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February 21, 2005


The Bent Policemen

(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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Me too, Leets, but to solve the problem I'd have bought a new outfit! :)

sly, Jackie says if you come to NYC this year it will be MUCH COOLER (upper 70s) on July 4, especially compared with your last two visits.

Incidentally, we have a game Monday (the 2nd) this year, so got matinee tickets for Grey Gardens for Wedneday.

Have a great weekend.

Jeff, I'm not going to be able to go to NYC this summer; maybe in the fall.

Meghan and Ben were there last week. They drove down to see The Lion King.

Insom, they are indeed Statler and Waldorf...I just think of them as the two old guys.

Blogchik, I hope all goes well today!

Sly, we are slowly slowly slowly cleaning the screened porch here at home...I have hopes of being able to open all the windows and sit out there in the morning with the paper and my coffee...maybe one day.

Jeff, I can't say I was working that hard last night. I was at work, but just goofing off on the computer, waiting for the engineer to finish.

And it was probably more peaceful than it would have been at home. Quieter, probably, since we were off the air for at least an hour or more.

It poured down rain yesterday afternoon...I hope it didn't wash away the grass seed in the front yard. We had several trees taken down, limbs removed from some others, part of the yard tilled, sanded, fertilized and covered with grass seed...and only 6 months early, we got two big chunks of mistletoe. A huge chunk came down last night, and a smaller one this morning.

I know what was so peaceful last night. No family members talking talking talking. All were asleep when I got home.

Welcome home, Sly.

Have fun, Blogchik. I hope it goes well.

Crash, Japan is a long way from home, but then again, I can't picture you happy just calmly sitting at home. My advice is to go and have adventures and tell us all about them!

Jim Henson was a genius. And Statler and Waldorf are two of my three favorite curmudgeons.

Statler & Waldorf.

Love those guys.

Statler and Waldorf are fun, but I always loved the Swedish Chef the best! I could watch those for hours!

Sly and Blogchik - for entirely different reasons, I hope you both enjoy your weekends!

Fishy - enjoy getting some Beaver while you're there!

why do we always come here?
I guess we'll never know...
It's like a kind of torture
To have to watch this show!

That's the question that would plague me for days.

Oh, it DID, girls, it did. Spent all week obsessing about it, deciding sometime on Thursday (or was it Friday?) to wear an olive-green sleeveless tank top with sort of a v-neck (well, it's a v-neck once you unzip the zipper) and a knee-length black skirt. (No money--or time--to buy a new outfit, or I would have sprung for a new pair of shorts, as my only pair doesn't quite hang right.)

He was supposed to have arrived at noon, but didn't get here til 2, since the traffic was horrendous, both on the Jersey Turnpike and in Delaware. And yet in spite of that extra time I still had wet hair when he arrived. The sun ended up drying it.

We got to the Festival about 3, and the exhibits closed at 5:30. He didn't feel like staying for one of the evening concerts or for dinner. I was mentally figuring, "Ok, he's not interested after all" when he asked when would be a good time to call me tomorrow? I told him when would be, then remarked that I find him impossible to read...going into all of the other times that I had written him off as 'really not interested' only to have him immediately thereafter show signs of interest. He said he takes a long time to make decisions. Whatever. I will never understand men!

So...it wasn't really a dud of a date...but it wasn't really the greatest date ever. It was kind of in between. I guess I was hoping for more overt signs of interest. I supposed that driving down indicated that some kind of decision had already been made. But I guess not.

Anyway, I will resume my Cloak of Indifference (it's like the Cloak of Invisibility, only for romance) until he makes up his sweet everlovin' mind. Just like I did all those other times I had decided he wasn't interested.

However...I am DEFINITELY physically attracted to him, and I think it's mutual, since I caught him looking me over once. So at least there's that. But I won't really know til I've kissed him. If the first kiss is a dud, there won't be a second kiss. That's the rule. No, we didn't kiss...which is annoying....I guess it's all part of the hasn't decided yet thing, which is even more annoying.

