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February 21, 2005


The Bent Policemen

(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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A friend of my sister's has had lymphoma...I can't remember which kind it was however...looking at old email it was apparently Hodgkins. She underwent treatment, it was gone...but it did return. However the second round of treatment seems to have gotten it, and she seems to be back to normal.

Also looking at old email I saw something my sister sent me about her 20 year HS reunion. Bwahahaha.

amen to susan's comment about editors. they helped kibby too.

Ahh...but Kibby...did your editors bring you lunch?

Mine did. I had to pay for mine, but still, he picked it up and brought it in. With my busy lunch hour I'd have no time to get lunch...

I hate writing.

And I hate writing something, buring it on disc, presenting it...and finding out that I wrote it in WORKS, when everyone else has WORD. I should have just written it directly in the email.

Oh well...it is done. Yay!!!

I still don't like writing however.

kibby's editors didn't bring him lunch ... *pouts*

Oh! Got the May 29th issue of The Link!

As one of the founding members and defacto organizer/paake baker I am herby setting the dates for the IV (that's fourth four those who don't read Roman) annual Bloglits gone wild in Vegas Invasion. Unless I get strong objections to the contrary:


Everyone is welcome to come and bring family members. Past Vegas Invasions have included:
The King himself (no not Elvis) Dave Barry
Jimmy Buffet
Bull riding
Statuary fondling
Lounging by the pool with cabana boys
Spa treatments
Brunch at Baleys
Home made Paakes
and so much more.

If you are interested in joining Weasel and I in Vegas please send me an email.

Also anyone who has access to the Y group feel free to post this over there, but I can't from work. And I have a Dodger game tonight so I will likely forget to do it.


I want to go!!!

But alas...it's during football season, so there's no way I can get away.

At this point I'm not even sure if I'll get to my sister's this summer.

Excellent, Mad! We noted that Jimmy was going to (not officially yet, but reliable rumors say...) be there as usual and we already made reservations for that weekend! So we will be there.

OK! I see they have announced the tickets for Buffett in Vegas will be going on sale next week.

Note to Susan:

Rumors for shows that have not yet been confirmed:
Toronto, Canada
Charlotte, NC

I'm in for Vegas.

Yay, sly!

Justin Verlander just pitched a no-hitter!
Go Tigers!

Oct 19 - 21!!!???

Crap! Kibby, only a few days ago, purchased return tickets from FL through Dublin for that weekend.


(super discount tickets that would triple in cost for 'alterations' i.e. less than $300 return)

Rats, kibby, missed it by...that much.

Congrats, Trillian. He looked great.

Baseball tonight, Yankees-D'Backs.

Proof that Life Isn't Fair #617:

The Olsen sisters - who turn 21 today - are worth $100 MILLION.

and yet somehow,i who turn 50 tomorrow, am not...

interesting economic question: how much would the olsen twins be worth separately? certainly not $50 million each! how much of their economic worth comes from their being twins ? one guess: "a lot".

Happy Almost Birthday, insom!

Uggh Sorry Kibby. You should have mentioned you wanted the Vegas weekend to be a little earlier. Maybe next year!

Dodgers had 3 back to back to back home runs last night. Including one by the pitcher Chu. It was his first home run ever in the majors. And he did it on a single pitch. The stadium went insane.

Mad, what makes me chuckle is the sudden silence from all the gloating Mets fans as they lose 9 of 11 while the "dead" Yankees ahve won 7 in a row.

Let's hope tonight is #8.

A Very Merry UnBirthday to You!

I just got a motorcycle jacket. heehee. I look like I should be in a movie.
Unfortunately, a "classic fit" means the arms are shorter than I'd prefer.
Oh well, I look like I stepped out of 1958.

Happy last day of your 50th year, Insom! If I forget tomorrow, may the 51st year be even better than the preceding ones.

Meanwhile, my brother turns 21 this year. He's not worth $50 million

I think I'm out for Vegas this year. TCMH is due on the 15th! :-(

Fondle a statue for me!

yeah we figured as much Higgy. We will be thinking of you. I'll have a shot of whiskey for you.

Happy birthday, insom! Thanks for all the snorks! :)

Mad, it looks like Vegas is very unlikely for me this year (again)...I'm pretty broke right now. :( Maybe next year!

