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February 21, 2005


(Thanks to Savitri)


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Now that's eerie..

I could've told you, Vincent. This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

But you only have the one ear, so you couldn't have heard me anyway.

It's quite here today. Everyone must be trying to stay abreast on the penis slaying in Alaska.

I meant quiet

finger = sausage... OK, I will buy that one.

but what could you possibly mistake for an ear? a fortune cookie maybe? some sort of pastry? Barry Manilow's left pancreas?

akgirl: it's a national holiday... so now we know what government workers do when they're at work.

Well what do you expect at Strangeways Prison?

if it wasn't to blog I would probably never come in to my office to work


It should be easy to find the former owner of the ear. Just look for the guy whose glasses are hanging diagonally across his face.

Bismuth, Manilow (like us all) has only one pancreas. Though I believe it 'dresses left' most of the time.

If I found a toe in the street I guess I would call a tow truck. I don't know what I would do about an ear.

"Oh my gosh, it's a human ear on the sidewalk!"
"Calm down, Jeeves, that's a piece of pizza."
"Oh. Holy Crap! It's a severed leg!"
"That's a parking meter."
"Oh. AAAARRRRGGHHH! It's a human head!"
"Well, so it is. But see the sign? That's a human head recycling center. You really need to just chill out."

oh, matt, that's easy - call the local piercing and tatoo shop.

"Let us all raise our glasses to the pancreas, it has never been an organ of distinction,

Though it functions day by day, in a most convenient way, it has never had the glory
that the liver gets."

how on earth would one mistake a SAUSAGE for a FINGER? come on people! it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure these things out.

It's just David Lynch making a sequel to Blue Velvet. Don't be alarmed.


Was Michael Masden nearby???

10 points for correct movie reference...

Guin, you beat me to it. My favorite movie!

Heineken! F--k that s--t! Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Eleanor - Does "Stuck in the Middle With You" answer your question?

Bismuth, Manilow (like us all) has only one pancreas. Though I believe it 'dresses left' most of the time.

Targetgirl, I won't even ask how you know that.

probably somebody who had a barry manilow earworm.....

The last line is especially funny/disturbing:

"Detectives want to make sure it is human ear after a similar find a number of years ago of what was thought to be a human finger turned out to be a sausage."

I'm speechless.

I can't believe they didn't integrate a wireless internet connection. This way, they could have called it "sitcom"

I say, let's take it further: an ear pick with music coming out of it, an electric razor that secretes aftershave.

Th sky (and a numb leg from sitting three hours straight) is the limit.

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