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February 21, 2005


The Bent Policemen

(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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Insom, congratulations!

You are correct! Although, to be technical, it was "Going To The Chapel".

The announcement will be during the SC Broadcast Association summer convention in August. The actual ceremony is Saturday August 11. In Hilton Head, SC. I may actually have to go this year.

Info and the list of finalists is at the website scba.net (I'd link but I don't have my linking info with me)

And since I forgot earlier, {{{Tamara and Isabella)))

Ooops. Odd little hug there.

Try again.

{{{Tamara and Isabella}}}

yay! i won! although now i'm totally confused ...is the name of the dedication "goin' to the chapel" or the name of the song "chapel of love"? it reminds me of ....

`You are sad,' the Knight said in an anxious tone: `let me sing you a song to comfort you.'

`Is it very long?' Alice asked, for she had heard a good deal of poetry that day.

`It's long,' said the Knight, `but it's very, very beautiful. Everybody that hears me sing it -- either it brings the tears into their eyes, or else --'

`Or else what?' said Alice, for the Knight had made a sudden pause.

`Or else it doesn't, you know. The name of the song is called "Haddocks' Eyes".'

`Oh, that's the name of the song, is it?' Alice said, trying to feel interested.

`No, you don't understand,' the Knight said, looking a little vexed. `That's what the name is called. The name really is "The Aged Aged Man".'

`Then I ought to have said "That's what the song is called"?' Alice corrected herself.

`No, you oughtn't: that's quite another thing! The song is called "Ways and Means": but that's only what it's called, you know!'

`Well, what is the song, then?' said Alice, who was by this time completely bewildered.

`I was coming to that,' the Knight said. `The song really is "A-sitting On a Gate": and the tune's my own invention.'

Insom, the official song title of the song in question is indeed "Chapel of Love". El, however (*smooch*) tends to ask for "Going to the Chapel", which is what is on the station entry.

*feels as though she's eaten a mushroom*

*peers up from the rabbit hole*

Get me out of here!

private message to insom - I like it! :)

*peeks in through the looking glass*

Umm... thanks for rubbing it in Jeff :P It got to the mid-40s with a really nasty wind chill. It's back in the 30s now, with possibility of light snow to sea levels, but nothing that will stick around. The fire is lit and I am not. However, dinner will be ready soon, and I am warm. So life has its upsides.

kibby spent another weekend sanding and scraping his boat - he doesn't think it'll ever end ...

AND, because of his office move next year he realized with the amount of over-time they're (not their) expecting him to "contribute" (charity station!) he's not going to get much sailing in next summer either - NOT GOOD PLANNING!

Dublin's been cold and rainy for the last month but F2's been doing great! She can now skip rope.

First, Happy Birthday to Meanie the Blue!!!

Remember, 50 isn't old, it's the new 47.

Susan's link.

So...we all need to get out our voodoo dolls for that guy and his station in Rock Hill, right? We know you deserve it, Susan.

Other news: my sister (in California) & her husband were in Arizona this past week and left the girls for the weekend while they went to Vegas. They spent two days with my other sister and one with my parents. My mother says Brooklyn loves answering her phone (she's 3) and chatting to whoever is on the other end.

"Grandma, it's your friend Mary Ann!"

That girl is something else.

/end update


I hate that winter weather.

It's going to be 84 today and over 90 Tuesday & Wednesday before getting back down to a more reasonable level.

sly, how's it going out there?

Whoa! I didn't look!

Happy Birthday Blue!

happy birthday blue! you'll find your stick for gesturing at young people to get off your lawn in the Geezer Gift Bag along with your handy phrasebook, including:

"They haven't written any decent songs since 1980."

"What's with the clothes these days? In my day, you could tell the androgynous freaks from everyone else."

"Let me tell you about my latest grandchild (if you don't have any, feel free to substitute "bowel movement" or "operation" for "grandchild".) "

and speaking of grandchildren (this time) some more pictures of kylie! (wearing orange in most of the pictures though she has a purple dress in the last one, also she's with her daddy in a couple).

Well, on a different thread about a minute ago, the bot made me type "aar". I could almost hear it snickering, so I just added the "p".

Thank you kindly, all. I am, if my parenting skills have any effect at all, at least a decade away from having grandchildren (daughters are 8 and 12).

I'm gonna take my nap now. OK, where're my pills......

My Grandmother's comment was, "You know you're old when your children qualify for AARP."

She's not around anymore (went peacefully) but that's a keeper!