I told the love interest (who is calling in about an hour, btw) about the MOAT...and he's still interested! Go figure. He wants to meet up sometime this summer. He was hoping we could meet up when I went to this conference I signed up for, which is next weekend, which it looks unlikely I'll actually be able to attend; but he's going home to Indiana this upcoming weekend anyhow, so it's impossible either way. He'd still like to meet up some other weekend this summer. I think that is great, because I would too. I can *talk* to this guy. What remains to be seen is, is there chemistry? I remember him being cute when he came to visit his friend, who was living in the Women's Dorm at the time...well, we'll see. I'm trying not to get prematurely excited and then get my hopes horribly dashed again.

In other news...I put away my skinny jeans today. I mean my jeans-from-when-I-was-skinnier, a size ago. I put them from an easily accessible drawer to a not-very-accessible one. The next step is Goodwill, but I'm not ready for that just yet...I can still, and fully intend, to get back to my old size. It's one of my summer projects.

*leaves out balloons and blog butter (tm thingy) for Insomniac*
Enjoy then tomorrow and I will wish you a proper happy birthday then. No need to hold up the festivities waiting for the west coasters to check in.

Oh and watch out for the exploding confetti

I turned 21 this year. I am not worth $50 million.
I am not worth $1000, and as such will also not be able to make it to Vegas.

Happy Birthday Insom!

Wonderful 1/2 century to you!

*hopes all MOAT cooks got out of the kitchen and to a resturaunt yesterday*

Happy Birthday, Insomniac! Who said 50 is the new 47? Letterman?

Higgy, we'll eat a bag of salt & vinegar crisps in your honor, along iwht a Pivo for kibby.

Great game last night. The weather was nice & cool, the crowd was large, we got FREE Yankees umbrellas (free to first 18,000 fans 21 & older), the Yankees hit 3 home runs (A-Rod hit a monster shot in the upper deck in left) and I even got to play with a cute baby next to me.

Tonight (weather will be even cooler) is the opening of the summer Celebrate Brooklyn! series, with a free concert in Prospect Park by the Neville Brothers.

OK, we are set for Vegas. We'll be coming in on Friday the 19th (of October) at around noon, and will leave Tuesday morning the 23rd.

/end travel update


I hope you have A GREAT DAY!. :)

Last day of school for the kids, Yay!
Not that I like to brag about my kids, but my daughter won the Sportsmanship Award at the Chess Club's after school tournament last night.
She did not win the tournament.

Her younger brother did...
/end brag...

It seems I've been swimmin with fishes
But found my way back to give Insom best birthday wishes
In merely a thong
I burp out a song
man, that breakfast rum cake sure was delicious

Jamester! Yay!!! Some talented kids you have!

Insom!!! Happy Birthday!

Happy Lth Birthday to Professor Insom!

Brilliant, as always, Fish!
Hoping Insom has the best birthday ever..

Jamster! Great to hear! Sportsmanship is under-rated. It's a valuable trait.

Fish! Good to see ya!

F2's not finishing the year until the end of June! She's made daddy a Father's Day card in school and wants to show me on video-ch@t - :-)

A fish in a thong...not something you see every day...


*smoochies, gropes, and snorks™!*


May your office be airconditioned and quiet today. May the lessons plan themselves. May the decimal places continue forever. May the fractions be easily divisible. May your chalk dust always be snorkable.

Ok I am really bad at making up Math wishes/puns. I'm sure many others here will do better.

Jamester! Congrats to the little ones. I won't try to play them at chess as I am sure they will both beat me. Hope they can come over and play (anything but chess) sometime though :-)

Gracefully losing to your younger obnoxious annoying little brother certainly deserves the Sportsmanship Award!
(from an older sister, can you tell?)

You have every right to brag about your kids Jamester.

And a HBD to insom, who may or may not be awake.

Happy Birthday, Insomniac!!

*lines up to give Insom 50 birthday kisses*

thank you to everybody!!! my laptop is being used by the mrs.,so i wasn't able to get on this morning , and during my 1 office hour, i actually had a customer. my temp. office is actually a dorm room, so i do have air-conditioning i can adjust myself.
it's normally a girl's dorm, so all the bathrooms are feminine as well (one of them on the floor has been conperverted to a men's room.)
so i could take a nap, do my laundry, or take a shower here. (no chalkboards though.)

*dances through nekkid*

Happy birthday, Insom! I'm your birthday strip-o-gram, but, due to excitement, I started my job on the way to my job... Enjoy the view!

