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February 18, 2005


Perhaps she'll do well in the private sector; say, working with Koko.

(Thanks to julietine)


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I thought we were trying to bring Freedom to Iraq.....

There is nothing that screams Freedom more than a girl flashing everyone during a drunken debauch.....

and now .... 'MP s gone wild!'

If she takes the job with Koko, I hope she's been trained in gorilla tactics. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

she can work in my tavern anytime

My, julietine's been busy.

breath mints for great apes: gorilla Tictacs

Yes D'Art!

It is Friday!...

TGIF! Anybody need a beer?

Cosa - Does this mean you have become employed?

Commentary - We have physically fit, stressed people in their late teens to late twenties, single, in a hostile environment with madmen running around trying to blow themselves up along with anyone they can get near, and we expect them not to blow off steam?

When the "boots-on-the-ground" troops were all male, the transgressions of the enlisted ranks were winked at so long as the local government did not complain.

Cosa, I agree
deon, thanks for the link:

Ridiculous. If soldiers want to blow of some steam in their off time so be it. They’re in a combat area and could die at any minute.

Stupid F-in news media. The Dems claim they support our troops and claim to be liberal in their social stances, but then the liberal media goes and makes a big deal out of some camp fun.

F them all.

Posted by: Digger at February 7, 2005 20:06

Hello Blogmates!

I return after a 5 month hiatus -- what a trial! Complex commercial litigation is not as exciting as it sounds. I have tried to read some comments from five months, alas, too much has happened. It's nice to see the usual suspects are around. All I have had time to do in the past five months is work and read Dave's weekly column. Can anyone email me with a synopsis of the past five months? Thanks, Eykis

Graz--no drunken debauch involved. She was most likely sober at the time. Almost impossible to get booze around here.
And I'd think by now that these people will have figured out not to take a camera when they do things they're not supposed to. Not that I mind them getting caught, but the level of idiocy!
Also, having experienced the mud in this country first hand (remember they make bricks of this stuff), I can't immagine what posessed these people to wrestle in it. ICK.

Umm...bartender Moe?
This was on Fox News. I don't think I have ever heard Fox called liberal before

Ahh, you are right, Baghdad...I just was reminising about my days in the Corps......everything we did like that had alcohol involved....Be safe.

Eykis, synopsis?

Well here goes...
low flow toilet,
the blog clock is wrong,
and finally,

AAAhhhhh, soon the alcohol will be available. Wonder what my tolerance will be after 18 months without a drink?

Graz, thankies for the update...here's a current synopsis of Nashville this week....good guy music guy dies, big broohaha funeral, Kid Rock shows up, gets arrested for hassling (smacking - ALLEGEDLY) a DJ in a strip bar, runs to another strip bar, sneaks out the back, gets kinda sober, shows up in night court, winks and smiles for bond, leaves town. Two Tennessee Titan football players get arrested, one for domestic violence, the other DUI, both will get off because they arrest folks around here for allegations -- we won the trial! End of tale...........but it's only 7:00 pm on a Friday night in Music City. Has Dave written a new book I've not had time to read about much less purchase? Thankies, E

Hey Cosa Nostradamus, did you want your shoe back?

I was wondering about the Blog Clock - it's still wrong? Well, at least I have that information. I need to know some real news and Blog Clock is real news to me. As far as Baghdad, my brother-in-law said it is far better to go without for 18 months, the fun is much better when you get the hooch again! He spent 18 months and came back with all kinds of shiny medals and they promised he didn't have to go back, he's on short time...he also did Desert Storm -- E

Actually beer on deployments to the desert actually make things worse. During Desert Storm some of my friends were stationed with beer (in Egypt and UAE) and some were stationed in dry countries. The units with alcohol had many more conflicts and downright fights between members than the units in dry nations. I was in Saudi Arabia with no beer and I was never convicted of flashing my chest. Come to think of it, I was never asked to either. You have to remember that you can't go out on the town and blow off steam. You are stuck with the people you are deployed with 24/7. Alcohol in those conditions really causes problems.

Nope, not yet. Still looking. Just thought I'd share some of what I've found. Thanks for your concern.

Actually, the "liberal media," (now owned and opeated by huge multinational corporations with a quite illiberal agenda) have been supportive of the female trooper. It's the conservative media that have excoriated her. Those hypocrits love a juicy scandal, unless it involves them. Like O'Reillygate, or this gay-porn journalist- impersonator in the White House.

