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February 21, 2005


Microsoft is "hep" to your "lingo."

(Thanks to Panda)


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Rules of grammar are rarely obeyed and mistakes are often uncorrected. I'm their! I mean... they're!

/\/\0T\/\/ ?

SInce this is a Micro$oft site, I failed to notice the use of $ as a substitute for s.

Okay, that was bizarre.

I suppose their next move is to take over the world.

I just got used to "fo-shizzle" and now this?

I'm home sick today and I still can't be first. On the brighter side; does anyone remember the girl that ran the salt solution through her nose with the teapot? Well guess what the doctor told me I need to do? Twice a day. I tried it last night. Funny it didn't show anything like what came out of my nose on her film. Maybe I need to get a web cam.

i thought that blogging wasn't going to be LIGHT today?!? i can't keep up with it all ...

... not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you.

Sweet! So now, all my typos are just me speaking another language - and a cool one at that!

Boss: Chris, I couldn't help but notice that your all company memo, the one that was 423 pages long, had not one recognizable word in it. Did you fall asleep on your keyboard again, then panic and hit print?
Chris: Gosh no, sir. I was just trying to reach out to the youth in our company. You know, to inspire them to be more like, well, you sir. That's all "leetspeak". I can dig up an article from Microsoft if you're interested, though it is a bit aldkf;adkfjweoifnddkjalf!
Boss: Was that last part there, uh, whatsitspeak?
Chris: Yeah
Boss: Looked like your neck cramped a little.
Chris: It did.
Boss: Well, good work. Why don't you go get drunk.
Chris Get...? Oh, yes sir.

Has wysiwyg seen this? He's going to be really ticked off. Unless, of course, he's also Panda.

Hey, /\/\07\/\/, you spelled your (not you're) name wrong.

matt - get better soon.
matt neffer ==> ferment aft
* well, let's hope not *


Please don't...we get the picture baby!...

Key quote:

"ph": often replaces "f," as in "phear" for "fear" (as in "ph34r my l33t skillz")



Let's see . . .

Let's type in all lower case, let's make some words longer than they would be if we just typed them correctly, let's make reading these messages almost indecipherable, let's get so used to typing stoopid that when one needs to type, say, a resume, the spellchecker will have the computer equivalent of a coronary trying to sort it out.

What time is the next geezer bus coming by?

|34rr% p\0c|

They may (think they) understand the teen lingo, but they have a bit to learn about adult lingo. How many of you refer to this sympbol: | as a 'pipe'? Most people call it a vertical bar. I've never heard anyone who wasn't a unix hacker refer to it as a pipe.

They may (think they) understand the teen lingo, but they have a bit to learn about adult lingo. How many of you refer to this sympbol: | as a 'pipe'? Most people call it a vertical bar. I've never heard anyone who wasn't a unix hacker refer to it as a pipe.

oh so that is how they have been plotting against the "establishment"

oh wait, now I get it. this is "invented spelling" at work. I said it would never come to any good.

Anyone else notice this?

Numbers are often used as letters. The term "leet" could be written as "1337," with "1" replacing the letter L, "3" posing as a backwards letter E, and "7" resembling the letter T. "0" (zero) will typically replace the letter "O."

Leets, they made ya Famous! Fo'shizzle!

/\/\ikr050pht j00 4r t3h 5ux0r


I am ready for the geezer bus too (ala$)

Why the hell is "pwn3d" in the list of words that indicate illegal activities? Are FPSs against the law now?

Yep! You and Joo are definitely going places!

Hey, and Love me the chocolate pron would ya?

tnx, @01f\/\/|D0\/\/ ! \(^.^)/

all of a sudden i understand about 50% more of the email that comes through my website.

and, perhaps coincidentally, my list of ph00lz who n33d an 4$$whuppin has just become about 50% longer.

ph34r my l33t 2tz

Ph4t, dud3!

phucking $h007 m3.

My favorite is the question at the bottom asking if this information was useful.....nope. Not at all. I'm a college student who spends too much time on aim...and I didn't get all of it...maybe it's just the 10 year olds who use all of that stuff....

b/c i H4Ve N0 /\/\4D SK1lZ dood

1'/\/\ \/\/17|-| Punky.

*$h00y$ PunX33*

Ask and ye shall receive...

|30093|2 !!

