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February 16, 2005


It's raging out of control.

In Related News: We have this alarming story from Eurobodalia Shire.


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I'd be pissed if a homeless guy stole my toilet seat too.

Pissed, Leetie? No sh**!

"Murphy, a dad-of-four..."
This guy is only four years old! And a Father! Methinks Wales (not whales) have more serious problems than missing toilet seats.

i think the homeless guy was 'pissed' before he took the seat.

(now, also you have to think ,"the people who cleaned this toilet were the low bid".)

"As Murphy was leaving, he entered the male toilets, removed the seat, pushed it up his top"

eeewwww! toilet germs on his male ramparts!

Wait a sec! The article indicated that the guy was arrested at his home. Could the "homeless" defense be a ruse, a sly canard, if you will?

Boo-- It sounded like his 'home' is a shelter for street people...BTW, isn't the Sly Canard related to the Blue Tit and the Tufted Titmouse??

**The other article must REALLY be alarming, I got the 'This Site Cannot Be Reached' 23-skiddoo...

Hmmm... Sir Higgy is from Wales, and he visited my bathroom after having some beers in honour of his relocation to a new home. He was not exactly homeless, but one could argue that if he and TCMH were renting, the similarities between this story and mine are incredibly poignant. But he did not steal my toilet seat.

Now, as for YOU, Mr. Augustus.... :)

I was also confused by the "homeless" and "arrested at his home" thing.

Mayhap the sly canard is a chimera made from slyeyes and Federal Duck. With tufts in the appropriate places.

There are serious problems in Eurobodalla...

Murphy: Me an' the lads was jus' gonna play a lit'l game o' giant horseshoes!
Judge: And why did you stick the lid in your top?
Murphy: Ah! Well, because I din't have on any bottoms!
Judge: And this might have been why you were treated "rudely"
Murphy: No yer honor, I believe at's because of the impromptu buttered 'bum slip n' slide contest
Judge: How much did you win?
Murphy: £55 and Larry had to lick 'me bum clean
Judge: This is why the staff was upset?
Murphy: We sort o' buttered their bums without askin'

Maybe if people started leaving pennies (or pence or farthings or euros or whatever they use over there now) on the urinal, these homeless would take advantage of this public largesse and could eventually buy their own homes and thus not be looked down upon and be forced to steal toilet seats with the resulting arrest and public humiliation. Or not.

OK, the name of the pub was Boar's Head. Isn't "head" another name for bathroom? Is this a pig's version of the elephant toilet thing? Why is it necessary for a boar to have his own bathroom? And why in the name of all that is sacred would anyone want to gather in a bathroom and drink alcohol? No wonder this man was treated rudly, he is a DRUNKEN PIGS!!! Do the sows have their own bathroom too? I have so many questions!

PIG, I meant PIG, not PIGS

So out of curiosity, between child support payments and being homeless... exactly how is he supposed to pay the 55 pounds?

He just wanted an excuse not to put the toilet seat down. Get rid of it and there's no more issue...

I am so entirely grossed out by the public toilet goobers under his top

What happened to a good ole fist fight to solve problems?????????????????????

Excellent point, S'North.

* reminds self to watch the boys at home a bit more carefully *

Leetie - you noticed I didn't steal the DOWNSTAIRS toilet seat...

I was wondering how long before you noticed the upstairs one missing....

Yet it did nicely fit under my t-shirt....

sounds like a euuuuuuuropean episode in cable tv series Dead Like Me...Anyone remember the toilet seat fixation of the sister of the dead girl?

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