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February 21, 2005


The Bent Policemen

(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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Business news of the day:

IHOP is buying Applebee's.

/end business news

Who has the weather & traffic? Susan?

*wishes we had an IHOP in Prague*

Can you take your iPhone to iHop to check your eMail?

I was wondering why Kibby needed a cold shower if the apartment was 32 or so, then realized it was C, not F. That makes a difference.

Standard chance of a shower thunder showers for the next week. 81 already today, with a high of 91. Gas ranging from $2.77 to $2.80 for regular unleaded. Sports?

Oh my ears are ringing. We just found out that, for the second year in a row, WCRE is one of 5 five national finalists for oldies station of the year...this would be the National Association of Broadcasters Macaroni Marconi award. The winner will be announced at the convention at the end of September.

To say my boss is excited would be an understatement.

I really really think the website needs updating though.

*goes to get cheese to add to the Marconi*


Excellent, Susan. I bet Jane is over the moon.

We finally got our oldies station (WCBS-FM) back after two years of (yuck) Jack-FM. Instead of "oldies" though they are just calling it "the greatest hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s." They also seem to start at 1964. Still, what a difference it makes having a radio station you can actually listen to in the car without cringing!

I just heard "Smoking in the Boys Room" and they are now playing Dave's good buddy doing "Mr. Tambourine Man" and I've heard Eleanor's favorite "Back in the Middle With You" twice.

We do not seem to have an oldies station in Orlando, they replaced it with Reggaeton or something awful like that.
Nearly all of my hispanic friends were devestated by this.

And yesterday I picked up about 15lbs of vinyl records from Pepper's roommate who plans to move to Prague. Including the Coasters Greatest Hits.

But do you have a record player? I have piles and piles of vinyl albums...and no record player.

Oh wait, there is one at home, but I don't think it works right.

I've got this Emerson Record/CD/Cassette player.
I love it. My mom bought it for me for Christmas. My grandfather still has a working 8Track player.
And a whole box of tapes. My Dad has an ancient Rock-o-la Jukebox that plays 45 singles and it's this wonderful electrocution hazard in our garage. It sits next to the '71 Cutlass and the '72 Truimph Spitfire. My dad keeps offering to buy Pepper's '75 Honda Motorcycle to complete his little '70s time capsule of a garage.
Speaking of, Pepper just got his motorcycle back from his dad, because his dad thought he could improve it's performance. He did fix the back brake and the idle timing, but he didn't improve the acceleration. Hahaha. For a time we were worried that the RPMs were too high for the speed it was going, so I asked my dad. Our conversation went like this:
"Hey Dad, my friend has a '75 Honda cb125, know anything about those?"
"Yeaaaahh. I had 2 for like 10 years."
"Oh, well it runs at such and such at this speed and whatnot and he can't get it to idle properly."
"Who's your friend?"
"... uh, Pepper..."
"FRIEND, huh?"
"That sound about right, that bike's a dog. Can I buy it from him?"
He even emailed the poor boy to ask if he could buy it off him.

Well, when Pepper's dad brought it back I happened to be over there and I met Dad and little sister (15) for the first time. It was kind of akward. And whenever I gave Pepper backtalk his dad would make a funny excited approving face at him.
This amused Pepper to no end.

Susan, ditto. I got rid of a lot of my vinyl but still have a bunch of LPs - plus over 500 45s. But, I have nothing to play them on! I will get rid of the rest of the albums but will keep the 45s for now.

Man, CostcO was packed this afternoon, surprising for a Monday. We purposely avoid going on the weekend but it was crowded today. Plus, the frozen yogurt machine wasn't working.

Crash, I'm jealous of your dad's Rock-Ola.

This is our local (well, national, but the link should be local) "oldies" radio station. I prefer WCRE, overall, because their range is much wider.

Congrats to WCRE, though!!

This is our local (well, national, but the link should be local) "oldies" radio station. I prefer WCRE, overall, because their range is much wider.

Congrats to WCRE, though!!


