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February 26, 2005


For the mature person who wants to remain active outdoors.

(Thanks to Claire "Claire Martin" Martin)


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That's nothing. My grandpa's got a Rascal 5000 LSE running 48 volts with a thresher and a 40' two-man bucket lift.


what? no GPS? no TV? Playstation?

Uh, Dave? Are you the seller, "dave01752"? If you are, then I'll buy it & not worry about your zero feedback rating.

Hey JU..that's nothing!
My Grandpa had 14 kids...

"You know what, honey? I'm sick of you saying you can't help with the driveway. Now get your broken hip whining ass out there on the modified wheelchair and clear a path!"

Did anyone else (Mahatma?) notice that eBay featured the three items we giggled over here on its opening page?

Yup, the knife rest, the rattlesnake toilet seat and the Pillsbury Doughboy items where listed as "Most Viewed" or something like that.

Well, like "d'uh!" After they've been featured here of COURSE the hits are going to go up! It's the power of the blog, Dave and judi!!

Hi Jeff!
*peeks out the window*
hmmm....grenades,bullets, *cough* smog, flying roaches...
nope...no snow
( but thr's a beautiful sky)

how's the weather thr?

That's just so wrong!

when social security goes bust, the seniors can earn money by clearing roads in the winter.

if that's the case, insomniac, then the 'chairs will soon be equipped with side blades to take care of entrepreneurial little brats.

I notice there are no bids, so I suspect an inherent flaw in the business plan for this product. First of all, a huge percentage of the intended demographic has decided to plow the driveway by moving to Florida, and second, "this thing costs as much as a DeSoto, Ethel!"


be sure to thank you're grandpa for us for helping make it possible for you to grace these pages.


We've got plenty of snow here in Rochester, MN. Actually not plenty. We could use some more before the ski season ends. If it's going to be %*@&ing cold, we might as well get to play in the snow. Of course, I'd rather be back in Miami any day.

We've got plenty of snow here in Rochester, MN. Actually not plenty. We could use some more before the ski season ends. If it's going to be %*@&ing cold, we might as well get to play in the snow. Of course, I'd rather be back in Miami any day.

Dave, I have a new anagram for Claire Martin: "Claire Martin" anagrams to "riant miracle." Ha!

phooey, the bidding is closed!

couldn't sell those in Indiana; no place to hitch the horse.

Doug: What about 'Miracle Train'

I'm partial to 'Alarm Inciter', although 'Martian Relic' comes in a close second.

For Doug, Marvin, PA & D'Art:

I merit Carnal

The new slogan for Dick, who had decided to run for office after his retirement from the tile business.

Miracle train is the original, although I like Dart's suggestion of Martian relic.

"I, tri-manacler" ?

Insomniac: Are you serious?

*I'm not even sure what it means.*

Okay. Just checking.

Also: Aerial Chipmunk Rat

Well, assuming her middle name is Phuka.

Which I do.

Christobol, you'll love this if you don't hate it: "Aerial chipmunk rat" anagrams to "alphanumeric krait."

And alphanumeric krait is the password to Dave's kegerator. What are the odds, and what's not to love?

u've been blugged ;)

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"overlooked by professional commission" ?

Is that why Guide to Guys missed getting an Oscar nomination?

You can always use that 'wheel-chaair' plow to shovel the 'sh-t' out of the Miami Hearld Office!

krait,nA venomous snake of the genus Bungarus, esp. B. cæruleus, common in Bengal.Ibid.

That thing just might work to "plow" through Bangkok traffic.

Did you see the snowshovel attachment?
It also has an attachment to push other shoppers out of the way, during Blue Light specials.

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