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February 21, 2005


"Knife rest"?! Only in Alaska.

(Thanks to Leetie.)


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So you mean, in the rest of the states, you people make your knives work day and night, without even a break for lunch? Hmf! If I was in Alaska, I'd say that around here, we treat our knives right!Although we do often make them work during lunch.

Wow, this will complete my 12 place setting crystal knife rest set.

*returns to daydreaming about Barry Manilow*

Flanders, Belgium is now in Alaska?!

Actually, on October 8th, 2000, the Treaty of Weems made Alaska officially a part of Flanders, Belgium. That's why there was such a big controversy over us trying to drill for oil there.

Yes, Flanders, Belgium is now in Alaska. It is all part of the Globalization of the Earth. North Dakota is now South Dakota, South Dakota no longer exists and most of So.Cal is now called the Pacific Ocean.
Future plans are for Iraq to be in Beaver Falls, Pa.

So, my head might be in the gutter, but my first impression was that this is no 'knife rest'. More like a tool to get something excited...

"Honey, when that rhynestone shoe horn holder comes in, I think we'll have every item we could never in a million years have dreamed we would ever want or need."

"Not so fast..."

igloo Darlin', just based upon the authority of your name, I'll have to believe you.
(nothing personal, reneviht)

Looks/sounds like something used as a murder weapon in an Agatha Christie novel. Or in Clue. (It was Mr. Barry in the MOAT with a knife rest.)

That makes two of us, Isawa - except the description said it was "very sharp" - that reminds of the story of the lobster girl - ew.

Am I the only person who actually recognizes this as a common thing? Lots of people use these at the dinner table to keep dirty knives from staining the table cloth. Didn't anybody tell you it's not polite to leave your knife on your plate? I think some people need to read up on their Emily Post.


baby..you need to lighten up! :-)


baby..you need to lighten up! :-)

Way to go Leets!

And that looks more like a shower head attachment if you ask me. ;)

Finally! I was looking for a way to rest my knife.

james trofe ==> jet foamers

Leetie, so, that thing in your night table drawer is a knife rest?


Yes, the crystalline double headed di-- I mean "knife rest" is the perfect gift for those who enjoy fine dining. And ouch.

My wife inherited one very like this from her mom. Her mom liked me, and as far as I know, never thought the space between my 5th and 6th ribs would make a good knife rest.

Leetie - you took my line - it's clear that it's a double-headed d**k -

I've seen many in my travels and I should know!

Elenaor: They MAKE them double headed? !

No, JU... that's a butt plug. Would you PUH-LEEEASE learn the difference?

Sorry to disappoint y'all, but that is obviously a Double Uterus plug.
Very trendy in some circles.

Hmmm....that would explain the dirt on my knife.


You guys - Leetie & JU - are bad! I like that.

And Eleanor, definitely TMI!


can you expand on what you mean by "travels"??

El, you need to quit booking your travels through frederick's of hollywood.

("The Letter")

Give me a ticket to Anchorage
Just in time to reattach.
Lonely days again,
I'm in too much pain!
My urologist said I'd get better.

I don't care how much money I gotta spend.
Don't want to check boxes marked 'eunuch'
Lonely days again
I'm in too much pain,
My urologist said I'd 'get better'.

Well, he said I'd get better if I didn't play with Mr. Winky too much.
Listen, doctor, can't you see that my ex-girlfriend is not a 'soft touch'
Anyway, yeah.

If you're in the mood for bondage fun,
and she's like Lorena Bobbitt, run!
Lonely days again,
I'm in too much pain!
My urologist said I'd get better.

**&^%$#! wrong thread!

But it was a great song, insom - and there are too many threads today (but in a good way) - I really have no idea where I am!

And I didn't mean I've seen them - I've just read about it in books!! Oh, and a friend told me - Oh, and I really didn't post that stuff up above, someones using my name!

Holy Crap! My grandma has had one of these things in her china cabinet! I never knew what it was. I asked her the other day, and she said she didn't know. If my little 83 year old grandmother who has angels and pink decor all over her house doesn't know what a knife rest is, then probably only the Queen of England and The Pope actually use them.

Looks like a barbell for one of those cats that inherited millions for a little old lady.

Or a twirling baton for Tinkerbell.

Good find Leetie! Double your pleasure, double your fun!

Can it be? MKJ, welcome back!
* lifts a toast to your health *

Yes, alaska has those long, and obviously lonely, night. Am I the only one who sees this thing as made of ICE? Good use of an icicle, and impressive carving skill. A whalebone would have been a better, more lasting choice, especially when things heat up in the ole igloo!

Don't feel bad Insomniac.... a little checking turns up that the seller was one "Kim Tran". :-)

My ex-in-laws use these knife rests at their holiday meals. I KNEW they were hoity toity, THANKS for verifying it, though.

Knife Rest wbagnfarb?

Um, for all those using asterix's, if you read the actual ebay listing, it's only 3 inches long...

If you guys *are* right, Victorians must have been small ladies that's all I can say :-)

Also, cut-glass often has quite sharp edges... owwwwwch...

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