Happy Birthday, insomniac! May your birthday be all you ever hoped it would be! :)

UPDATE on love interest...So we talked yesterday, as planned and...omg, he offered to drive down from Jersey the weekend after next (next weekend being tomorrow of course)--that's essentially next week! Or possibly 2 weeks after that. But next weekend is one where I couldn't possibly come up to NY, but he could come down to DC.

I've got butterflies. I can't tell you the last time I had butterflies. I can't remember. Never with my last bf. But these are major butterflies. It feels like my heart is trying to boomerang out of my chest. Like I'm half-excited, half-nervous.

I'm planning to call some friends to configure some sort of game plan for this...perhaps that will calm some of the butterflies. What would we even do, in DC? It's not like NYC...probably because I've seen everything worth seeing but the Corcoran at least once. And he'd be driving back the same day so it's not like we'd really be sampling the nightlife.

*can't decide if she likes butterflies or not*

Oh, and in other news, I still need a job, but since I still have papers to write, the search is on official hiatus til they're done.

*thinks butterflies are pretty*

Excellent concert last night. Parking around there is horrendous - one recent study said that 96% of all spots are taken at any one time! - and it took me 45 minutes to find a spot. By the time we got to the park all seats were long gone and the crowd was huge so we had to stand.

But it was worth it (of course, the concert was free so anything would be worth it, but this was really worth it). The Neville Brothers put on an excellent show, doing their funky New Orleans thing.

In case Dave doesn't use it - I know, what are the odds? - at least one blogger is calling for impeachment after seeing a picture of W. wearing Crocs (™).

It's still too cold for pantslessness here, so I'm postponing throwing mine until it warms up a little.

VEGAS NOTE: Anyone (sly?) interested in Jimmy Buffett tickets for Saturday, October 20 should let me know before Monday morning, as they are going on sale Monday at 10 am.

/end announcement

*oh, heck with it - tosses pants*

*tosses pants and goes running through the rain*

We're experiencing a "gully washer" of a down pour right now. These usually last no more than 10 mins. but this has been going on for over 20 so far!


*kibby likes*

Eeek! He's wearing crocs like I have!!! (Same color...I didn't want brightly colored ones.)

At least today I'm wearing a different pair...light blue.

And my mother has a pair now...we went shopping last weekend and I got her to try a pair. She liked them. She's been complaining about pain in her legs/knees. I've told her repeatedly that going barefoot all the time is part of her problem, but she refused to believe me...she tried on a pair, left them on for a few minutes...and bought them. Of course she also bought some of the decorations for them...butterflies and ladybugs. I considered some penguins, they were ridiculously cute, but passed on them.

So it's only 60 here...*flings pants*

Kaf got posted!

*hopes it's our Kaf*

humm, penguins ....

Susan, we had friends (older woman) & family (Jackie's mother) that we got to try on sneakers with the same result. Once they had them on they loved them.

It's definitely warm enough here for pantlessness, and also rainy much of the time.

Jeff, I had convinced my mother to buy a pair of sneakers several weeks ago, not just a lightweight pair of Keds, but something with some support. She did wear them, a little, but wasn't happy with them. She did say the crocs are helping.

I found out some time ago that some shoes are just not good to wear. They may be comfy on my feet, but my legs and knees hurt. I wore sandals yesterday, after sitting in the production room for half an hour I could barely stand up. Wear the crocs, or my good sneakers, I can sit for an hour or two and have no problem standing.

So...this didn't post? Or did it? Hopefully no double post for me...

Crocs DO feel good. I probably wouldn't have ever thought to buy them for myself, but my sister has sent me a couple of pairs. To anybody who scoffs at them, I say wear a pair for a day before pronouncing judgment.

When did WCRE become "Real Radio"?

did it used to be just a figment of my imagination?

*looks around for imaginary figs*


Nice, Leetie; no accent, and very clear diction, as well!

And now I'm going to put on my bright pink crocs (and a swimsuit) and go to the pool.

I tried on Crocs in January, but they're too wide for me. I think they're cute, but then I like shoes that others consider to be ugly.

To me, the most comfortable shoes in the world are Birkenstocks and Mions. Ugly, but they feel so good.

And happy birthday to insom and everyone else I've missed. I think about you all whether I'm here or not.

Pool? It's cold and cloudy here today. Neo, if you get the chance, would you please email me?