Meanie! The happiest of birthday wishes to you!

Awww...Kylie is so cute.

I just wish I had had Legos like that to play with when I was younger...

Very cute, insomniac. But then she always is.

Darn you, Susan. Now I want pizza!


Happy Birthday, Blue!

Do what I did when I started getting AARP mail. I just wrote REFUSED on the envelope and stuck it back in the mail box. I had to do it about a gazillion times but they finally stopped writing to me.
/end helpful hint

Thanks, Susan.

Eleanor, should have added, "I'm not dead yet!

... but then I really think they had their records wrong and you didn't qualify ...

*notices sucking sound*

On the other hand... we went to the AARP Convention in Vegas three years ago and got to meet Mad for the first time, as well as seeing - and talking to - the revered leader & Presidential Candidate, Mr. Barry.

I get my ex's AARP applications in the mail. And he's never lived there. Somehow, the US Postal Service does not recognize our divorce. Does the Pope run it?

*loves Meanie the Blue some Belated Birhtday Blog Butter (TM thingy)*

Watch out for the exploding confetti. And I hope it was a very happy day!

Happy Birthday Blue!

Well, on the first day in weeks that I can sleep in, the cat woke me at 5:45. Fortunately for all of us, I didn't have to get up. I still want to hurt her just a little bit.

I've never received mail from AARP. I (and my siblings) did, however, get voter registration papers when the family moved to Christchurch. We were aged 10, almost 9 and 6 at the time.

I've never received mail from AARP.

Kaf, you're not 50. Duh.

Then there's the whole AMERICAN Association of Retired People aspect to it.


Good point, sly.

I know they're persistent but I doubt they recruit Down Under.

Now, I generally don't get PO'ed at the bot, as I've become well-trained at proving my non-roboticity.

But it just said I 8KRAPZ. This is a sick bot.

What is going on at the main blog? Top post makes me think someone is stealing blog material/identities and using them elsewhere? Should I be putting on my tinfoil hat?

PopeMaster general hahahahahaha

I started getting mail from the AARP at age 30. Proving once again that 30 is the new 50. So that means 50 is the... um...

Happy Birthday, Blue!

*smooches and runs*

Yes Mad, it's quite a brouhaha, stealing Dave's stuff and some of the blogits like mud and others - even, if you can believe this, UO!!!

I've been reading the comments because I'm having a slow day.

*puts on tin foil hat and heads out into LA traffic*

See Y'all tomorrow if the Lord is willin.

I personally found it hilarious that UO was a victim - can you imagine? I mean, is this happening or is it the hash?

and me too, i was violated, too! i feel so...dirty!

re:the kylie pics. the mrs. says that she puts the lego train track together better than most other kids, but then she has had lots of practice!

I didn't see it before the links were removed. :(

Is it a sign of internet addiction if you look up a phone number on the White Pages website instead of walking the 4 or 5 steps over to the cupboard where the phone book is kept?


But it's OK. :)

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!!

*Buys a round of Blogaritas for the MOAT crowd for all their good wishes. Yes, even the Birthday Monster*



.... neener

That is all.

Well put, kibby.

Kaf, if it came down to a choice I'd take a couple of days of your cold weather in exchange for today & tomorrow's 90+ and humid.

But it will be gone by the end of the week so we'll just moan & bear it.

And g'morning, by the way.

I spoke to my sister Lisa last night and she was going on about how impressed she was with 3 year old Brooklyn. I wish we lived close enough to see them.

well, kibby just played "teacher". we have a tech from our Bishkek Kyrgistan office here and we went through basic telephone to ISDN training. Used to do this stuff professionally but a little rusty. Only hope his English understanding is well enough for half of it to sink in.

Geez, where have I been? Oh, I know! Taking care of 4 freaking DOGS!

Happy birthday Meanie the Blue and tasty!

4 dogs Leetie!?

How'd that happen!?

While JU's sister is away on vacation, I have her dog here with mine. JU's parents are also away, and I am running to and from their house to take care of their 2 dogs.

Right now, the 2 dogs here are refusing to eat unless they are allowed to eat each other's food. Which they are not.

Leetie - Swap the bowls. Put your dogs food in the other dogs bowl. Then she will be fooled into eating her own food. Hey it might work.

.. dogs will get over it once they're hungry enough.

We're back.