And it was the Army itself that broke the story, in a press conference. I think a letter to her Mom about the trooper's troubles set it all off.

And yes, the officers & senior NCOs used to buy us beer in the Marines. But there were no females, and the policy has shifted somewhat against alcohol abuse.

Get home safe: Remember to always keep your ass down and covered by a piece of paper that says you were somewhere else, officially.

WTF? And who the Hell are you?
My point is, SOMEBODY was in charge here, right? Why did the officers & NCOs allow such a "violation," right in front of them, and why weren't THEY disciplined? From Abu Graibh on down, our military is scapegoating the lower ranks for stuff which their superiors are duty and honour bound to know about, and to stop, if needed. Where were they, and why has none of them been disciplined?

A lot of these people are Guard & Reserve, serving multiple extended tours in combat zones, under great physical and financial hardship. Now some of them are going home with a Bad Conduct Discharge, equivalent to a criminal conviction on their permanent record. Not to excuse any really bad conduct, but these things all took place in the presence of officers & NCOs. They should be sh*tcanned too, at the very least.

Some kinda leadership, guys! Way to support the troops, military wingers!

Due to the fact that I'm a civilian over here, I've actually decided to keep my @ss up, not down. I figure that's not the part of me they want to chop off!
Thanks for the well wishes, though!

Graz, you forgot a couple up-dates for Eykis:

Lobsters, Fat Slippery Long Worms and a great pillow fight.

Arcane Jill, I'd like a Duff please (and I don't mean the beer)

Baghdad and Cosa, I mean the media in general.
The only persons I like are Sean Hannity (fox) and Lou Dobbs (cnn, believe-it-or-not)

Private D. Allen's confined to the fort
For her crimes she'll soon be in court.
From her 'flash' in the ring
We learned just one thing
That her 'troops' didn't need much support!

Gee, I dunno. She actually figured out a fast, safe way of getting out of the Army - just take off your shirt (if you're not a guy) and see how quickly they ship you home to nice, safe, USA to be courtmartialed and sent to Guantanamo.

i thought mud wrestling was so, 70s....

Tomlin, who lives with Allen's parents and sister

Sounds like a crowded trailer.

And just how do you make mud in a desert?


Overheard in a editorial conference??
Lets see now, whats the news today...disgusting religious zealots murdering indiscriminately...
Whoa, Hold the front page for female mud wrestling.

Today, the Brig.
Tomorrow.... Playboy!

I suspect that nothing would have happened if it hadn't become an international news item. Like any other employer, the Army doesn't like to be embarassed in public by its employees - however justified blowing off a little "I might get killed tomorrow" stress is.

(I support the troops, just not the boobs (not ramparts) who send them there.)

Just goes to show that 19 is way too stupid an age to be in a war. of course,war is stupid too.
yes, WARS R STUPID. destructive and stupid.

Baghdad, i hope u get home safe.

My friend's mum is Iraqi. Her whole family lives in Northern Iraq ( thankfully not so close to the main areas of conflict).

*wishes things get peaceful soon*

also, i think Dave should take over the UN and us blogettes should take over the world.

*don's super-hero-peace-maker outfit*
*stands hands on hips, staring out into the horizon*

who's with me?

*trips over cape*


Ha,ha...you are too much!

Kibbys superhero powers! Toe Grips of Steel

*adjusts cap*

At ramparts it's best to not stare
Or elsewise pretend they're not there
But at proceedings martial
The judges are partial
To handle the findings with care.

Cosa Nostradamus et al, as a 20 year army civilian and 16 year army wife - I agree..... the army is scapegoating BIG TIME. there is, or should be, a chain of command. where the HELL were they all? the privates are well below the bottom of the food chain. they are stooooooopid, but they really don't deserve to be held responsible for what the sergeants are allowing them to do. ditto for the prison bullsh*t.

I find it very sad that the Army is going to kick just her out, if she is going to get punished then all the girls involved should be. Maybe I am wrong but all of them were in those photos and they only had bras and underwear on. One of those girls out of the 160th is back in that states and bragging about how she will not be gettting in trouble. I see nothing wromg with blowing off some steam and having fun but come on people Stop taking pictures of it already. I was in the Army and we did some crazy things but you don't see my picture posted anywhere. And someone might want to the the Army to run a drug test on one of of those girls in the 160th.......

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