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February 23, 2005


Suddenly, the police have many closeup photos of crotches.

(Via Gizmodo)


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Remind me to get one when they come out with the cat model.

Is this part of the new Penis Identification System, so that men will be able to prove they once had one...?

They also have a huge number of photos of dogs butts being sniffed....

shouldnt we notify peta of this animal abuse?? although, its a funny thought - just human beans from the doggie perspective. yes, crotches. but i think feet, shoes and floors. could be pretty funny video.

That's just mean. Poor dog. You know all the other dogs are making fun of him ... the least they could do is put a little propeller on the top of the camera ... cause that would make it cool.

I remember seeing a bunch of dogs with cameras at the Gazonga Pool Fest.

"Dogs are chosen for firearms duties if they show qualities in their first three or four years which would make them suitable for training in advanced searching."

For some reason, I'm thinking of Larson's Far Side with one dog leaning out his owner's car window, saying to his neighbor dog,
"Ha, ha, Biff! I'm going to the vet's to get tutored!"

everybody knows you are a dog when you are licking your balls on the internet

Not to be outdone, the RCMP here in Canada, are going to train moose to do the same job.

I thought it said Police have collared the latest in technology by KNITTING out their firearms dogs with cameras. ....which, of course, made no sense at all.

Rescue Moose, BarryF5?

Question re firearms dogs: I always thought British police could not carry firearms....but their DOGS can?

Leading to a new "Cops" spinoff...

Theme song: "Bad Dog! Bad Dog! Who ya gonna sniff?..."

Who ya gonna sniff when they call you Biff?
Bad Dog! Bad Dog!

"The dogs can operate absolutely as normal and just seem to forget the camera is there," he said.

How do dogs normally operate? Do they come with manuals? Do they require periodic oil changes?

My dog would never forgive me if I did that to him!

The Llama Song

The Llama Song

Considering the propensity of Dogs to sniff other dogs poop, prior to depositing their own, "Crap Cam" takes on a whole(not hole) new meaning.

Punky - exactly!

Rex: Seriously, does this thing make me look stupid?

Fido (stifling a snicker) No!

Rex: Was that a snicker?

Fido: Kindof

Rex: That's it. Help me gnaw this thing off.

Or like this:

(female version)

Fifi: Maggie ... does this thing make me look fat?

Maggie: No, sweetie. You look great.

Fifi: Really? You're not lying?

Maggie: Honest. It actually makes you look a good 5 pounds lighter in the hips. I bet Rex will totally ask you out now.

Fifi: Yeah. That is if he stops hanging out with Fido long enough to notice ... I wonder what they do together in that dog house all night??

I have boots like that for my bird dog to wear when we hunt in the New Mexico desert. He looks silly as hell, but it saves his feet from all the thorns. Most bird dogs are way too focused on the job to worry about what they're running over. I guess law enforcement dogs are the same way.

My understanding is that British cops may carry firearms, but most of the "regular" Bobbies do not ...

So, if this dog is on the firearms squad, where's his holster? Is his firearm a K-9 mm?

By the way Dave, you need to think about how the gov't (any gov't) really works.

Obviously, they already had plenty of close-up pictures of crotches. This program has simply been created so that they have an explanation for them.

"Why do you have over 400,000 close up pics of people's crotches in your desk drawer?"

"It's those stupid dog cams."

"Oh. Where can I get a desk as big as yours?"

The state of Texas has 2 auctions a year to sell off surplus stuff, including office furniture. The one I bought still had the crotch pics in the drawers, so I'm assuming they scan them into the Official State Crotch Photo Database (OSCPD).
Don't mess with Texas.

Once I was paid as a security consultant to try to hack into the OSCPD, but since I lacked programming skills I just tried to hack into crotches with a hammer and mini screwdriver set.

They were angry.

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