The crocs were great at the beach a couple weeks ago.

We are in a heat wave, up to 71. Wooo hooo!

Trillian, the Real Radio started a few weeks ago. George, from the Braves broadcasts, is taking over some of the programing issues (the reason I'm making changes to the on air music) and he wanted us to come up with "catch phrases". Whitt is the one who came up with that...

Or maybe we were just imaginary before...you just never know.

Temperature of 91, with a "Real Feel" of 102.
*melts and not in a good way*

But I love summer.

Dankë, it was I that got posted. That was quick, too, because I only sent it just before I went to bed last night.

I have a knockoff pair of Crocs. They're navy so that they'll go with everything. The ankle strap got knocked off fairly early in the piece, but they still fit well, and they were only $15 (so about $US11.30). They've lasted pretty well for a knockoff, but next time I'd buy a size smaller and just not use the ankle strap (flip it forward). Yes, they're as ugly as sin and make you look like you have clodhoppers, rather than feet, but that's forgiveable when you've walked in them for a while.

Weather update: Cold and rainy all day. Top expected temps are in the late 40s. GAH. I'm going out in an hour.

It's Archie Bell and the Drells!

Three hours of beach music on a Friday is almost more than I can stand...

But there is a chance I'll head to the beach tomorrow. My daughter just called, wanting to go spend the night at a friend's house...although at first she wanted the friend at our house, because how could I wake up peacefully when I want on my birthday if she's not home?

I told her to go.

Have a wonderful birthday, Susan. I hope you get to go to the beach and it's a sunny day.


Speaking of clodhoppers...on an early trip to Europe in the 1970s we went on an all-day tour from Amsterdam. One of the places they took us was a wooden shoe factory. Believe it or not, each of us bought a pair and even wore them at home (not out in the street) for a while. Jackie took hers to school and let the kids walk around in them. They were surprisingly wearable and (to coin a phrase) walkable.

Happy birthday, Susan!

Nice to see you round the MOAT, rita! :)

Update on red-headed butterfly-inducing guy: I checked the calendar: the last weekend of June (our putative visit) is in 2 weeks, not in 1. That should give me plenty of time to come up with ideas of things to do, try out 15 different outfits to see what looks best, and possibly lose a pound or two.

Update on job: I have an interview on Monday, for a data-entry temp position that would last all summer. It's 3 bucks less than last summer's job--and no overtime--but it's a job, and it's all summer. Which I sorely need to pay bills and such.

Update on papers: Still writing. Won't be sleeping tonight. Ah, the joy of the last minute!

*hugs* to my MOATies! :)

Jeff got posted! Wheee! It's a Double-Moatie Friday!

*takes off pants*

Oh, wait.. I wasn't wearing any pants. Maybe that's why they were looking at me funny at the gym.

Happy early Birthday, Susan, in case you don't get back in tomorrow!

Make that a triple. Double Di got posted too!

Susan, if you do go to the beach (or wherever) without checking in here first tomorrow...


Otherwise, ignore this and prepare for normal birthday wishes as planned.

i've never seen a red-headed butterfly

happy birthday Susan!

Me either trillian. I did see a green headed one once though.

*leaves birthday blog butter (TM thingy) next to Susan's bed*

I likely won't be around tomorrow so I am telling you in advance to watch out for the exploding confetti.

(if this exploding confetti bit is getting old to people just say so and I will leave it off of birthday wishes)

I still like it, Mad! Although I wish I'd been warned about those little vibrating things that were in it this year. It wasn't an unpleasant surprise, though!

Oooh, and well done to DDi!! I can't believe I missed that! *headsmack*

Happy Birthday (officially) to Susan!

Hope you have a great day.

For the DeeJay's B Day. (Sorry 'bout the Erin part).

On the patio at the Hyatt with my coffee and egg-white omelette.

I'd get the yogurt and berries; but they charge $12.00 for that!!

Highway robbery!

Yeah, the omelette is $13.00. While that's also a ripoff, doesn't seem like such a big one.

I do get a complimentary strawberry/banana smoothie. Served in a thimble.

There seems to be some sort of convention here this weekend that is comprised of elegant and beautiful middle-aged women and their elderly doddering rich husbands. I must investigate this further. Appears to be good blog fodder.

That would be great for Fodder's Day, Sly.

Happiest of happy birthdays, Susan!

