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February 24, 2005


Now they want to take away our precious consitutional right to get bitten by our own rattlesnakes.


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When rattlesnakes are outlawed only outlaws will . . .

This works with rattlesnakes, and cobras. Once, anyway.

mmmmmmmm, humans.

Onwning rattlesnakes is illegal? Crap! I gotta get home and empty out the basement!

I bet this guy would just love to have a rattlesnake toilet seat!

Nice move - bring the snake owner and his roommates up on misdemeanor charges to divert attention from the fact that the LaPorte Hospital does not stock anti-venom.


Nope, last time I checked, my snake was legal. ;-)

And speaking of effective writing:

"The hospital did not have rattlesnake anti-venom, so Slayden was taken transported to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis."

'taken transported'??

rattlesnakes outlawed, but crack-kitties legal?
Stop the madness!

Don't "pet" and "wild-animal" contradict each other? Why would you need a wild-animal permit to keep a pet?

Frog: I finished the crack-cat launcher! Want to help test it?

wow! cross-over!

... about 25 west of South Bend ...

25 what!? ...

Minutes? Kilometers? Hours? Cubic Centimeters? Quarts? Furlongs? Days? Weeks? Months? Rattlesnake lengths? Football fields?

Tsk, tsk, tsk ... and people wonder why I get upset about "professional" writers making mistakes ...

end of rant ... for now ...


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