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February 21, 2005


Did anybody else watch the NBA All-Star Game last night? Did they ever get around to playing an actual basketball game? Or was it four straight hours of various musical acts performing to the accompaniment of indoor fireworks? And how, exactly, do you spell "accompaniment?"


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You DIDN'T watch the SNL special?!?!?!?

Dave, it's spelled W-I-T-H.

Who won the game? You know, the winner gets to actually select which major league baseball teams make the playoffs in 2005.

Are they still doing the dunk contest? I always thought it would be funny if they did a "lay-up" contest, or a "best bounce pass" contest.

Who cares how you spell accompaniemdent, er accopaniment, accompanimelt...
What matters is that even though the blog clog is still fast, you are up at an early hour. Baby blog must have an early morning. Good for you.
As to the Basketball game, I was concentrating on my knittng, so I had little time for frivolous pursuits.

uh, clog=clock in hexidecimal blogging.

Sorry, didn't watch the "game". You can't knit a penis and watch basketball at the same time.

Sorry, that was supposed to be a question, as in, you can't knit a penis and watch basketball at the same time??

what game? snl was much more fun to watch.

Before anyone dismisses Mrs Mary Mac's knitting pursuit as frivolous, perhaps she was attempting to help out the young man in Alaska, who only last night had has penis removed by a less than happy girl friend. She may have been upset over his bogarting the remote and keeping her from watching the SNL special, whilst he watched the NBA All Star game.

Ok, no more toad licking for breakfast. I'll stick with the wheatena.

game/smame - there was a MIDGET dancing at halftime. AND he looked like a mini-mark mcgwire. I was honestly thinking that we have finally found out what the long term effects of steriods are: you turn into a midget dancing back up to COUNTRY singers in DENVER during a game in which ghetto-Frank himself Allen Iverson wins the MVP. Sad, sad for Big Mac.

NBA? Whats that? Is that like the NHL??

Uh, Dave. I hope that is not a "Hunter Thompson" "before I go" type statement.

Accompaniment, like banana is one of those words that's a lot easier to start spelling than it is to stop.

what are you people talking about? i missed the snl special?! why do they have ALL my favorite shows on the same nights? (sunday and wednesday) (and tuesday and friday)

judi, they also had the writers, producers, hosts and cast members talking about the good ol' days.

I did not know that Gilda Radner and Bill Murray were a couple during that time.

I also did not know that John Belushi repeatedly tried to get the "girls" fired from the show 'cause he thought that "chicks can't be funny"...but he did like Gilda.

It did seem they brought back everyone for commentary except Jane.

I actually went to the game. But I should have done some research first. When we got there I found out that my tickets were in the nosebleed section. We were actually up against the wall in the highest section. And I ashamedly admit, I went to star gaze. Well needless to say, not many stars sat in our section. So before the game even started I took one of my sons and happily went home to watch Desperate Housewives, leaving my husband and other two sons to catch the light rail home. I have my priorities.

This reminds me of the debates my family used to have back on Super Bowl nights of seasons past.

You see, TBS used to show reuns of the "Andy Griffith Show" all day on Super Bowl Sunday. This was the time when the Cowboys and 49ers were winning Super Bowls by scroes of 228-3, and we would often switch channels and watch Andy instead of a bad Super Bowl.

Sly- how, exactly, did they "get" Gilda and Jim back for commentaries?

Sly- how, exactly, did they "get" Gilda and John back for commentaries?

They had Gilda and John on a conference call!

OH, igloo soooo sweet -

R.I.P. Gilda and John

Actually the Skills contest (which they already have) has layups and bounce passes as two of its main components


(see later entry.)


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