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February 21, 2005


The Bent Policemen

(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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Jeff, it can get expensive there, but we've enjoyed it. We've gone to the movies a few times, did the IMAX one time for a movie on roller coasters (that one was fun!), eaten at Joe's Crab Shack, and spent money. There's now a Johnny Rocket's, I ate at one in Philly one time...and although I haven't been there, there is a Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, where I was debating going last night, before we got sucked into the Mr. Speed concert.

Home! To perhaps watch Blazing Saddles! And hey! I can have the birthday drink I never got to have! (I should have had a beer at the concert...but didn't. And dinner today was in SC, so no alcohol. Should have gone to NC instead, although the non-alcoholic strawberry daquari[?] was yummy.)

was there anyone from w.virginia at myrtle beach, susan?

some pictures of kylie from the 4-h camp...

the original version of nbc's "the age of love" involved a choice between 16 and 26 year olds...it was called "the age of consent"...

Insom - she's getting so big!! I'm constantly amazed at the things Mrs Insom and her students are creating, too.. it's amazing to me, mostly because I'm just not that talented engineering-wise.

Susan - Blazing Saddles - score one for Amy! KISS-type concert, too... sounds like a most excellent birthday!

insomniac, she's really adorable. I love the "no shoes" look. And she always seems so involved in what she's doing.

Susan: pardon me while I whip this out.

Jeff, I have been blurking, just not commenting.

Posted by: BigD® | 10:09 AM on June 17, 2007

*searches for BigD (r-thingie) "knock about" list*

kibby switched off golf immediately after Tiger missed his birdie put on 18. he didn't even wait for anyone to sing. it was ALLLL OOOOOOOVER.

he was also rooting for the late charging 'local' Furyk though! you know, also being from the Pitts. area ...

Insom, Kylie is such a cutie! And there may well have been people from W.Virgina there, but I don't know who or how many. The place was packed with people.

kibby wasn't there.

... just clarifying ...

... but he thought about it!

... maybe ...

While sanding his boat deck he did think there should be better places to be - like lounging ON the boat deck while on the lake!

With Susan!

And Eleanor!

And the rest of the MOATies!

*in mind's eye his boat sinks*

... well, it was good while it lasted.

*zips in*™

Susan and I sunk your boat???!?!?!?


No, it was the Full MOATy(s)!

El, I was worried about that myself.

*giggle* Over the weekend I read Dave Barry Turns 40....again.

Something just struck me funny...one of the chapters mentions music...he goes into how the 70's brought disco and heavy metal...and how the music his son liked (this is around 1990) was a combination of the two.

Bwahahaha...one of the songs I'm going to play today is just about that...KISS, I Was Made For Loving You. Kind of disco and heavy metal. *giggle*

*waves hi and blurks*

*waves to Mad*

We got our tickets for the Buffett in Vegas concert. Jackie says maybe we can meet you guys for a drink at Margaritaville after the concert.

But then, four months in advance is not too long for her to plan things, especially when Vegas is involved.

ZOMG! It's Panic Day! I'm unprepared! I've nothing to Panic about! whatever am I to do?!

It's 95 outside right now. Gas was $2.83...although I saw it for $2.69 someplace yesterday.

Watermelon, anyone? We had the SC Watermelon Queen here earlier...and Jane got a watermelon. A very very good watermelon, of which I ate quite a bit.

And I don't like watermelon.

You know, you can't cut one with a plastic knife. However a pica stick (a metal ruler used for measuring newsprint or some such thing) will work.

The weather here was much nicer than predicted today - mid-80s with a nice breeze, especially when the afternoon sea breeze kicked in. For 84 it was not uncomfortable at all.

I'm afraid tomorrow will be different, however.

Jackie is feeling sick with a summer cold. She better not give it to me.

sledgehammers work well on watermelons too

There was also talk of how people used to just bash one over their knee outside, as well.

There was also some amusement around here at the cleaning off of the watermelon. It makes sense though, you don't know what has been on the outside of it, and you don't want to get that all over the inside when you cut it. I just don't usually think to do that.

I took half of the melon over to my aunt's house tonight. "How did you know I was in the mood for watermelon?"

I'm just psychic.

Or possibly psycho...