...But I'm reserving judgment for now. He shares my religion, I can TALK to him (alot), and I'm physically attracted to him-- a trifecta that has hitherto been impossible to find--so I'm just going to wait and see how things turn out.

So there you go. Nothing happened, but nothing imploded either. Whatever!

Being a guy, I am not qualified to comment on Blogchik's "date" story as I don't understand much of it, so I';; wait for installment #2.

Good luck with it anyway.

And for Peri: Happy Canada Day!!

We watched A Prairie Home Companion on HBO last night. Now, I've known people who listened to the show when it was on the radio and who love Garrison Keillor but after watching the movie I still have to say I so do not get it at all.

I don't know if it's a Midwest thing or it's just me but I'm completely baffled as to its appeal.

I enjoyed it, Jeff. It's not a midwest thing; it's a Robert Altman thing. I've always enjoyed his movies.

Blogchik.. it sounds like your damning this guy with faint praise. Maybe he'll just turn out to be a really good friend. That's not necessarily a bad thing, either.

I don't get Robert Altman. Okay, um, it may be more accurate to say that what I DO get of Robert Altman, I don't really like. Ah, well. Not everybody can be a fan.

I've liked a few of Altman's movies (MASH, The Player, Gosford Park) but not some other highly praised ones (Nashville comes to mind there, as well as The Long Goodbye, which I really hated).

But I do think The Companion itself is a very Midwest thing.

NTTAWWT, just not my taste.

sly, I know you're not coming this year, but Jackie just wanted to let you know the weather was better. If Meghan is upstate she must be pretty chilly these nights.

*zips in*™

I'm with sly here. I watched it last night and thought it was GREAT!!! and the closest I've ever been to the Midwest is flying over it.
Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin were superb and the chick with the headset who was pregnant was hilarious!

And Woody Harrelson was at his best - except maybe for White Men Can't Jump.

I'm watching Concert for Diana - wow!

*zips out*

I'm glad some of you got more enjoyment out of it than we did. As I said, a matter of taste. I did love Lily's little aside comments.

Jackie is watching the Diana concert hoping to see if Kate Middleton is with William. Most of the performers - well, let's not go there. Rod Stewart's voice is terrible. He was somewhat better in New Orleans but sounds really hoarse today. I wonder if he has a cold.

I've listened to Prairie Home on the radio...there has been music I like, and some of the skits...like Guy Noir...but...I'm very aware of voices and GK's, especially on the News from LW...just drives me insane, and not in a good way. I can't stand it.

But I really enjoyed the movie, which surprised me. (I saw it when it came out in theaters.)

This is amazing weather for New York in July. The high temperature today was only 74 (normal high: 82) and it was amazingly pleasant.

/end weather

But Susan, according to Wiki, GK plays "Guy Noir" on the radio. I love Kevin Kline but I found his character just annoying for the most part.

Update (I haven't read your comments yet, will get to that tomorrow): I talked to the love interest (henceforth the red-headed man, or RHM) and what he MEANT was that he wanted to take it slow. Which is actually not a big deal.

I also found out he is really inexperienced with relationships and that is one reason he seemed a little standoffish.

So, whatever. If things develop, things develop. If things don't, they don't. At least he is good conversation. And at least, if things do not so develop, a friend with whom there is good conversation is always a good thing.

In other news...I had lunch (and hung out all afternoon) with a friend of mine who is going through a very rough time. After 15 years of marriage and 5 kids, it looks like she and her husband are headed towards divorce. Honestly, I have thought she was too good for him for years, but I had never before heard her describe any marital problems.

I went on a camping trip with them many years ago...must have been about 5 years ago (or in that neighborhood). I noticed then that he had anger management issues. Specifically, his only notion of kid management was yelling at them randomly...I asked, and he's been yelling at her too. And he pushed her across the room a few weeks ago. To say this raised a red flag is to put things mildly. I said to her, "[friend's name], that's abuse!" Then she started to cry and I gave her a tight hug.

