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February 20, 2005


The Phasmids


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FIRST! The "Land Lobsters" wbagnfarb...

SO close...!

Sorry, Trystan!

In an uncommonly serious moment, I'd like to make an observation:

Just because we CAN save a species, does that mean we MUST save a species?

Wasn't "survival of the fittest" doing just fine before humans came along?

Yes, it was...and then we killed the dodo, passenger pigeons, and by the way small pox...not all the extinction we've caused has been a bad thing.

I picture The Phasmids as a tribute band of Sam the Sham and the Pharohs.

I'll take my seat on the geezer bus now.

So is it just you and me, Jill? If so, let's run with it! Between you and your blog and me and mine we can probably take over this bad boy by noon!

(By the way, great blog! You are spot-on with the "Target-wineglasses-on-the-top-shelf" story. Same thing happened to me years ago at K-Mart. I just needed an inexpensive punch bowl. First, I couldn't find them. After soliciting help, we discovered them high overhead. THEN came the chore of finding someone with a ladder...)

Thanks, Trystan, but I need to run at ten to twelve, my time. I'll try to blog today when I get back from dinner at my rental Units (parents)

It must be terribly frustrating to Lord Howe to have paid exterminators to rid the island of those pesky insects; only to have people try to bring them back.

I thought the Pyramid was in Egypt. One lone Melalucca bush, a proper habitat for the plasmid. Could this be the reason they are having trouble getting the eggs to hatch in captivity? They miss their little bush. Tea Tree oil comes form the melalucca bush. It is the strongest antibotic (and naturally occuring) in the world. Used topically on sores and fever blisters, healing starts immediately.

Kat, I heard Arnica montanna is pretty good for a distant second to tea tree.

Got really high and made a chocolate buckwheat pizza once. It was GOOD.

Oh. Sorry. This was for the weird food thread on Jill's board. I don't do aol.

Thanks, Balanchine. Winners will be announced on Tuesday...so far there are for entries. And If I could afford anything besides Aohell...

Hmmm...what's above these things on the local food chain? Does the world's rarest bird eat the world's rarest insect on the world's smallest island?

D'Artagnan, my friend, have you eaten some bad fromage?

I think there's something wrong with this story - Ball's Pyramid, insects like fat fingers that only 5 people in the world have seen - WTF???
(or did I skim instead of actually read?)

Hey Trystan - I've been wondering where you were - how's it going?

The look like crickets on steriods. Leave them on their bush obviously they like it there.
Land Lobsters: Quick let's scale this large rock and hide in that little bush. The humans will never find us here.
(After an exhausting climb the land lobsters reach their destinations)
Five minutes later-
Land Lobsters: Shoot! They found us.

Am I missing something here? Instead trying, largely unsuccessfully, to breed these bugs in captivity...why don't they just kill all the rats?

Am I missing something here? Instead of trying, largely unsuccessfully, to breed these bugs in captivity...why don't they just kill all the rats?

Ummm...can someone pls tell me what 12cm means? We measure things in inches here in the U.S., like normal folks do. I'm not sure if this is a mildly frightening insect or a terrifying monster!

Ummm...can someone pls tell me what 12cm means? We measure things in inches here in the U.S., like normal folks do. I'm not sure if this is a mildly frightening insect or a terrifying monster!

(takes sip of 20 oz. vanilla coke)

wha'happened? 12cm.=less than 5 in. so depends on how easily frightened you are.

Wow, nice trick, Marvin!

Marvin, marvin, marvin.......

Show of hands, How many people were thinking Land Lobster sounds like another Saturday Night Live skit?



Forget the bug. Check out the island. It looks like something out of a James Bond movie. When those bug scientists went there, they were lucky not to have found the fortress deep inside the island, with the submarine pens, high-tech conference rooms, missile launchers, shark tank, and megalomaniac villain.

I hope I'm joking; otherwise I'm in deep trouble.

Ernie G. Our agents are on their way to terminate you with extreme predjudice. *evil smile*

Thank you, Marvin, I just sprayed the monitor! Bond Villainess is me! Bad, nope, just post that way....Impossibly hot....I'll play along!...evil villain complex...nope. :D

B.V., you know it doesn't work that way. As a gorgeous Bond villainess, according to the contract, we have to meet in a glamorous location for an urbane battle of wits over exotic drinks. I'll be in my tux; you wear something slinky. As to the location, my luxury yacht is in the shop, and the nearest casino is the Seminole Indian place, which is about as glamorous as a Greyhound bus depot. So I'm stuck. Any ideas?

I'm out of ideas too. The part of the Great Northeast I come from is not known for glamour, and I don't own anything slinky.

Fellow BlogMates,

I absolutely realize many of you are college students -- that's cool, I wish I were still one of you, alas, I have not seen anyone, including Buddy Dave, make mention of the performance of Melissa Etheridge last week on the Grammys. Now, we all know DaveBuddy is a RockStar, let's hear his comments on Janis Joplin. Melissa did the best rendition of ANYONE besides Janis. And she did it with no hair! Right now, I have Janis on the CD, playing "Little Piece of My Heart". I know Buddy Dave loved it as much as I did. That is so much more fun than poli-sci! Love, Eykis

OK, then. I'll just sit tight and wait for the black Toyota SUVs to show up.

Hey, that'll work.

Does the new Ken doll resemble William Jung?

*cough* Aha ha ha a ha uh HUH. In your nightmares. I'm one of those people who should not be seen naked. I don't have to specify why, I don't WANT to specify why, and I AIN'T GONNA specify why.

M/PA - Hear,hear!!

If they want to give themselves awards, fine. But don't ask the rest of us to sit slack-jawed in front of the goggle-box in anticipation. The Academy Awards is just another way of saying, 'We're all richer than you, better-looking than you, (and in my case)younger than you, but my life won't be complete without an award!'

If only five people have ever seen one, how do we know they really exist? Maybe it's a conspiracy to get people to visit this place...or something.

I think they look like grashoppers with parachute pants on their hind legs. MC Phasmid anyone?

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