UES girl, after passing dog walker: Mommy, that man has a lot of dogs!
UES mom: Yes, he does, because he walks them for other people.
UES girl: Why?
UES mom: Because people who live here are too lazy and rich to do it themselves, honey.
UES girl: Oh... Mommy, can I be lazy and rich someday?
UES mom: Of course, honey.

By the way, "UES" is "Upper East Side".

Kaf, it's so weird listening to the Supremes being played on the other side of the world!

Oh Wow.

I keep telling weasel he should be a dog sitter. It pays a lot better than most jobs out here. People pamper their pets.

We just watched The Closer. I'm guessing Nina Foch has had a lot of work done (NTTAWWT) as she looks darn good at 83.

Last night apartment temps were:

35C (95F) patio
33C (94F) inside

Decided it was a good time to wet sand (running water over the sanding area), in the bath tub, boat hatches which needs painting. COLD water sanding! AAAAHHHH....

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we saw the musical version of Grey Gardens on Broadway. We'd never seen the 1975 documentary. Well, last night it ran on The Sundance Channel so we watched it. I must say that they did a very faithful job of adapting this very strange true story and the actors (Christine Ebersole & Mary Louise Wilson) did a superb job in capturing the essence of the Beales. Both deserved the Tony Awards they won.

And how are we all today, other than kibby who we know is HOT?

Stick a fork in it - it is so done.

kibby's HOT!

But you knew that ...

Well, my Dodgers have won 5 in a row and have one of the best records in the National league, so all is well over here...

Hey, the 'tec report - Atticus is back!

*zips in*™

YAY! Turned on WCRE just in time to hear the Tech report - oops, it's over. ;)

Atticus was only out for one week. We have to let Dorr do one now and then, he did them for YEARS before Atticus ever did.

Should I admit that I have NEVER watched an episode of The Apprentice?? Donald gives me the skeevies. Don't know why, but it's probably the hair.

Kibby's hawt?? Yeah, I did know that. Then again, hawtness is a prerequisite for all Moaties, male and female.

Random note: Crumpets with honey make a wonderful breakfast.

better than strumpets with honey?

um, no comment, trillian.

It's warmer here today but sunny and not terribly humid. We have a game vs. Toronto (and the dreaded Roy Halladay) tonight and it looks like the rain will hold off for another day.

/end weather

Kaf, I got a few more books at the library today. One was the new Ridley (Killer Weekend), which Dave has been pushing and which has received some excellent reviews.

Susan, next time you go to Hilton Head, watch out!

Jamester - Weasel and I were there to witness those 10 runs last night. Most excellent and exciting game. We go again on Friday to see the 'mazin Mets. I hope the Dodger bats can keep the hits coming.

On Friday we're going to the Quakes game (local minor league club) - fireworks after the game, then Borders for the Harry Potter festivities. We have to buy 2 books, one for the daughter, and one for the wifester and I to share. This may be a significant stressor upon the marriage...

my sister is going to be waiting in line Friday night for the harry potter book. the next day we have to drive up north (3.5 hour drive) for my cousins wedding. she's pretty bummed that she can't spend the day in bed reading. and she gets carsick if she tries to read in the car.

I just received a delivery from Amazon; two Ridley Pearson books; Killer Weekend and The First Victim.

Looks like I'll have dinner on the patio tonight and read for a little bit.

Ooooh, do I smell sp@m??

I have Killer Weekend on order from the library, and I'm not far down the list, so I should get it pretty quickly. While at said institution today, I picked up this short story compilation. It looks like a good read!!


Sic 'em Pliskin!

*wonders how they got by the robot when we can't*

kibby will be in C HI GO next week but won't be able to see either a Cubs (road trip week) or White Sox's (day game) games - DARN! His training is promising lots of home work so there's nothing planned for the evenings, except for possibly jet-lagged-induced-sleep.

But he'll try not to disappoint study group members.


Checked F2.5's photos from her birthday and my camera didn't focus correctly.

... time for a new camera!

Ok, CRS, how to html???


Kibby F5™ Linky

interesting site
this is the church where we'd go to meet the bus to go to summer camp.

Cool trillian. Hope they've replaced the cars since then.


Happy birthday, neo!!!

Happy Birthday, Neo!!!