Jackie saw a report on watermelons on one of the weekend local morning news/features shows. She was upset to find that the black pits are gone and the supposed "pitless" watermelons actually have those little white pits you are (supposedly) OK to eat.

But I don't want to eat them!

I eat watermelon seeds. I've never worried about them.

YAY! My Mum's home. Of course, now she's home, she's not answering the phone.

I was sure I posted this morning. That may have been a hallucination, though, because I left for the gym at 6:30am. GAH. That's pretty much inhuman.

kibby eats the black watermellon seeds too. he was also shown how to 'fling' them by pressing one between your thumb and finger.

*watermellon seed 'zips' by*

Spitting them is also fun, kibby.

At 6:00 it was OK, but by 7:00 the cable had gone off. What makes it worse is that when you call Time-W@rner their (not there) phone seems to be dead. But the cable connection works, so you tell me.

Anyway, good morning all. Jackie now has a full-blown cold and I'm trying to stay healthy.

ouch, summer colds

*backs away from monitor*

I'm pretty sure I've had watermelon seeds roasted, like pumpkin seeds.

But it's more fun to spit them.



*pink, pink*

Good thing this screen's between me and the MOAT!

kibby, cye..........:)

I'll have to try from home. I've not been able to login from werk \\shudder// for quite awhile now.

I'm back. I had to get Jackie some chicken soup for lunch.

Oooh, that sounds yummy, Jeff! Chicken soupy goodness...

I'm having oatmeal with raisins and apple for breakfast. It's not chicken soup, but it's still pretty good.

I finally got through to Mum last night. It's good to have her home. Hopefully I'll get to see her this weekend.


kiobby's IN!

When were you out?

In what?

In like Flynn.

... aaaah ... did I write that?

Oh, he got home .... yea, that's it ...

Good morning.

Um... I got nothing.

Oh yeah, why is it that we are finding more to watch on television now that the "season" is over than we were before? Granted, not one of the shows is on one of the big networks, but check HBO, TNT, USA, FX, etc.

/end rhetorical question of the day


Where is everybody?

12:27 - guess that means I missed the 'tech report.

How is old Atticus doing these days?

*whispers to Jeff* The tec report was Tuesday...it's Wednesday.

Atticus is just fine. He'll be out for a while in July though, so Dorr will return for the tec report.

I also, oh joy of joys, found out I'll be working across the river two days in July. Oh joy, oh happiness. I went in last night to drop off my time sheet...the central air has gone out, there's a window unit in the studio. Actually, it's a wall unit now, seeing as there was no window in the studio. I also couldn't get into the studio, the doorknob was broken, and I didn't have a pair of pliers. I'm a little hesitant about working over there.

But for two days I can handle it.

As long as there are no fire ants in the building.

I knew that. It's just that retirement thing, you tend to lose track of what day it is.


There's already a lot of smack talk over on the FF message board. :)

Susan, sounds fun, sort of like going to work in a crack house.

El - you are such a tease knowing I can't read the smack talk! smack talk and male sandwiches are the best part of FF.

Jeff - what night is the concert? so far it looks like the same group as last year, but no higgys :-( Maybe I should give Polly a call and see if I can get her a LHM out for a visit.

Mad, the concert is Saturday night at 8.

Definitely call Polly and see what she says.

*debates flinging pants in anticipation of Friday*

Update: I was awake for 48 hours this weekend, writing 32 pages worth, for 2 papers. Both of which I finished. I got my grade for one of them today (emailed to me of course): B-. So I am feeling kind of bummed about that. I got a B for the class, though. Oh well. It could have been worse. He is the toughest grader I know of--once he gave a friend of mine a B for a paper with the comment that it was good enough to publish. I'm still feeling sort of blue about it though.

I started my summer temp job today. I'm doing data entry for a company that makes a directory/database of all the accredited colleges/ universities/etc in the US. So, where there are changes, I key them in. Not that exciting, but doable, given enough caffeine. Everyone in the office is very friendly.

Talked to the love interest last night. He is going to come visit the last weekend of June. :) And we're going to talk tomorrow, which is I think the shortest interval between phone conversations yet. So things are coming along nicely there.

So why do I still feel bummed? I feel like I need a vacation. A real vacation, not a working stressed out one like the one I'm getting. Oh well. I'm sure it will improve.

