun, Kaf. Glad you clarified it as I was going to ask who Dave was.

And Bouncy Castle WBAGNFA Kid-Oriented RB.

77 today, 74 tomorrow, 80 Monday and 72 Tuesday is the current forecast. It's about time.

Our friends from Texas will be here this week as Bill (Crider, for Wolfie & Peri) is nominated for an Edgar Award for Best Short Story and is coming to the Awards. We'll be leaving for New Orleans before that, so we'll show them around on Monday.

Jackie has an ambitious walking tour planned.


"bouncy castle" could be a name for a burger place that sells tainted meat:

"our prices are low. and our food might make you sick. but, just like our restrooms, we're upfront about it."

temp: 66°
gas: $2.60/gal
Marlboro's: $4.99/pack
Tigers: winning

Temp: no idea
Petrol: ~$1.50/litre
Cigarettes: Too expensive.. not that I buy them, anyway.

Temp...Warm. 75.

Gas...about $2.72.

Me...drooling after looking at the menu from Kaf. I am hungry now...*eyes cold ham sandwich* Not the same.

Sleep: 4 hours

Muscles: Ache

Frustration Level: High


As I walked down the hallway to breakfast this morning, I was serenaded by a gaggle of Sweet Adelinies (regional competition at hotel) singing that bright and lively "Good Morning" song.

I wanted to b!tch-slap them.

Sly.. I would have. You'd certainly feel better for it. Or if not, they'd feel worse. Either is good.

Sly, I don't blame you.

I really hate overwhelmingly cheery people first thing in the morning.


*snork* at I wanted to b!tch-slap them.

That would have knocked some of the perkiness out of them, sly.

Temperature: 78!

Gas: paid $2.95 a gallon.

Cigarettes: don't know but with NY taxes it's about $6.50 a pack!

When I was younger and smoking it was about 30-50 cents a pack!

*wonders where he left geezer bus and if turn signal is on*

Since Dave hasn't used it I thought you (especially sly after her comment) might enjoy reading about Miss America 1944 and the [attempted] thieves.

Favorite line: She had to balance on her walker as she pulled out a snub-nosed .38-caliber handgun.

I don't have a walker.


*wonders who's snub-nose this is*

*googles snub-nose

"Eat hot lead!" says Miss America

75 today and beautifully sunny.
Petrol: $2.79
Pollen: Not too bad after the freeze froze most of the flowers and then the rain washed it away.
Last Saturday: Flurries. WTFBBQ?


I'd love to hear Miss America sing "Eat Lead" to those guys.

In the end, the high today was 79.

Wednesday night at the baseball game I wore 3 layers and a winter jacket and had gloves. Jackie had earmuffs and gloves and her winter coat.

WTFBBQ indede.

Blenheim's hot ginger ale (the last one!) mixed with wild turkey 101.

'nuff said.

Susan, I just want to say that I am a huge fan of Blenheim's. It is SO refreshing. I was scared to try the hot one but it's really good -- not too hot. Just leaves that tingly feeling for a little longer. :)

Thank you.
And good night.

Beautiful day here today. We did lots of yard work. It's gonna be 80 tomorrow.

I hate finals.

Sorry to bring Frustration in. She's a ho, fo sho.

Dare I say it?

1st to post on April 22st?

Woooo! Somebody give me an Ambien! Seriously!

Well, if I'm the only one here, I might as well rant about something. So...um, what to rant about?

Hey, today would be a good start! So here goes:

I almost spat upon a serving wench today. Don't get me wrong, I *love* restaurant servers (once called waitpersons, which is now unacceptable). Especially those that are bringing me steak tips on rice with colby plus smattering of mushrooms and a side of steamed veggies. Normally I offer to fellate servers under these circumstances, unless they're dudes, in which case I feel a shoulder rub and some suggestive banter is enough. Unless I order wine with the meal, in which case everyone should just leave the room.
But today I was with two (2) girls at a very nice restaurant (read: a restaurant with metal utensils) when our server arrived and asked for our drink order. This is where I normally shout, "I'll have a Sam Adams!" in a deep voice and then grin and look around waiting for someone to recognize my razor wit, but today I jumped right in with an order of water, plus a lemon to let them know I wasn't some redneck schlep. Our server paused in a distinctly condescending manner and finally wrote something in her precious little order pad. I think she drew a penis, but that's just conjecture. After she brought our drinks (8 minutes), she came back for what would be the turning point in my opinion of her - not that I hope she dies of herpes or anything - the meal order.
Since I know when I walk in a restaurant that I'll probably be consuming cow in some form and I dare anyone to thwart me, I didn't need some dainty little pause to consider my options, and launched into my order. You married guys out there probably immediately recognize my mistake, but I'm single (NO! REALLY?!?) , and don't have time in my busy schedule to ponder the delicacies of "manners" or "decency" or "hygiene", so I didn't know there was some unwritten gender rule of restaurant order placement. Three words into my order ("Steak tips and...") she cuts me off in front of TWO (2!!) women and says - not joking at all - "Ladies first."
The Gynobomb was dropped and there came across the table a palpable tension, much like when you accidentally speak really slowly to a handicapped person only to realize a few minutes into it that they're not special or anything but just physically disabled, and then you feel like a total twid, but you want to play it off so you pretend that *you* are actually mildly deficient and that you *always* talk that way, only to have your friends walk out on you in the middle of a crowded mall muttering about why they ever bother to invite you anywhere, but...
I digress. She took our orders and one (1) of the girls couldn't make up her mind, even though we'd been there for about 15 minutes, like the menu is the Rosseta Stone and if she can just decipher the text she might figure out what she wants to eat, so wench made her exit to pursue my steak tips and the other girl's cheeseburger (I only hang out with sophisticates in these types of restaurants) when the cheeseburger girl said, "Ooh, smack!"
Now my manhood has been violated, and I'm hungry, so we all know this isn't going to work out well for anybody. I let it go for the time being, mostly because I was about ready to eat a tree if she didn't get my cattle nuggets out there stat; whatever "stat" means. Roughly two presidential administrations later we saw people who were seated after us get their food, so I was about to raise my voice in an uncomical manner when wench walked by while looking at the girls and said, "the reason they got their food before you is because we're waiting on *his* steak tips."


Open hostility.
We've raised the bar and unleashed the hounds, so to speak, but hopefully not in the kitchen. Loud enough to make several other patrons uncomfortable I said, "Did you hear that?! Was that a joke?? Does she know who the f*ck I am?!?!" and other exhortations. We finally got our food and unfortunately it was pretty good, which deprived me of the self-righteous satisfaction of sending wench back to have it tweaked. This is probably to my benefit because she would have certainly done something unspeakable to it like drag it behind her bike through a cattle pasture and then slap in back on my plate with some garnish (kudzu) and bring it to me with a free side of dishrag.
When the check came, wench made a great show of presenting each of us with our *separate* checks, like I was expected to pamper the two (2) girls who forced me to go there in the first place and who both make way more than I do, and who likewise forced me to abandon my daily goal of a gyro-salad from that questionable Greek place down the street who makes their salads with 99.73% gyro and 0.27% salad, so I also made a great show of whipping out my cell and using the handy-dandy tip calculator to run the numbers on a 38% tip (asking the ladies "38% is normal, right?), only to put the bill on my checkcard and manually writing "bite my ass" under the "tip" space on the receipt.


I feel much better now. Good night, and please something something your server.


*major snorkage!!* I'm sorry you had such crap service, but, like the true gentleman you are, you gave the waitress way more than she deserved. What she deserved was a complaint to management.. and "bite my ass" for a tip.

Are you still up, Kaf? Probably not, but if so...how was your Sunday?

And Fed! Talk about your late night visitation.

I agree with Kaf that she deserved a visit from the management. What a b!tch.

Federal Duck!!! Oh, how I feel for you.
Stick around, k?

The p-nut woke me up before 7 am today. *twitch*

Here is how our first conversation went:

P: Mommy, can I wear this again today?
L: No, you made it pretty dirty yesterday.
P: Well, can I wear something else if it's hot outside?
L: ....(?)... yes. Later. I'll find another cute outfit for you later. Let's just wear PJs for now.
P: Is it going to be hot again?
L: Yes.
P: I thought that today was a no-school day.
L: It is. There is no school.
P: (getting irritated at me) Then why are we talking about getting dressed?

It's going to be a LONG freaking day.

OK, now this is where Fed's story gets REALLY strange......

I was at dinner last night with two people from our team; a woman my age and a young man Fed's age, who I happened to think reminded me a GREAT deal of Federal Duck.