Hope it's a good one.

We were awakened this morning by thunder & lightning and torrential downpours (NTTAWWT), which has continued on and off for the past three hours. They claim it will calm down and not return in force until tomorrow night, which is good as tonight we are headed back to the city to see Meat in concert.

Last night's game was good until Joe Torre - for some inexplicable reason - brought in the egregious Mr. Farnsworth to pitch in the 8th inning of a 1-1 game. Fortunately, they overcame his efforts (he was booed coming and going, deservedly) and won in 10 innings, 3-2.

/end weather & sports

Who has the traffic?

sly & Kaf: I got the Ridley book at the library yesterday, along with the latest Richard Bachman/Stephen King and Marcia Muller's newest.

We have the Potter coming from am@zon on Saturday.

Happy birthday Neo!!!

From Kibby's link...Chesterfield county, SC has one...and it's from Cheraw! The Cherokee Tourist Home is now the First Citizens bank building...right next door to the Post Office. I've been in the building many times, I bank there, and one time I got to tour the building after some renovations. The upper stories aren't really used any more, but I got to go up there. I knew it had been an inn of some kind, but never saw pictures of it. The old hitching block is still out front.

Congratulations Jeff on being posted! What is that, the 200th time?
Besides being an amusing, if short, tidbit, I enjoyed the fact that it apparently took two writers...

I'd hoped it was still there Susan (the building). I remember the bank but it didn't register. No chance at the hitching post though...

Kibby, it looks a little different, it is painted white now, and has had some additions, but it is indeed still there. In fact the old vault is there if I recall correctly.

And it's not really a hitching post as such, the word "hitching" doesn't really come into it, that's just what came to mind. It's a big block in front of the building, as a step up into carriages and so on. I think there's another in that block of Market Street, but I can't remember where. (I guess no detour through SC on your trip, huh? Darn.)

Jeff, I will keep an eye out if I do go to Hilton Head. Nothing more has been said...I know if I said I did not want to go...there would be pressure to go. Since I've said I might, nothing more has been said. If I have to pay, though, I know I'm not.

Besides, I have to be here to announce the results on the air.

Susan, let me know if we you win. :)

I'll have to buy a new outfit for the announcement. ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*leaves a special formula Birthday Blog Butter (Tm thingy) for Neo*

Have a really great Birthday NEO!!! And just for you I added some extra special massaging beads to the blog butter. Just don't rub the beads and the exploding confetti in the same handful. Ouch!

Jamester - Weasel and I have Dodgers Mets on Friday. I hope the Dodgers can come back from last nights loss! Wow I guess the Phillies got revenge. Oh and PS. if you are still interested in brunch or dinner sometime this summer let me know.

Mad - the wifester and I were just discussing that this morning. I saw your note you guys are moving and thought you might want a little time to get settled before hosting guests...

Thanks for the birthday wishes :) It was a very good day.

oooh, a belated Happy Birthday to Neo!!

*cracks open a packet of Thin Mints*

anyone want to share?

Kaf, pass 'em over. I'll save some for Jackie.

Susan, didn't we see the "hitching post" (or whatever) when we were in Cheraw? Or am I thinking of 10 other places?

Good concert last night (though it started 35 minutes late). It ran from 8:35 to 10:55. Meat was Meat, but then, what did you expect? Britney?

This concert - and the one that will be held tomorrow - was postponed from April when he was too ill to sing. You could get a refund if you couldn't make the new date.

"For the 1100 people who turned in their tickets, F#CK YOU! For the 1100 who bought those tickets, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Yeah, Meat was Meat.

He ended with:

Paradise By the Dashboard Light (wearing a long wig to look like he did in 1977)
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
Bat Out of Hell

The encore was the song that everyone seems to be doing all of a sudden: Gimme Shelter.

This just in!

1. To remove a bandage painlessly, saturate the bandage with vodka. The solvent dissolves adhesive.

2. To clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers, fill a trigger-spray bottle with vodka, spray the caulking, let set five minutes and wash clean. The alcohol in the vodka kills mold and mildew. (Finally, a fun way to clean the shower...)