He's been a stay-at-home dad for the past 5 years, working nights at Best Buy...but it's not like when he was watching the kids, he was doing anything like cooking, or cleaning house, or providing anything like consistent discipline...and of course the second my friend got home all childcare duties became hers. Not to mention all other household duties. My friend has been very overwhelmed, and no wonder, because she never got any support from her worthless, no-good husband...It's like he's child number 6. She's the only adult in the household. I've held this opinion for quite some time, but today was the first time I'd ever heard her express it.

I'm really sad for her, because I know she wants to salvage her marriage, but I don't think he's capable of making the changes he'd need to make to make it viable. No, he won't try couples counseling. She found a few counselors, and he wouldn't go--because she found them. So she said, Ok, you find one then. But of course he won't...it's too much like work.

At least he finally got himself a fulltime job that isn't retail...it's some kind of office-based sales. Hopefully that means she won't have to pay him alimony. Of course she's practically paying him alimony now...apparently he's really good at spending the money she earns. She's been the main breadwinner during the majority of their relationship. Apparently this has wounded his fragile male ego, but it's not her fault he wouldn't get off his a$$ and get a better job.
My friend has functionally been a single parent for a long time....

There's no denying the whole situation sucks...but the truth is, it has sucked for a long time. It's just the degree of suck that has changed, from something bearable to something clearly not.

Part of me was wishing I could say, "Yes, of course you can salvage your marriage!" but I can't....It was so weird hearing her describe him in terms in which I've previously described him (ie like another child), since she's always defended him and rationalized his behavior and so forth. I don't blame her...I did the same thing in my first, very bad relationship. I should mention she married him when she was 17 and he was 24. That's the age I was when I started dating my first, worthless bf...who has good judgment at 17? I certainly didn't.

/end rant.

Sorry...I just had to vent a little about the whole thing...I hate it when I'm right about something like this. I'd rather be proven mistaken...

*bounces into Moat*

I'll be out of here for the week of Aug 13-19!! Yes, I'm planning already.
I've been asked to take a working holiday in Queenstown, when the family I work for head down there for a week. So I'll be off to snowy, touristy climes and it will all be paid for!! Okay, so I'm very much like a child myself. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Blogchik.. I hope it works out well for you with RHM, and I hope that, one way or the other, things resolve themselves for your friend and her husband

Wow, Kaf, sounds fun (if still work).

Queenstown, aka "Vegas by the Lake."

The Remarkables WBAGNFA sequel to The Incredibles.

Blogchik, sorry to hear about your friend. It will be tough for her on her own with 5 kids, no matter how little her husband contributes now.

Good luck to her.

Another gorgeous day here. We have a game tonight, which could be tricky the way the Yankees are playing lately. It could be an early night.

Blogchik, I hope things are wonderful with RHM...and I hope your friend gets everything worked out.

Kaf, enjoy your vacation! A working vacation, but sure to be fun too!

Jeff, I know he is Guy Noir. I don't find that as annoying as the way he talks during the news from LW. I have no idea why that is.

Susan, was this the new alarm you got?

How's it working out?

I'm giggling at the thought of having to chase my alarm clock around the room in order to smash it turn it off. I'd have to kill it. And yet I just may have to purchase one of those for my son!

Oh there is no way on earth I'd chase an alarm around.

This one is the one I got...and it is working well. I have it set for light and sound...and I think the actual beeping alarm has only gone off twice since I got it.

Looks like they also have one for your daughter.

It is super hot here today! And Weasel's building has been without AC since Thursday! Poor melting weasel

"I am still at work. This is about the time I'd usually be coming back in to record the next day's news...but I'm still here." - Susan, 6/29.

So, Susan, is this the year the Dodgers win another pennant? How about the World Serious?...

Only half packed, but I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a vacation with my parents and siblings. See you on Sunday!

Neo, enjoy your trip! See ya on the flip side! :)

Kaffy, so glad to hear about your upcoming vacation! You go girl! :)

In re: progressive alarm clock: I got one by BioBrite. I would say I really like it, and am its biggest fan, except the light part of it stopped working and won't turn on, even with fresh bulbs. Is a puzzlement. I'm going to have to send it back to the company for repairs or replacement. Cept I left my warranty back at the dorm...buried under a stack of papers. *sigh* It was a great clock, when functional. Nothing has ever woken me so well or so thoroughly.