*wishes she too could go to Vegas*

*wishes she had enough money to in fact fly anywhere*

Happy Summer Solstice EVERYONE!

And Happy Winter Solstice from the Southern Hemisphere!!

Kaf, I was just going to say that. I never mind the Winter Solstice because after the shortest day of the year it starts getting better. And your weather is not as extreme as ours.

We did get some good news. Our friends went to the cancer center in Houston yesterday and got a good prognosis from the doctor: "If it's what I hope and expect, it's very low grade and highly treatable."

They won't have a final answer for 3 weeks but it's looking better.

Has anyone here seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, starring Robert Downey, Jr. and a really chubby Val Kilmer (as "Gay Perry")? Any reviews?

We DVR'd it and watched it last night.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Prague weather:

Hot, humid, rain.

That pretty much sums up my last date!

oh ... referencing the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ...

take that as you want ... ;-)


Wheeeee! I got my alarm clock today! I'll see how it works in the morning. Well, I know the light works, and the clock is set, and the alarm is set, but I still have to set it for the sound I want in the morning.

And I just found out I was in another county paper this week! Ok, my name isn't there, and it's not a good picture, but it is indeed me at a recent town council meeting, when the town's new drug dog was introduced. Of all the pictures the guy took, that's the one he decided to use. On the plus side, it's not on their website.

Actually, the dog doesn't look so good in the picture either...

kiss kiss bang bang and hot and humid all kind of go together, doncha think?

Channeling judi!
Yes, judi!

a friend of mine started a site: http://www.areyouinmyphoto.com/

it's meant to eventually be a site wherein many people are registered and are sharing photos of different places/times so you can see if you're in any of the photos. there's also a blog with different discussion topics, and there's at least one contest going right now.
i'm just helping to publicize it for her so she can get a good bunch of people participating :)

I went to the site. It's very cool!

I saw kiss kiss bang bang ... it was good good fun fun.


also, in MOATie news ... Tamara had a baby girl! Isabella. She gave birth a week ago. Both baby and Momma are doing well, though recovery has been a bit tough for Tamara, everyday is a little better.

Oh and Happy Summer!


((TRWC and little one!))




Life is good.

Remind me I said that tomorrow at 7:00 am.

Sly, 7 am blog time? (why blog time?)

Yay TRWC & Isabella!

Punky, though she might be a little peeved at us (*hoping she's not*), tell her we all send the best of wishes!

Yay for new babies!! *dances round and grins*

*blows kisses to the new little one*

*blows kisses to all the Moaties*

If kisses ever finds the Moat, he's going to be so embarrassed that I told you about that.

*slinks off to a belated dinner*

What does she have to be peeved with us about?

We had a short period of rain last night, which quickly stopped. Then about an hour later we had a torrential downpour with thunder & lightning much like kibby was mentioning.

Today it's beautiful & sunny with slightly below normal (ca. 78) temps, with 90 predicted for early next week.

/end weather

sly, your wake up call is here! At least you got your wine this time, right?

punky, nice drive by and drop in more often. And congrats to Tamara.

*tosses pants, heads back for more coffee*

Music update: Today had America singing "A Horse With No Brain Name" - very dumb song.

They looked old.

/end update

If I tossed my heads back like that I wouldn't need the talcum powder. HA!

Hooray for new babies and Punky sightings!

I could have sworn I saw a bumper sticker yesterday for "Kibby elementary," but the internets didn't help me out. But I did find this

Great Movie titles that are non-PC today

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
When Sally Did Harry
HubbaHubbaMamma (Groucho Marx)

Whoa! Fashion Information TAILOR?


*goes to google kibby images*

Well, found a posting and this looks fun! (though it's not me)

It was odd. I was shopping for stuff yesterday (Jackie still home sick) and came out of a store on 3rd Ave. (our major local shopping street) and saw three older women dressed in purple. Then I noticed all were carrying red hats.

Yes, the Red Hat Society comes to Bay Ridge. When I turned the corner I saw three more of them.

hooray for trwc and isabella-doesn't-rhyme-with-camera!!

is she mad at us for something? is she mad at me for something? great!! now i have to get out the hara-kiri sword and start reading up on it again!

Jeff, it's the same 3 hats. They just move faster than you ...

insom, make sure it's batteries are charged. you know what happened last time!