3. To clean your eyeglasses, simply wipe the lenses with a soft, clean cloth dampened with vodka. The alcohol in the vodka cleans the glass and kills germs.

4. Prolong the life of razors by filling a cup with vodka and letting your safety razor blade soak in the alcohol after shaving. The vodka disinfects the blade and prevents rusting.

5. Spray vodka on vomit stains, scrub with a brush, and then blot dry. (how do you think the vomit got there anyhow? Who was the first person to try this one?)

6. Using a cotton ball, apply vodka to your face as an astringent to cleanse the skin and tighten pores. (like someone is going to believe..."I just use it on my face"...)

7. Add a jigger of vodka to a 12-ounce bottle of shampoo. The alcohol cleanses the scalp, removes toxins from hair, and stimulates the growth of healthy hair.

8. Fill a sixteen-ounce trigger-spray bottle and spray bees or wasps to kill them. (or at least knock em for a loop)

9. Pour one-half cup vodka and one-half cup water in a Ziploc freezer bag and freeze for a slushy, refreshable ice pack for aches, pain or black eyes. (just drink it and the pain will usually go away, too.)

10. Fill a clean, used mayonnaise jar with freshly packed lavender flowers, fill the jar with vodka, seal the lid tightly and set in the sun for three days. Strain liquid through a coffee filter, then apply the tincture to aches and pains.

11. To relieve a fever, use a washcloth to rub vodka on your chest and back as a liniment. ( Any volunteers?....)

12. To cure foot odor, wash your feet with vodka. (waste not, want not...)

13. Vodka will disinfect and alleviate a jellyfish sting. (Did you ever see the Friends episode with the jellyfish sting...?)

14. Pour vodka over an area affected with poison ivy to remove the urushiol oil from your skin.

15. Swish a shot of vodka over an aching tooth Allow your gums to absorb some of the alcohol to numb the pain. (swallow and repeat...repeat....)

You forgot to say:

This PSA has been brought to you by the Vodka Council (GNFARB).


Guy to L. Ron Hub-tards: So, if I sign up with you, how long do I have to offer people stress tests before I become a movie star?

--Union Square

Don't get it. IF you're to give the Scientology Church ALL your worldly posessions HOW do these celebrities get SO much?

I forgot to mention this earlier:

Did you ever go somewhere and meet someone you know that you didn't know was going to be there? My mother was almost legendary in our family for this. When she was a kid, before her father died when she was 9, her mother had a restaurant on Second Avenue on the Lower East Side catering to the Yiddish Theater crowd (Menasha Skulnik, Molly Picon and the like). Ever since, no matter where she goes my mother seems to meet someone from "Second Avenue."

This doesn't usually happen to us, though lately Jackie has been meeting people she knows, even a teacher in New Orleans (we knew she came from there).

So, we're sitting waiting for the concert last night when a guy two seats over in the same row says hello. Turns out he lives one floor below us in the same apartment building!


I think they get a kickback for bringing in more suckers recruits, kibby.

Or something.

Actually, I believe it's like a pyramid scheme, in that the ones at the top of the pyramid reap the benefits, as long as new recruits are being brought in at the bottom.

*looks at business model of the MOAT*

We have a business model?


*stocks up on vodka, the wonder liquid*

El, if I do indeed have an announcement to make next month, I will be sure to let you know. *whispers*If I do in fact go, could I perhaps get your *private* phone number to call you? I won't give it out, honest. I may get something new to wear, I haven't decided.

I have, however, decided that I should start applying sunscreen now. My daughter and I are going to Emerald Pointe tomorrow...and I don't want sunburns. She, of course, starts marching practice next week. Bwahahaha. Been there, done that. Thus the trip now. We could have waited til Monday, but that was cutting it a bit close. Just in case she does get a little burned, that gives her the weekend to recover. I may make her wear a tshirt tomorrow though.

Emerald Pointe.

That should cool you off!

i've heard you can drink vodka, too...

You can DRINK vodka too? Wow!!!

Jeff, yep, that's where we're going. I don't even go on the rides...just Thunder Bay and the Leisure Lagoon. Enough for me. The rest of the time, sitting on one of the many many chairs, reading a trashy book.