Re: RHM (btw, it is of course a reference to Polly's LHM)--we are talking on Thursday. He's going to be driving back to Jersey from North Carolina and will call me on the way home. I'm looking forward to talking with him. I really have the hots for him, which I'm trying to cool to a nice simmer for practicality's sake. It is not unpleasant. :)

I'm reading a really interesting book right now called _Opening Skinner's Box: Great Psychological Experiments of the Twentieth Century_. It's not just about the experiments, there's a mini-bio about the psychologist(s) of that chapter, and reflections on the real life implications/applications of that research--in other words, the impact it's made on society at large. It's quite fascinating.

Update on friend (let's call her B, for convenience):
I had another evening hanging out with my friend with the imploding marriage tonight. To say she is seriously stressed is a massive understatement. Tonight we walked the dog and then watched Office Space while eating dinner. She thought it was funny (esp cause she works in a similar cube farm situation). She really needed the laugh.

Tonight's bit o'life trauma was that the kids are picking up their dad's constant criticism refrain about their mom. She's no fun, blah blah blah...because he'll take them to the movies when they don't have money for it, doesn't bother to discipline them, etc. She really feels like all five of them are ganging up on her (six, really, if you count the worthless husband).

I'm pretty sure they are going to get divorced. "The kids are all gonna blame me," she said. *sigh* I hope not...I also hope she finds herself a good lawyer and protects herself, since he's a manipulative sumbitch and I think he's going to fight dirty.

I don't think anybody's really going to be that surprised when they get divorced...except the kids.


Fortunately, tomorrow night will be a little less emotionally draining. My best friend A is coming over and we're going to drink Scotch and watch some DVDs (esp cause I don't have to get up early for work in the morning). It's not that A's life is free of crises...her mother is dying, that's really stressful. But she has a therapist. It helps. A lot.

I have no idea why I'm still up, considering I swore up and down I'd go to bed early...I wish I could do something more concrete to help B, but really what she wants is a friend and a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on. She is really being pushed to the breaking point.

Well, I'm really going to bed now.

Let me take this moment to say a brief word to our Exalted Leader:

Happy Birthday, Dave!!!

Who said 60 is old? You are the living proof it's not.

Excellent game last night. Roger Clemens did not pitch like a guy who will turn 45 next month, and for once they scored a few runs. The weather was amazing for July in New York - mid-70s and low humidity - and it was a fun night.


I'm sitting on the back deck at my daughter's house, drinking my morning coffee and listening to the cattle lowing in the pasture behind their house. It's beautiful out here.

We were shopping yesterday and I bought a hair dryer to keep up here, as well as some toiletries, tennis shoes, and a bathrobe. I told her, "In case you haven't noticed, I'm slowly moving in."

Jenni, Tim and I have a tee time at 9:00, and after playing 9 holes, Jenni and I are driving down to KC where she has class at UMKC (she's working on her doctorate) and I'm going to try to find a day spa to get a massage, manicure and pedicure.

Thursday, I fly back to Sacramento and to the 13-14 hour days, but right now, I'm totally enjoying this time off.

Oh look A woodpecker just landed on the deck railing.

Which is made of wood.

isn't it good Norwegian wood?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck...?

Glad you're enjoying yourself, sly, but golf?


Best game ever, in a tie with this game

Oy vey! I should sound Jewish? No.

I have to come up with ads for a store...one should be two Jewish ladies...one is two southern ladies.

Oy vey!

Southern I can do. Jewish, not so much. The store is Fabulous. But what's the name of it? Fabulous!

Sounds like Who's on First. This should be insane.

sounds absolutely fabulous; but then you'd need to do a British accent.

What about Southern Jewish? They do exist, you (all) know, as in Driving Miss Daisy.

TV update (per my friend Beth):

Next Monday Craig Ferguson is interviewing Irish author Ken Bruen. It should be worth watching because Bruen (or "Ken" as I call him) is a major character and his books are great.

/end schedule update

Weather is still fabulous.

Over to sly for the gas price report.