Sly... perhaps you could pick yourself up a someone who would fund the all-blogging all-Moating lifestyle you've been thinking of. If that doesn't happen, enoy your free smoothie!!

happy birthday, susan!!!

$12.00 for yogurt and berries doesn't sound so bad, of course by yogurt i mean 'made from yaks milked by tibetan lamas' and by berries i mean 'tiny nuggets of gold'...

*waiting for doddering father's day fodder*

Gives the WOOTWOOT for Susan's BDay.

Happy B-Day Susan!!!!
Which anniversary of your 19th is it? :)

We actually got a little rain here yesterday, still a 14 inch deficit. :(
The 'mater and pole bean garden is actually doing well so far even without rain.

Still job hunting, the wifester is about ready to kill me I have been home so long but at least I am learning new programming so I can compete in the real world.


BigD! Come around more often.

We had a lot of rain in a short period this evening too. First it interrupted the Yankees-Mets game in The Bronx for 40 minutes, and later it moved down here.

Gas price update: $3.19 at the cheapest station.

/end update

Good morning.

Happy Fathers Day to all the MOAT Dads out there.

Jeff, I have been blurking, just not commenting.

Happy Fathers Day to all MOAT dads.

Gas: $2.83 here....still to high.

Happy Father's Day, Daddios!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads.. and happy birthday to TCK!!!

*curls up and pretends she's still asleep*

Happy Father's Day to the MOAT Dads!

*loves them each an omelette.*

From one Dad to all the others, Happy Dad's Day, guys. (Hug 'em hard, ladies!)

SD 2

3rd, rubber match

SD 5
Cubs 1

*hopes it holds for a post*

blogburgers for everyone!

SD 9
Cubs 1


SD 9
Cubs 3

7th inning

Well, SD 10, Cubs 4 (or was it 3?)

Over to golf at Oakmont PA. (kibby watched an Open there once)

Yay Padres!

I'm sleeping through watching Oakmont, don't know if Tiger can get the lead back.

Yankees later today.

Happy fathers day to allll you dads!!!

*hums Rock and Roll All Night*

My birthday was very good, and ended rather differently than I would have imagined.

My daughter and I did head to the beach, cloudy day that was perfect and sunny by the time we hit Myrtle Beach. Lovely afternoon, not too hot, the waves weren't too vicious. Left a little before 7...my daughter wanted to go to Broadway at the Beach, no surprise, she loves going there, and it seems she had some shopping to do...

So we went.

Looking at a flier that was up...hmmm. Broadway etc opened 12 years ago...special events. What's going on today? Cool, the KISS Coffeehouse opened a year ago. Ace Frehley will be there? Oh cool...he was the only one not with the group when I saw them in '89. Oooh...a tribute band is performing? Free? In 15 minutes? Well, perhaps we should wander over. Seeing as how mean cruel mommy wouldn't take her dear child to see Pink Floyd in Atlanta...and won't go to see Rush in Charlotte I think it is (on a week night at that.).

Two hours on my feet, loud KISS music by Mr. Speed. Not bad, although I don't really know a lot of early KISS songs. Then, about the time I was really getting tired...they came back out with Ace to do one more song.

I did enjoy it. My insides are I think still throbbing from the very very loud bass...but I enjoyed it.

Of course after we stopped for supper on the way home, it was 2am when we got home...


Dear child finally got shopping today...Got me DVD's of Blazing Saddles and Ferris Beuller's Day Off.


And my mother treated me to supper at Olive Garden today.

A big hug and smooch to all who left birthday wishes here...and Mad, Kaf is right. The little vibrating bits were a surprise. Meanie, I loved the cake. No homicidal cakes here! (Hey! No real b'day cake either! I'll have to get one...)

News time!

Sounds like you had fun, Susan, and Broadway at the Beach sounds like something Jackie would like.

We went to the city to see an off-Broadway show by Alan Ayckbourn in its US premiere.

Seems that back in '82 his entire theatre company took the summer off except for two actors (man/woman) so he wrote EIGHT interconnected plays (with 16 endings!) for the two actors! This was one of them. It was a little slow in the first act but the second was better and funnier. And the quick changes of costumes and differences between the two characters each played was amazing.

/end theater update

I called my father from the city but he wouldn't talk as he was watching the US Open (and obviously disappointed that Tiger didn't win). My sister from San Jose is dropping the girls off there tomorrow so she & her husband can go to Vegas.

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