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February 18, 2005


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to Jason Crawford)


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Hey Xiang Poo, I just made something for you to study!

"Experts with the Shaanxi Provincial Wildlife Management Station confirmed that the dung was left by an adult giant panda," Xinhua said.

Giant panda dung is decidedly different to the touch than, say, elephant dung, or gay gorilla dung. Tastes totally different, too.

Q. How different?
A. I don't know, just different. Really different.

Giant Panda Poo wbagnfarb, in China anyway.

I know I sent in an item a few weeks ago about dinosaur dung but it didn't make the cut. I guess Claire Martin's quota took up too much room that day.

Some of us are still waiting for Carmen Electra's dung to show up on Ebay.

As an aside, my bank is now offering 5 year tern deposits. Is there much demand for a pile of seagull poop I wonder? The bank says my interest will be locked in. I'm not so sure, I'd rather admire Carmen Electra than fishy fecal piles.

Why has no-one made the rather obvious reference to bears, err, doing stuff in the woods yet?

I'm often excited by a big pile of poo...

That was too much information, wasn't it?

yea, works great in my Megazooka too

*aims it at christobol*

...and suddenly it's popular again in China to ask sardonically when someone asks a question to which there is an obvious answer:

"Does a panda poop in the Shaanxi Province woods?"

hey, we could all become better persons if we would expand our horizons by making giant poo, too. In fact someone did just that at my front door just yesterday !

(come-on Dave, fess up)

What, nobody has mentioned that these experts really know their s--t?

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