Southern Jewish does indeed exist...

I do know a few Jewish people, my brother in law and his family in fact...but they don't "sound" Jewish. I think what the advertiser wants is the New York sound Jewish...and the standard Southern women. Which, despite my 31 years of life here in the south, I am not.

I'll have to fake it.

That does sound a bit farfetched. Maybe you should get Jane to do it!

Susan well at the least all the male listeners will have no idea you are faking it.


Hey, I resemble that remark!

(good one, Mad)

I'll take what she's having.

*stumbles in*

A late in the day Happy Birthday to Dave!! *waits impatiently for Dave Barry Turns 60*

I've been floored with a 24 hour gastro bug. It's been no fun at all, but I am feeling a lot better now. There were a couple or three bad moments, and I have this afternoon (which I'd usually work) off to make sure my system's clear of all things creepy and crawly before I go back.

In sports news, New Zealand lost the America's Cup yacht race by two whole seconds. Congratulations to Alinghi, the Swiss yachting team. We are ignoring the fact that Switzerland is totally landlocked and the race had to be held in Valencia, Spain instead.

Sly, enjoy your break!


Ick on gastro-intestinal bugs. Hope you're (not yore) feeling better.

Today we have a matinee of Grey Gardens, which is closing at the end of the month as Mary Louise Wilson is leaving.

Jackie wants to go to Virgil's for dinner as she is a traditionalist and wants BBQ on July 4th.

Speaking of traditions, TCM is showing our two favorite July 4 movies today, Yankee Doodle Dandy at 6 and 1776 at 10. We saw the original Broadway production of the latter back in 1970 (most of the original cast was also in the movie, though Betty Buckley was replaced as Martha Jefferson by Blythe Danner) and the revival in 1997.

Jackie's third favorite July 4 movie is Independence Day, which she watches regularly.

Have a good day.


Bimbette: ... And then I was thinking, Wouldn't it suck if the Titanic really happened?
Friend: Are you fu%king serious?
Bimbette: Yeah! I mean, it would be sad, right?

Happy 4th!!

(Kaf, feel better!)

A few years back, some friends and I had tickets to go see the Eagles during the "What the Hell, Let's Pretend We Like Each Other and Tour So We Have More Money Tour". The night before the concert, one friend realized that was also the night she was supposed to go see a local community theather production of 1776 with a group of people that included her newly minted boyfriend.

She chose to go see 1776. Which she said was awful. (mainly due to local theater production values) When her newly minted boyfriend found out she gave up Eagles Tickets for THAT, he thought he was dating a nutcase.

Now that Newly Minted Boyfriend is Old Standard Boyfriend, this came up the other day. I asked her if given the same choice now, which would she chose.

"Oh, Eagles, of course."

Out on back deck with coffee. The cattle appear to be content. The sky is overcast and I hear a rumbling in the distance. And now I feel droplets on my arm. Great. Rain on the 4th.

Or that woodpecker just flew over.

So, how was the golf & shopping, sly?

Looks like we might get some showers or thunderstorms tonight just around - or just after, if we're lucky - fireworks time. Since we'll be in the city Jackie asked if I wanted to go but, been there/done that.

but on the other hand, jeff, wouldn't it be cool if 1776 had really happened? with all the singing and so forth?

speaking of reality and the movies...the makers of We Are Marshall are being sued for 40 million (did that movie even make 40 million?) by a local couple who made a documentary about the plane crash, claiming they were whatever the movie equivalent of plagiarised is. at first i thought, this is ridiculous if the movie used the same sources, of course there are similarities...

but one telling piece of evidence came to light. when the news of the crash was first broadcast , a crawl was displayed on one of the local t.v. stations over an episode of 'the newlywed game', the documentary people couldn't or didn't find which episode it was, so they re-created it using a random episode. when the movie guys did the same thing, they used the same (wrong) episode! so they may owe something...

Insom - that's a bit nitpicky. However, money for nothing (or not much of something) seems to be the standard for a lot of lawsuits, IMHO.

