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February 18, 2005


If this guy had taught science at our high school, we'd have paid attention.

(Thanks to Karen Little)


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That's no teacher, that's Brad Pitt living life after Jen.

The tabloid in the supermarket line said so.

" including advising them to use an electric detonator to stay clear from the blast, according to an arrest report Monday.

*at a school board meeting*

"So, again, we need to attract the brightest minds to shape our children's futures! What could be more important, people? Now, we need a new science teacher, any candidates?"

"What about Nuke Wilson? He hasn't been doing anything but blowing stuff up out at the golf course since he got kicked out of the army."

"Great idea! Okay, let's talk about the milk program...I don't see why we can't just pour all the leftover milk into a big bucket and..."

And this took place in Florida...why am I not surprised???

Talk about creeping fascism!

Talk about stifling creativity!

I am acrimonious! (*end of Father Mulcahy imitation*)

*school board meeting cntd*

"Nuke Wilson? Hmm (not hmmmmmmmmm)...that doesn't sound PC at all. Nope, don't like it. Flip Wilson, maybe, but not Nuke."

"And what? You have a better suggestion?"

"Sure. What about the groundskeeper, Carl Spackler? He's really big into science. Why, I even heard he's grown some new type of turf that's better than toad backs. An animal lover, too. Maybe, just maybe, he could get the Dalai Lama to talk on Career Day!"


* my apologies to cbol for the hijacking *

Notice it was a male teacher.

Anyone notice he taught at "Freedom High School"? I think I hear an Alannis Morrisett song coming on...

Orlando. Figures. Down here in Miami all they ever taught us was how to set up a meth lab.

Actually from what I understood, the kid in the video said, "Cool!" not the teacher.

Is anyone else worried about what kind of 'desk job' this man now has? He is probably writing the recipe for the bombs for the students and making photocopies so there will be enough for everyone... At least he is still there for his students.

Fascism! Please. . . Chemistry class is nothing without the explosions. The best day of 10th grade chemistry was when my teacher started class with small pile of brown powder on his desk, and called the most excitable girl in the class to come up and whack it with a ruler. It was DNT. (Di-nitro Toluene: A less-potent but still pretty powerful relative of TNT.)Besides, it's not like his students couldn't just use a search engine to find bomb-building instructions.

I had a chemistry teacher (11th grade equivalent) who set up an experiment, herded the class outside, in front fo the windows so we could see in and set off chemical bottle rockets/molotov cocktail type things in the classroom.. very funny. Great teacher. Just before final exams, he put his home number on the board. Bad move because (through a series of events you don't have time for) everyone in class knew he shared an apartment with one of the more reviled teachers in the school. I won't send him to Freedon HS though. I liked him too much for that.

"Authorities who searched Pieski's classroom said they found information, including the chemical breakdown, for an explosive predominately used by Middle Eastern suicide bombers."

...does anyone else think thats a kind of silly association? o_O

lets expand that logic:
Did you know that American forces in Iraq use the exact same explosive to propel the bullets from their rifles as insurgent forces do? That HAS to meen something...right?

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