Weather update:

temperature 88
"real feel" 100


wow... *pokes MOAT with a stick*...is this microphone on?

amanda peet was on the letterman show (i almost wrote 'she was on letterman' but that would just be so wrong...) will she even be in the finale of studio 60?

nova was about inca graves showing evidence of the first gunshot deaths in the new world...anyway the peruvian archeologist presenting his findings was someone dave has blogged articles about dr. guillermo c*ck. the capper is that his nickname (i kid you not) is "willy".

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed Studio 60 is dead. *sigh*

I bet Letterman wouldn't think it wrong if Amda was on him. The NotMrs. Letterman, however, might have another view of that.


Oh, almost forgot, "snork @ insom".

And, checkout the main blog, rita got posted about a traffic accident involving her car, Dave Barry for President Bumper Sticker and a bear.

A true American Tragedy.

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed Studio 60 is dead. *sigh*

I bet Letterman wouldn't think it wrong if Amda was on him. The NotMrs. Letterman, however, might have another view of that.


Oh, almost forgot, "snork @ insom".

And, checkout the main blog, rita got posted about a traffic accident involving her car, Dave Barry for President Bumper Sticker and a bear.

A true American Tragedy.

OK, I don't post in a long time, and then I doublepost.

Go figure.

... back to teaching ... Today's subject

Access Control Lists
Configuration Files
Backup & Restore


So kibby, what did you teach them about lunch...and was PIVO involved?

It hurts me to say so but Studio 60 was a major disappointment from beginning to end. Good actors, some good writing, occasional flashes of brilliance, but...for us it just never quite got it right.

The highlight was the New Orleans musicians.

NO Pivo training and lunch was just on the schedule ... I don't make these things (the schedule) up ...

My cousin Nancy alerted me to this in today's NY Times dining section about her daughter DeDe:

COMMUNITY FOOD AND JUICE Neil Kleinberg and DeDe Lahman, who own the Clinton Street Baking Company and Restaurant on the Lower East Side, have taken over what was Nacho Mama’s. In late August they plan to open this restaurant and juice bar with a green approach — composting and no plastic foam, for starters — and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner: 2893 Broadway (112th Street).

/end restaurant update

i'm not sure why the now-married ms. peet was on dave... they mentioned the series finale of studio 60 but not like they thought anyone would watch it.
she did show her baby's picture though, interesting the baby's middle name is 'penn' probably a nod to her quaker heritage.

and the 'tone' of the show was all wrong, it seemed like they were almost always about network censorship and the few times they were about comedy the sample material wasn't funny. (at least if you're writing a story about shakespeare ,you have shakespeare to copy from, but if you're writing about 'joe schmo, the transcendentally brilliant and original comedian who was like no one ever before...'
then you've pretty much written yourself into a corner). and i really didn't care about the off-again, on-again romance between matthew perry and sarah poulson (sp?).

so r.i.p. studio 60...

Studio 60 - has no idea...

Now, Studio 69, Window to Heaven!!! There's something worth writing for!

Studio 60 started here last week *rolls eyes*. I watched it and I could see how it was just a bit doomed from the start. Thanks to you guys, I had been looking out for it though. It was mildly diverting, but I don't think I'll miss it in the fullness of time. It's on again tonight.

Congrats to your cousins, Jeff.. I hope they make a go of it.

Rita, I'm glad you and Tom are okay! I hope the other guy's insurance covers the repair work!

A bear. Do you get out of the car to check the damage with the bear there? Nope!

I could never enjoy Studio 60, but I don't really watch television anymore either.
But I DID watch An American Werewolf in London last night.
A naked American man stole my baloons.

American Werewolf in London is great!

"I'm sorry I called you meatloaf, Jack."

And I've always had a thing for Jenny Agutter. (hubba hubba)

We decided that since it was so hot & humid it would be a good thing to stay home since we didn't have to go out. So explain why we went for a mile walk to get lunch and then go shopping.

Did I hear "Because you're stupid"?

We have a winner.

ding ding ding ding!

Rita, I'm glad you and Tom are ok. I saw that yesterday, I saw the "husband Tom" and I just had a feeling it was you...

Poor bumper sticker.

Gas is about $2.79...probably about to go soaring up for the 4th. Temp is...*waiting for screen to refresh*...90. Feels worse.

Susan, it was 90 here today too. And sticky. Very, very sticky.

Gas is still about $3.21.

Funny that everyone was mentioning that Umbrella song (I don't know it, thus I am protected from earworms), since that's the song my brother wanted me to set for his ringtone on my cell. The clip "Rhymes with Despisin'" had wasn't the bit he likes though. Apparently there's a part that goes "Umbrella-ella-ella-ella-ella" or whatever. That's what he likes.