Thanks for the wishes, guys. I am feeling better. In fact, I probably could have gone back to work yesterday, but the children's mother called and when I said I was fine told me to take the extra day to recover anyway. Her mother and mother-in-law very kindly filled the gap for me.
It's become kind of a running joke at work that "it's always Thursday". I work Monday, then (usually) have Tuesday and half of Wednesday off, so by the time I see them again and we get ourselves sorted (aka un-busy) - it's Thursday! Thursday is Grey's Anatomy night here in NZ, of which we're both big fans. So YAY for Thursdays.. and tonight I'll be taping it because there's a family dinner on at my parents' place. A belated birthday dinner for my sister, because Mum was out of town when her birthday came and went last month.

Oh - and Happy July 4th to all the American Moaties, wherever you may be today!

Dangit.. sorry for the last link. I meant to post this but YouTube kept crashing out my computer. After a reboot, here ya go. Happy fireworks n hotdogs and whatever else you do!

Oh, Jeff! I should have told you to look for the ring I lost at Virgil's last year.


sly, too late. Virgil's was packed and I doubt the ring was there. Where did you sit?

Not the nicest of weather today, though I didn't really mind. It was cloudy and cooler than expected all day, and the light showers started earlier than predicted - around 6:00 - while we were still in the city.

Grey Gardens was about what I expected - kind of weird and creepy, wonderfully performed by the two leads, and much more interesting in the 1973 scenes than the 1941 first act.

Was "Little Edie" really engaged to Joseph Kennedy, Jr.? If so it's the first I've heard of that. It was intriguing seeing him in the same scene with Jackie & Lee Bouvier, but the character as portrayed and the actor playing "Young Joe" really annoyed me.

Neither one of us loved it but I think we're glad we saw it before it closed.

Happy 4th!

{{Kaf}} Glad you're feeling better.

I am exhausted. It was a gorgeous day here today, not too hot. Something possessed me to clean the porch. And I mean clean. I scrubbed part of the floor. (An oil can that I've been looking for had fallen over, and of course, leaked. Thus the scrubbing.)

I didn't actually clean the fan blades, which was part of the plan, but I did quite a bit. Also washed a slip cover on a chair in my room, and possibly have it back on the right way.

But it was clean enough for my mother and I to eat out there...even if it was fast food. My intention was to make hamburgers on the grill, really fry french fries (not just bake in the oven), go all out. Not happening. Tomorrow will be fine.

Maybe the ring is with the lost Liz shoe?

Oh, incidentally, we both thought of you - the Senegalese bag sellers (GNFARB) were all over the Times Square area today, with their wares spread out on Broadway up to 48th Street. I guess the cops were elsewhere doing fireworks or terrorism security.

That comment was (obviously, I hope) meant for sly and not Susan.

Good morning. The rain stopped before the fireworks began, but I was awakened at 1 am by the arrival of heavy duty thunderstorms, which went on for over half an hour and left several area roads flooded. Looks like we're in for more storms this afternoon.

/end weather

Who has the traffic update?

It's 12:40am, and there's no traffic to be heard anywhere. I should be asleep, but, as yet, I am not.

I'll try and remedy that. Either way, I'll see you soon

Nighty night, Kaf.

Traffic was light and gas is down to $3.03 here. Still hot, but a little cooler.

Now to Susan for the entertainment report



It seems Rhoda (with the paper) and I, are the two unattached people in this building. (Well, Ashley might not be either, but she didn't get pulled into this.) Whitt and Mitch have decided they are going to look for men for us.

They both found women on line...and been with their women for over a year now...even proposed.

I find if entertaining that they are going to do this.

Not that I'm holding my breath.

And gas prices aren't my feature today, but it is $2.78 now.


Tigers are leading 12 to 3 against the Indians at the top of the 7th inning!

Yankees and Twins, 5-5 in the bottom of the 8th.

Matsui just went deep. 7-5 Yankees going to the 9th, with Rivera coming in.

One of our cats tripped the wifester, she fell against the kitchen counter and cracked 3 ribs.....ouch!

Weather is hot, but nice. We are still 12 inches short of rain this year, but we are getting some. Need to mow the yard tomorrow (I envy Jeff with no lawn).