No vodka though.

Jeff, the running into people you know thing? I grew up thinking that was normal. When I was a kid, we would go on vacation hundreds of miles from home and invariably we would run into a least one person who knew my dad. Every time.

One time my ex and I drive 900 miles, got on a train, and happened to get into the train car with our neighbors from across the hall.

At least, if I'm remembering that right. I have been trying to alleviate a jellyfish sting here.

The last time I was in the Atlanta Airport I saw someone I knew.
Of course, if I go back to Miami I see people who know me... though I won't necessarily have ANY idea who they are.

And I have used vodka for many things. Like JELLO.
Or cleaning out a hookah.

Neo... vodka is best when taken internally. Even if it doesn't cure the problem,it createds a perfect memory block.

Oh, and Mythbusters busted a few of the vodka legends. If you scroll to the bottom of this page it will tell you which ones.

My father is the person who always knows somebody from somewhere. I remember getting really sick when I was in PolyTech (like community college) and going to the free clinic on campus. The doctor, whom I'd never met, or even heard of before in my life, was on a committee with my father and actually left work to take me home via the pharmacy (yes, I was that sick).. that was weird. My father will walk down the street in cities where we don't live and meet people he knows. So I guess it's not that weird. But I'm still not quite used to it.


I like the "cleaning the glasses" one, Kaf. I'll have to try that.

It's muggy and overcast, but breezy and not terribly hot. It looks and feels like heavy downpours are imminent, but I'm guessing we have a while yet before they reach us.

/end weather

Since Jackie is trying to diet we went for a "healthy" lunch at Nature's Grill. It's a small place but they seem to do really well, with a lot of takeout and delivery orders.

She had the Hawaiian Hula wrap and I had the Oh California. Pretty good.

/end restaurant review section

neo, my favorite "running into people" story happened 30 years ago, when I was working at an office in Greenwich Village. I usually ate lunch at noon but this one day I went out at 1 instead and went the opposite way I usually went to a deli where I never ate.

Walking back to the office I ran into my first girlfriend from summer camp nearly 10 years earlier, who lived on Long Island and was just in the city for a job interview that one day.

What are the odds?

And the rain seems closer.

Oh, and a book update.. my copy of Killer Weekend is now waiting for me at the library!! At least it is, if you believe the library email system. *does happy dance*

The MythBusters showed that water kills more bees than vodka. It is more fun to watch the bees sprayed with vodka than the ones sprayed with water though.

When I lived in Atlanta I went to buy a Christmas Tree. The guy loading my tree was someone I went to high school with.

Jamester- Any time after Aug 4 will be ok. I'll be settled in. I have nothing to do on the nights Weasel is in class so I will unpack and set up house.

My dad ran into his barber when we were up at Tahquamenon Falls on a family vacation many years ago.

I frequently run into people who knew my sister in school, who know I'm her sister...but I have no idea who they are.

I am melting...it is about 97 outside (heat index 101). I drove across the river for the big meeting on the I73 route announcement...it took me half an hour to get less than a mile, from Cheraw to Wallace. There was an accident with a flipped SUV...blocking two lanes of traffic. Traffic had to merge to one lane, to pass it on the outer edge of the road.

Then I got to the meeting site and couldn't get in. I was half an hour late, and they were letting no one in. (Every seat taken, no standing in the aisles.)

I should have had them kick out someone from the tv station. One station had their satellite van, plus at least two other vehicles. I, alone, was trying to get info for two radio stations and a newspaper. Talk about multitasking.

Oh well, I have returned to the glories of A/C. Bliss.

When I was 18, we took a family trip out east and stopped in Philadelphia where I took picture of the family in front of the Liberty Bell. A few weeks later, when we looked at the photographs, we saw a family friend in the background. At first, we just thought he looked a lot like Bill; but Dad talked to him,and yes, he was in Philly near the Liberty Bell at that time.

We never saw each other.

In New Orleans (as mentioned earlier) we were walking down the street and Jackie said, "That looks like Siva." I was no help, never having seen the woman in my life. For whatever reason she didn't say anything and it was only on checking when she got home that she found that Siva had indeed ditched school and gone to New Orleans.


