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February 26, 2005


Dick Carnal.


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I once met a woman named Iona Carr.

But when it comes right down to it, aren't ALL dicks carnal?

Must have been a family rift. Last I'd heard he was turning the store over to his daughter, Bajina.

Jeff, I'm no woman (though I play with one when the tv is on) - but I don't see Captain Tony's dick getting carnal, pretty much ever. (nor do I want to).

I actually interviewed Captain Tony, back when he was (really) the mayor of Key West. This was for a story about the danger of the Keys being overrun by monkeys. As part of the research for this story, I wandered around Key West dressed in a monkey costume. I am not making any of this up. Perhaps judi can post a link to this story, though I'm not sure that's possible.

Here is a joke you can use with the salesman next time you're buying tile:

Q: What do you get when you set off a bomb in a French kitchen?

A: Linoleum Blownapart

When I first glanced at the blog entry, I thought it said Dick Carnival.

Then I read it correctly, but my mind fixated on the Carnival aspect of it and I started wondering what sort of food the vendors would serve, and what kind of rides there might be...

C-bol -
Is that Almost heaven, West Bajina?

Radio announcer Robert Lobla. Friends called him Bob. (posted this once somewhere else I think, or it could have been the fudge)

Muncie ,IN. ? I bet Dick Carnal went to Ball State!

Too late for Dick, but...

If its ruggage you're wanting, or tiles
Dick Carnal will leave you in smiles
So just walk, drive, or jog
To the sign of the frog
Get the best 'Carnal Knowledge' for miles!

the frog is too heavy to be moved

How'd it get there?

Maybe the Discovery Channel can film a recreation of the ancient peoples of America using planks, logs, and ropes to painstakingly move the concrete frog over 250 miles from the great concrete quarries of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.

Maybe PBS can resurrect Carl Sagan to postulate how an amphibious alien culture placed the frog in Muncie as a guidepost for interstellar travelers.

Perhaps my grandpa can help. He's been eyeing the fork lift attachment for his Rascal down to the Sears and Roebuck.


Obligatory quip about how he couldn't pass his Carnal knowledge onto anyone, so he had to just close the store...

(Thanks for your kind applause, but there's no need for a second 5-minute standing ovation.)

Fight on fight on dear old Muncie
Fight on -- Hoist the gold and blue
You'll be tattered, torn and hurtin'
Once 'The Munce' is done with you!

Goooooooo Eagles!

that name is the best. i'm late, all the good jokes have been made. i wonder what the local radio station commercial guys did with that one...did they tell people to 'get the frog over to Carnal's tile?'
we used to always sign 'dick hertz' on attendance sheets when we had a sub in high school, but this name is better.
i want to hear more about dave walking around key west in a monkey suit. did anybody notice?

Jeff, speaking of SS, I knew a guy who knew a guy back in New York who had the room next to the pied-a-terre where the Soupster used to bring his mistress. When he was home in the afternoon he'd hear the cries through the wall, "Oh... Soupy! Ohyesohyesohyes! Soupy! Souuupy!!"

Dave, were you married at the time?

"Honey, I'm just going to interview Captain Tony."

"In a monkey suit?"

"Yeah. It's for a story about the keys possibly getting overrun by monkeys."

"So...you need to wear a monkey suit for that?"

"Well, he requested it. And he is a Captain."

I voted in the on-line poll. I acknowledged that I have never been to Dick Carnal's carpet and tile store in Muncie. I suppose in some small way I am responsible for Dick's sad fate. Humbling.

jeff -i have a friend who's from albany, and they used dick hertz also..... musta been statewide!
everybody also signed 'bob cousy' = who was an alum, like 20 odd yrs before i was there.... i wonder what kids do now, since they probably do all that stuff electronically.. too bad. it was fun to do that.
i also heard there was a woman in iowa named iona hankey. but nobody uses 'hankey' any more.

There's a large bronze frog in a reinivated theatre in Lawrence, KS. The artist-owner placed a hidden microphone in the frog and operated it by remote control. Everytime a kid passed by on the way to the ticket counter, the frog would speak to him/her. When the kid tried to tell their parent that the frog actually talked, the frog would remain silent.

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