Gas about $2.89.

Weee...LittleD is coming home in two weeks. We haven't seen her since Christmas break. She took summer classes and has been staying at her boyfriend's house (45 minutes from school instead of 4 hours from here) in the interim.

Back to job searching. Small town life is nice until one wants to be gainfully employed, there are few jobs to find.

{{{Mrs. BigD}}}


You're welcome to as much of our rain as you want.


*tosses pants & runs*

*just pants, too tired to run or toss*

It's too hot in Sacto to run.

Pretty hot here. Oh it is suppose to cool down to 94 this weekend! *gladly tosses pants*

ahhh much nicer.

It's too hot in Miami to walk.

94 and muggy here.

*flings pants*

A couple of months ago a co-worker brought in a lemon berry slush for me. I would never have tried one, and I would have missed out. They are wonderful.

*slurps, but cautiously, not wanting a freeze-headache*

I'm with Mad.

Hot here too she said
San Diego and L.A.
We weep and we sweat.

Hi, guys. The weather was surprisingly temperate here, though they are predicting mid-90s by Sunday & Monday. We spent the day at Jackie's sister's house and had a chicken barbeque for dinner.

tomorrow is kylie's birthday. we took her to the local fireworks on the 4th...it rained very hard during the display but she stayed dry. she liked the noise a lot.

Happy Birthday to the lovely Kylie!!! She just gets cuter, Insom, and those curls are just adorable!

Today has been pretty blah, weather-wise. No rain or snow, but not much warmth either.

*pours breakfast mimoatsas*

*waits for Moaties to arrive*

I'm closing up shop, heading for the hotel bar and then my room.


Happy Birthday, Kylie!

What Kaf said.

Kaf, speaking of which... The Weather Channel was showing 77 degrees in Australia yesterday. WTFBBQ?!

I thought it was winter Down Under?

They actually said "it's a dry heat" about today's forecast (88 and sunny) but there is nothing "dry" about the coming week.

/end weather

I'll get back to you on the gas prices later as I need to fill up today. I saw $3.17 yesterday but I'm hoping the usual places downtown will be cheaper. Saturday is Chipotle and (how appropriate) gas day.

Gas was $2.77 here earlier when I filled up the car, the temp is around 92 or so. (According to the NOAA site. Our thermometer is closer to 96 or so. Humid and sticky.)

I was debating a trip to Charlotte to go to the movies, with dinner at Mama Fu's, but I don't think I can pry my daughter away from the tv coverage of Live Earth.

Oh well. There's always laundry to do...

The best news I've had in a long time:

Oldies are back!

It seems that after two years they've finally faced facts of declining ratings and (most importantly) revenues and decided to give us our Oldies station back! They pulled it off the air without warning and without even letting the DJs - one of whom had worked there for 30 years - say goodbye.

I hope they lost a fortune.

Boy, we're really getting socked on gas prices compared to Cheraw - $3.15.

Weather was upper 80s but surprisingly pleasant - low humidity, a nice breeze and enough shade to keep things relatively pleasant.

Jeff - winter in most parts of Australia is kinda like winter in Florida. Still warm, just not as warm as summer. I've been there on the 77 deg day, wearing t-shirts and light pants. Everyone wanted me to dress in at least one more layer of clothes and I was quite comfortable. There are a few snowy parts of the country, though, and Australia does have ski fields.

Then again, I may be saying that because it's currently about 24F heading for a spectactular high of about 43.

Yeah, Australia could be good.

Australia Rocks! I watched the live video stream of the Live Earth concert from Sydney. Crowded House was great!

I must say that the term "ski fields" brings something rather flat to mind though.


is there a moatie that lives in/near Plano, Texas? my blog is getting hits from there. I can't think of who it might be.

I think that's elfbrains/ask/etc. But I could be mistaken. I get a number of hits from there as well.

Live Earth? I didn't watch. I did tape some of it for Jackie.

Of course, when I wonder what I should do to make this world better the person I think of first to get advice from is Cameron Diaz.

Madonna is a close second.