I got a summer temp job. I'm doing data entry for a little company near my house. It's a really relaxed work atmosphere, I get to wear jeans there, everyone is super-friendly. Unfortunately I'm getting 3 bucks less an hour than last year, and no overtime. But it's not as hard on my carpal tunnel.

Happy belated, Meanie!

Congrats to Tamara! And a big MOAT "Welcome!" to little Isabella! :) Punky, if you read this, tell Tamara we miss her. :)

Pivo was especially good.

OK, I checked newyorkgasprices.com and it says there are places at $3.11 - and a couple cheaper than that.

/end gas price update

Anyway, good morning. We had heavy duty thunderstorms and torrential rains in some areas last night. It knocked the temperature down to 70 but with 90% humidity it was still not cool. They do expect the cold front to come through this afternoon and give us nicer weather for the weekend - upper 70s and pleasant.

/end weather

Over to kibby for the traffic.

Thank you Jeff,

Light to moderate traffic on the outbound D5 towards Brno with a 2 kilometer stau inbound. Direction Plzn there's an over turned Pivo lorry stopping traffic in both directions while the Policie hand out straws for the clean up. Effectively it's become a giant beer festival. Brewery Gambrinous denys in a recorded telephone message that it was intentional and we've not been able to locate their spokesman. Unless you want to particpate - find alternated routes.

Expect delay, mainly due to road construction, in the following areas:

Cerny Most ('Red Bridge') 5 min. delay
Pankrac ('prison') collapsed roadway caused by jail break attempt
Chodov (???) 15 min delay lorry/car accident
Letna Park 10 min delay Skoda ('unfortunate' & name of company)

And now over to Susan for our Travel news....

Q. How do you double the value of a Trabant? (E. German 2 stroke car with parts made from plywood)

A. Fill it with gas.

Mayor Rudy is at the hotel right now. Photos with Rudy are from 11:30 to 2:00. One of the gals here was going to go try to have her picture taken with him, but found out there's a "slight charge" for that (of a couple hundred bucks). It's a fundraiser for him for his Presidential war chest.

eep, Sly! I can Google a photo of Rudy and photoshop it for far less than that!

Weather: It's raining, it's pouring... and there are no overturned pivo trucks in sight.

A guy walks into a Skoda dealership. He asks the salesman "Do you have a Skoda with electric windows?" The salesman says "Oh yes! We have a wonderful new Skoda with electric windows, a turbo engine, full air conditioning, all the bells and whistles. It even has underseat heating!" The guy says "In a Skoda? You've got to be joking!" The salesman says "Yes, but you started it."

Thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the mac & cheese.

I googled "Skirt St. Louis" hoping to find something silly about skirts. Instead, I found a link to a bra fence. When I hit back tab to go back to the search... it brought me here. Telling me that the image is found here in its original context.

I hadn't been to the moat yet today. Why did I end up here? Is my computer so used to bringing me here that it just comes here automoatically now?

I'm pretty sure I posted that link here, Neo.

That's the Cardrona Bra Fence (near the ski-fields of the same name.) My sister has photos of herself taken by the fence. I don't think she left any contributions, though.

Also, I believe there are no coincidences. You were brought to this site because you belong here. *smooch*

Hi, all. We're back from the Island of Long where we did some shopping (can you say MalFart?) and met a cousin for lunch. We went early because of the threat of bad weather later on.

sly, I think Rudy would jsut as likely be spat upon if he tried to sell pictures in NYC these days.


*whisper to Kibby* I didn't know you sent it to me for travel news. Fake something for me? Please?

Paperwork has a way of sneaking up on me....what a fun day today has been.

//channels Susan//

Today's Travel Section is brought to you by The Hilton Group (motto: better than the LA klinker - now with proof!).

Touring the South Carolina barrier islands is a GREAT way to spend your 9 hour vacation time.

On the eastern shores the waves and surf makes for a wonderful experience of swimmer's ear and sinous conjestion. Made all the better through the use of Mother Nature's Ocean Salt™ (tm thingie) additive. Just the stuff your Mommy used to remove excess ear wax - now on "Automatic". And a short drive away ...

On the islands western shores one finds the lazy waters of the Inland Waterway. Here, protected from the wrath of the Atlantic Ocean's winds, currents and trash from Africa, the mirror finish surface swirls with patterns from petroleum products. Visable all day, but at its height during sunset, it's a reminder that beach fires should only be made 100 feet from the waterline.