Today is the anniversary of the LAST thread. Three years, one thread. Dave D still tries to be last. :)

Today is also Chloe's Birthday Well the actress that PlaYs her AnyWay. AND I seem to be doIng randOm Capitalizations today.

Hi Punky!!!

(((Tamara and Isabella)))

Isabella beautiful? well a course a she is.

so, hows friday treatin the moators?

*zips in*

We doin' much better now that we have a

Fish, 100 thanks for the Cuba Gooding thing. It was just hilarious, especially as they used the real voiceover.

Thanks EL! how'd you know i was wearin blue lipstick today?

no prob Jeff, it wasn't that hard to find.

Mad! Could you reach my back with blogbutter, I don't wanna fry.

*drinks like a me*

A Friday fish fry??? Wooo!

Whoops...that's a Fish that shouldn't be fried.

*drags self back to work*

Fish, I'll butter you up if you'll have a drink or two for me...

dyslexic donald trump to fish: "you're fried!"


Girl: It's this way.
Guy: Are you sure?
Girl: I know where all the Jamba Juice is.
Guy: Are.
Girl: What?
Guy: Are. You know where all the Jamba Juice are.
Girl: Is.
Guy: Are! Each franchise is a separate entity!
Girl: Is! They're all part of single collective!
Guy: Jamba Juice is not the Borg!

Happy Friday! And a huge congrats to TRWC and (the first part of) Isabella Rhymes With Umbrella! (sort of) :)

Don't remind me of that stupid "Umbrella" song, K.

Quiet Friday on the MOAT. Beautiful weather here yesterday - 74 for the high, and breezy. Today should be nice too. We have an off-Broadway show this afternoon.

We watched A History of Violence last night and couldn't help noting the ending was the same as the much-discussed ambiguous blackout ending on the last episode of The Sopranos.

Good movie, by the way, if you don't mind the violence.

Blarg, I hate that Umbrella song... I wouldn't even know about it if not for the fact that my nine year-old loooouuuuurrrrves it. And I wouldn't have thought of it if you hadn't mentioned it!


And now it's stuck in my head.

*thoroughly flushes brain with entire pot of coffee*

Sidenote: Apologies to anyone who enjoys the Umbrella song, because of course, that is your prerogative.

/end PC, all-inclusive, happy disclaimer

So, how's summer vacation going so far?


(from yesterday) kibby, i always change the batteries in the electric hara-kiri sword every december 23, (the emperor's birthday).

Summer vacation? What's that? I have to get up earlier than usual to drive my daughter to the next town every day for summer school. Blergh.

On a happy note, I got a squealing call from my boss earlier...

It seems the South Carolina Broadcast Association finalists have been named.

WCRE is a finalist for Station of the year.

And...I am apparantly a finalist for reporter of the year.

And as a side note, our very own El (*smooch*) is a part of the station entry, with a song request for the lunch hour.

Bonus points to anyone who can guess the song she requested...

chapel of love?

congratulatons, susan!

Rocky Mountain High?

oh, and HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! to Susan and WCRE for being so consistently great!

What the others said, or else "I Can See Clearly Now".

So, Mare Winningham really can sing, and really well too. We saw 10 Million Miles off-Broadway this afternoon. It was a very small theater - 10 rows with about a dozen seats per row - and we had the Bob Uecker seats, in the front row. There is one great scene in a wedding chapel in Atlantic City where I coulc have easily reached out and touched Ms. Winningham, as they were sitting on the steps right in front of us.

The show was pleasant; Jackie liked it more than I did.

Also, the weather was gorgeous, 70s and pleasant.

Hope your Saturday was as good.

Hello? Anybody? Kaf?

We Didn't Start the Fire?

Congratulations, Susan!

So Susan, when are the award announcements?

Hi Jeff!

I'm firmly convinced that it's too dang early to be awake. However, that's nothing new.

Susan, are the polls closed yet? One more guess:

A Little Less Conversation

How's the weather, Kaf? It's actually still nice here - low 80s without much humidity and a nice breeze.

New Zealand
Mon 5:48 AM

That is early, although I was up at that hour today too.

*Readies a couple of bottles bubbly (no, not ginger ale) for Susan and WCRE*

Theme from The Cable Guy?

After some more heinzing ... sincere congrats to TRWC and Isabella (Rhymes With Mozzarella?).

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