Update: RHM is not interested. Although he inexplicably said he would call on Monday. Not sure I actually want to talk to him.
Bah! Men!

Update on B: Turns out the reason she didn't want to talk about her job is that she lost it a few weeks ago. It never rains but it pours. I've agreed to babysit her youngest (the 5 year old) when she goes to this IT training course next weekend. Only for B, I swear...

My parents are back from SoCal. Apparently there was plenty of family drama. Lots of why didn't so and so invite us...Bleh. Glad I missed that part of it. Not glad about missing the wedding though--the reception went til 4 in the morning! 3 bands (not all at the same time, one after the other)! Talk about your big fat Armenian wedding.

Live Earth was fantastic!

And Cameron Diaz has been driving a Prius for years (or something like it) as well as doing commercials for the 'green' life style. Melissa Etheridge could become a preacher, she was so - so - so evangelical-ish. She wrote the song for Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and introduced him.

All in all it was a great day, all around the world, and I'm happy to report that Madonna still has 'it'.

And Federer won Wimbledon for the FIFTH TIME!

Roger didn't have it easy this time, did he? Five tough sets but at least he prevailed in the end.

Jackie was very annoyed the NBC "highlights" show cut out Melissa Etheridge's song.

Yankees lead 7-0 in the 4th after yesterday's pathetic display.

If you missed something, you can go here and watch a video stream of any concert you want. Just select a country.

And there's always youtube.


It's 10-0 now. Alex Rodriguez hit #30.

Tigers are beating the Red Sox 6-5 at the top of the 8th. we may have a chance of sweeping this series

Heh... they cut off Melissa Etheridge because she went on a tirade. Or eight.

Good to know.

Tigers won; yay.

yay indeed. the red sox loss helps out your Yankees in the standings.

After 5 days with F2.5 (Thurs) it's a difficult transition to come home to an empty apartment and be daughterless. There's just some background banter/chatter that's missing - it's too quite - and ALL parents know that when it's too quite they're up to something ... but she's not. She's just not there.

... lossing a child's got to be h3ll.

She's off to France today for a week holiday camping with her cousins. Hopefully she'll learn how to swim and get over having water on her face (really freaks her out!). I've decided NOT to work on Mom in getting her (Mom) to "loosen up" the protective thing ("don't let her walk on the stones by the shore", "that cat's mean" - now F2's frightfully afraid of ALL cats and dogs - etc) I've decided to open F2 to her own possibilities - freedom, adventure, braveness, boldness (in the Non-English sense). Go out and push the boundries - within reason. How's she ever going to go sailing with me if she's afraid of being sea sick, afraid of the water, doesn't like this or that ... ? Restrictions isn't doing her any favo(u)rs.

Good time with her - like ALWAYS! She's learned to skip rope and decided to try that with one of those 'bouncing balls'. One hand on the ball's ring, twirl like a skip rope, jump over ball, catch foot on ball when ball bounces, forehead straight into the floor. No pause. No chance for a 'saving' recovery. Straight into the floor. *Dad winches* ouch! ... lesson learned. :-\

Innocence - like virginity - once lost never recovered. But more invaluable.

Will get a photo on Y! soon!

Aw, kibby, that's nice. And her birthday is this week, right? My nephew C.J. turns 7 on Friday. My sister is making a big party at a place that has a pizza, pasta & salad buffet as well as games.

And you are so right about what you said. Too many of our parents made us overly fearful as kids - I know my mother did - that it takes years to get over.

{{{kibby & F2}}}

I was home alone with F2 and sitting on the toilet. She came to the door to play a 'knock knock' game and was going to move into an adjacent bathroom attached to her bedroom to knock on the wall. On the bed was a neighborhood cat, just curled up, F2 freaked and came running in screaming and in tears. After holding her and calming her down - all the while with my shorts around my ankles - I went out (shorts up - luckely hadn't 'started' anything yet) and calmly picked up the purring cat and put her outdoors.

I tried to get F2 out of the bathroom to pet the cat, but she (F2) wouldn't have anything to do with it. The cat's actually quite friendly.

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