So, you see, there's LOTS to experience on the barrier islands. Visit South Carolina and see for yourself. And make sure to bring along a sizable first aid kit.

Who's got Sports?

/end channeling/

Since Eleanor hasn't been around I'll do it for her:

Federer Wins! (repeat for two weeks)

/end sports

All day yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday and today was Saturday. Wrong!

*tosses pants, runs*

So...nearly time for PIVO, kibby?

And will this be another weekend of boat scraping?

Only 1 day of boat work followed by a week vacation. I'm taking a break. Tues I'm off to Dublin until Sun and probably to S. Czech these days in between.

Need to keep this a hobby and not an obsession.

Oh, scraping should be about done for this year, it's now onto sanding and painting ... followed by scraping.

Sounds like something to look forward to! ;)

I've pulled of the last 3 - 4 layers that must have been there for well over 10 years. Most of it comes up easily which means it doesn't bond to the lower layers well permitting water to seap in. I'm finding dirt patterns under a layer that confirms water had been there. It was only luck that kept the water from penetrating into the wood framing. There's 1 layer that's quite brittle which means it chips easily leading to holes and more water. Any place I leave this (small areas) I'm hoping the new paint will be flexible enough the deflect the energy to prevent chipping.

That's "The Plan" anyhow ... cockpit and hull are next.


See ya in 10 days! (leave crumbs) ;-)

Bye, Kibby! Travel safely and have fun!

*sets up sparklers and Red, White & Blue Blog butter*

I could swear I posted in here yesterday. Maybe the Moat Monsters are eating my blog butter covered posts.

*tosses some snickerdoodles to fluffy*

Jeff - yesterday WAS Friday and today IS Saturday. You're just living in the wrong timezone for your body clock.

I'm making scones (biscuits) so I can have hot scomes for breakfast. Yummy. 2.5 minutes until they're cooked!
*dances off to think of hot butter-melting goodness*


I want some!!!

The best we can do is - we got a couple of croissants from a French bakery for tomorrow's breakfast.


this place is a veritable hotbed!

i better
and roll

on outta here then .............

i'm joinin Kibby on vacation. well, ok not in Dublin, we'll call it, more of an Escape to Beaver.

now, you kids get back to makin moat ! (and remember, I'll be keepin my (weird creepy fish) eye on yous.)

*perks up*

I think I may be moving to Japan next year to be an English teacher or something. I have almost decided on this. The more I think about it the more I want to go. Although, I'd rather be a permanent tourist. I really just need ADVENTURE. Tourist-town here is killing me, and I'm just short of unhappy.
Pepper is in New York City until after the fourth. I'm pretty jealous.
Ok, really jealous. Its the first time he's ever been there.
But I guess I can't be too jealous since I go to Miami this week. woohoo?
(Its just not the same "woohoo" if you grew up there.)

Happy Summer/Winter Vacations to any and/or all!

I want to go home!!!!!!!!

I am still at work. This is about the time I'd usually be coming back in to record the next day's news...but I'm still here.

The engineer came in around 4 to do some things...and he is still here. I'm sticking around to see if I need to know about any of the stuff he's doing...like how the automatic control to raise and lower the transmitter power works...and I have no idea how long he'll be here.

Of course this is one of the nights that Ashley's gone home. The other night I was out here far later than I should have been when we got talking about old tv shows and she started finding clips online to watch...

You know, those two old guys on the Muppet Show were hilarious.

Hi guys.

I have a big date tomorrow. With the love interest. We're going to the Folklife Festival on the Mall. I am nervous. I am excited. I keep oscillating between the two. I usually don't get worked up over dates.

Well, I'll tell you about it afterwards. (Fingers crossed.)

susan...the old guys were statler and waldorf ,named for two hotels...

It's funny. I woke up this morning and one of the first things I thought was, "Isn't Blogchik meeting the new guy this weekend?"

Good luck.

Susan, you are definitely working too hard. I also loved those old guys on the Muppet show.

I'm HOME!!! (for the weekend)

And on my PORCH!!!!! And it's cloudy. I don't think it's been overcast at all while I've been in Sacramento. Of course, that helps to explain the forest fires up in Tahoe. Then again, with working the hours I've been working, it could have been overcast and I just wasn't outside to notice.

Oh. wait. It's raining. A soft gentle rain as I sit out here on my porch. With my coffee and yogurt.

This is nice.

Good luck today, Blogchik.

Welcome back, sly!

That's the question that would plague me for days.

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