By the way, I'm almost positive that somebody in that last link knows my father, too.
*cleans glasses*

I hate you Neo. What did I do to deserve that?!!! Don't click on her link unless you have some bleach to put in your ears and eyes. Walks off humming....Damn you Neo!!!

It's my favorite ride at Disneyland, what can I tell ya? ;)

Nice to see you here, Weasel. :)


*blows kisses to a very mad Weasel* (Not Mad Weasel)

Did you know that vodka can be used as a very effective bleach?

How is it when taken internally, Neo? Any nasty side effects we should know about?

It should be noted that a significant quantity of liquid in a confined space, regardless of alcohol content, will always kill a bee. Or possibly even Eric, the half-a-bee

neo, that was not a very nice thing to wake up to. Fortunately I was able to get rid of it in time.

The rain stayed away, happily, and better weather - lower temps and humidity is coming in.

/end weather

Let's get the traffic report.

*tosses pants, waves to Weasel, goes looking for coffee*

the traffic report:

"it's a world of tie-ups, a world of jams
a world of "h*lls", middle fingers, and "d*mns"
so much hate in the air
all drivers should prepare
to be stuck till after fall!"

we had heavy rain yesterday with lots of thunder.

tosses pants and heads off to town.

*feels as if he's been running around all day without any pants*

*snorks at insom*

ahhh, the joys of living in a small town! If I were to give the traffic report it would sound like this:

Busy morning out there: a car just went by... wait! I believe I hear the garbage truck, too! The kids are out on their bikes and skateboards. And... there goes another car! And that about does it for traffic this morning.

My work commute this morning in Sacramento: There was heavy congestion on the down elevators; but the up elevators were running smoothly.

Temp: Not sure; during my 30 second walk to work, it was pleasant.

Gas: the last time I bought gas was sometime in June.

(I sure hope my car starts the next time I go home. In August.)


{{{Sly}}} I do have to say I love your commute, though!

Traffic: Too damn early on a Saturday for any significant traffic.. oh, wait! There's a car going by!
Weather: 45F heading for a stellar 49F, with possible rain. At least the nights aren't as cold any more.

*snork* at sly's "commute"

Actually, our traffic around the house is exactly like neo's and Kaf's. Occasionally, we get the Friday night dragsters but in general it's very quiet. Oh, the bus comes by 1-4 times per hour depending on time of day, and the garbage trucks come twice a week, but otherwise it's very suburban.

If you didn't know you were in the Big City you'd never guess it from here, unless you looked out the bedroom window and saw the Empire State Building.

traffic here, rush hour at 3:30 PM when the local factory lets out, otherwise, just like Neo', but no garbage trucks...we have to take our own to the dumpsters.

Jeff, I was staying in Manhattan several years ago when the garbage trucks arrived around 3:00 AM. It sounded as if someone was dropping bowling balls from the third floor into empty dumpsters!

Yeah, that Empire State Building gives away NYC being a big city every time. If it weren't for it, you'd never know.

My room is on the 9th floor of the hotel. Many nights around 2 AM, I hear one of those "boom boom" cars drive by. My windows are closed and I'm that high up. Just how loud is that radio?!?!

*grabs cane and hobbles away*

gaaaaaah! on '1 vs. 100' the contestant, when faced with the conundrum "How many six-packs of beer would it take to make 99 bottles of beer?" (More than 15) (Less than 15) (Exactly 15) , responded ,"I don't really drink beer..."

oh, well, last week the mrs. did a tour of the local public libraries (with one picture of kylie.

another 'brain teaser', last xmas, i got 'the mensa puzzle calendar' i didn't get the exact same answer as the calendar so here's the question:

The names of four people are hidden in the sentence below. Can you find them? (The letters are in consecutive order.)

"Cordon off the lending area to protect the bank."

(answers in a couple hours)

oooh, ooh, I want to submit my guesses! But I get more than 4 answers anyway.

*zips in*

I found 4 but I won't tell.

I think "I don't drink beer" is one of the funniest answers ever.


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