He ordered an entire steak, not just the tips. And our waitperson was some male snob from England who felt compelled to point out that the older one gets, the less additives one requests for their coffee. He said this after I ordered mine "black", and he continued with "most senior citizens order theirs black."

I think I shall arrange to have him drug behind a bike through a cattle pasture and then slapped onto someone's plate with some garnish (kudzu) and served with a free side of dishrag.

And black coffee.

Leetie, I like P-Nut's idea of staying in jammies on non school days.

Last night, the Sweet Adelines here at the hotel were all decked out in glitter. No sequins were spared in the making of their costumes. Some even had rinestones decorating their eyes, Ikidyounot. I was crammed into an elevator with about 50 of them when we stopped at a floor where about 3 got out only to be replaced by 5 young Indian men in beautiful traditional silk costumes. Stunning. (Indian as in the country, not native Americans)

The young men were talking to each other in Hindi (or whatever) and going a mile a minute, when one suddenly slapped himself on the forehead and said, "DUDE!! I totally forgot to call Mike!" in flawless, unaccented English.

And they continued talking in Hindi. SOmewhere from the back corner of the elevator, I giggled. And then tried to pretend it was from being tickled by an Adeline's feather boa. As the men got off the elevator, one of them announced to all of us that he is getting married today here in the hotel. That would probably be a very interesting ceremony to watch.

sly...ouch. I admire your restraint in not dumping the black coffee all over Mr. Snobby's head and body. But maybe with the insomnia you should skip the coffee.

I can't believe the guy actually said that about "seniors" (tee hee). Not that it's funny in any way. Of course I drink it black too, but the other "senior" who lives here definitely does not.

And the Sweet Adelines story reminds me (geezer alert!) of the barber shop quartet episode of Car 54, Where Are You?, where they all have to sing the same song ("By the Light of the Silvery Moon" if I remember correctly).

Ouch, Sly! I take my coffee with milk and sugar. I have no plans to change that in the next however many years I have left. I'll be the renegade senior.. She takes TWO additives in her coffee! I still won't have my grandfather beat, though. Right up to his death at 81, he was a sugar addict. He had porridge (oatmeal) for breakfast every day, with a layer of sugar so thick you could see it. Coffee? White with two teaspoons of sugar and four artificial sweeteners. *gag*

coffee - black or not at all (exceptions are cuban coffee, cafe con leche or expresso)

my grandfather made such weak coffee you could read a newspaper through it - uggg

Well, GEEZ, Fed, if you had IDENTIFIED yourself, maybe I wouldn't have been so cranky.

*releashes the hounds*

Strong coffee, please; milk only.

don't drink coffee...but i would have been tempted to say to the waiter (and when is that non-p.c? is it the 'waiting on' part? 'cause 'serving'' people is the same thing...or is it the feminine ending, i thought the reason we didn't say 'comedienne' or 'aviatrix' anymore was because of the unspoken implication that a woman in those occupations was unusual...)something like "oh ,yes, sonny, during the war, sugar and cream were rationed so we all learned to drink it black!"

*snork* Insom! Which war was that? The Gulf War? ;) It was tough for all of us, you know1

Kaf, ick. Sugar and four artificial sweeteners?


Fed! I have too written "BITE MY ASS" under the tip section of a check.
And signed the receipt with a great illustration of the climactic end of Moby Dick.
No really, I drew a dying whale dragging down a peg-legged sea captain.
My greatest regret was not taking a picture of it.

Flavor of the Month... designated code name "Pepper" now, I guess... has taken to wearing my clothing. Lucky for him, we're roughly the same size and I don't wear girly, frilly things. But, I'm a painter and borrowing my jeans because he came unprepared makes it a little obvious as to where he has been. His roommate yesterday scoffed and said: "Is that paint? Those ARE NOT yours. Those are your girlfriend's!" Pepper replied, "Yeah, but damn, my butt looks great."
I told him he could keep them, and the two shirts he stole, AND my sneakers. Gah. And I had been wondering where my socks had been disappearing to. I'm going to have to dig through his closet to even the score. It's supposed to be the other way around, I'm supposed to be borrowing his shirts.

I was thinking about your comment (on your blog) about coffee before food / when you wake up and I guess I go for the more British tradition - I'll have tea when I wake up but not coffee alone.

The wifester made me watch the new House of Wax - the best part was when Paris had a spike put thru her head! If only......

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