Trystan & Cubie: can u swing by my house with the bus? Ready to get on.
I'll bring cold |3ee|2 .

southerngrace - when it asked at the bottom if I found the info helpful I clicked on "NO" ;and a new window came up and stated, in effect, we're very interested in your feedback, but something is wrong with our site right now, so if you really care you'll come back later and tell us!!!!

AnD thIs is mIcrOsOfT????

!_! ^^^(*l^5EEEEEEEEED_+"""{:} (space) TR##Kj

Somehow with all the gibberish I typed in. The blog left off the part that said "anyone, please?"

How much is a ticket on that geezer bus, and where does it go?

the geezer bus is free, plus, you can understand most of what we say and won't have to think about it very much. oh, and we can spell, thank you.

I really don't know where the bus goes, to Geezer Land?

The geezer bus travels in constant circles with it's blinker on....

50 mph in the fast lane, no doubt.

Hey, don't ask me, I just drive the damn bus!

Leetie, I sure hope you're (not your) getting royalties for this!

Christ! I had a hard enough time with pig latin ... I dunno ... if it takes me longer to read a word than crochet it into my uterus pillow, I'm not interested.

At least the sign up front does not read 9€€s€rL4nd

yo im really tiredof uo guy s always messing wi the kids here and we are all really good kids who can spell and stuff and i....sigh, I can't even keep up the charade of not being able to type properly...I'm such a failure as a 'cool' kid.

To clarify, I'm not wysiwyg, just a reader who doesn't post much, just found this while I was surfing around and thought the blog would like it. Hope I didn't piss someone off too much =P

My girlfriend's daughter, who is 14, will text message me on my phone during the day and I never understand anything she sends....

So I usually end up calling her back and saying, "What the hell?" and then she gets mad because I'm using up her minutes...

So save me a spot on the geezer bus... Preferably with a window...

I've been riding the bus for some time now, and I can't recall any specifics about where we've been...

For the record, I think it's a bad idea for the geezer bus to have windows; we geezers frighten easily, and the light hurts our eyes.

Geezer Land, Disneyland, Lapland, whatever..
But I refuse to go to /\/ € \/ € R |_ A /\/ D

phucking $h007 m3.

Punky, precisely.

I've been riding the bus for some time now, and I can't recall any specifics about where we've been...

Jamester, that reminded me that a couple of years ago I was in Wheeling, WV, which, for some reason, is some sort of Mecca for senior citizen tour groups. They do go there for the Christmas lights, but I never thought they were THAT spectacular. Anyway, I was walking past two elderly women who had just gotten off on of the buses after touring the lights. One woman crabbed that it was the same as last year. The other cheerfully said "That's the best thing about Alzheimers! Everything is still new."

And every single bus had it's left turn signal on.

"pron": An anagram of "porn," possibly indicating the use of pornography."

I bet you guys already knew that.

why did they use the example of "|-|4/\/\"? It's so wierd juxtaposed against the other examples they used, like '5x1llz' and 'w4r3z'.

It reminded me of something totally unrelated:

"Tina, Come get some ham."

Proud to say that I'm new to the bus, so I get special resonsibilies. I'm in charge of the emergency exit, which is located on the left side of the bus, unless your facing backwards, then it's on the right, um, er, side of the bus, or, um, is that reversed, well, er, oh wait, it's in the back of the bus unless your facing, uh, well, uh PUNT! every geezer fot themselves, I've got to get my "Rascal" cranked up and be ready to roll!

I've been riding the bus for some time now, and I can't recall any specifics about where we've been...

Well, come on Jamester, we're in Florida of course.

*responsibilities* I typed that SOB 4 times and I'm still not sure it's right (not write)

I like my prons grilled, or pan-fried with butter.

Marvin, where does "Tina come get some ham" come from?

Am I the only one who thinks that this link was totally useless??...just asking??

jul, got any more of that tequila?

julietine - as opposed to the other links on this blog that are vital to national security?

Although I do enjoy the signs site....


here you go...take it slowly...
yes Higgy..exactly my thoughts!

411 ! \/\/@n73c| \/\/45 4 $anD\/\/|c# w!7# 3995... 4nd |-|4/\/\

I think Hooked on Phonics has definitely gone too far. This is what happens when phonics is taught to the exclusion of other methods.

And to igloo, I believe that the correct spelling of Micro$oft is merely: $


oh, crap, I understood that. I'm getting kicked off the geezer bus for sure.

Thanks Marvin. I shall put it on my Netflix list.

*Runs screaming for the Geezer Bus* I DON'T UNDERSTAND A WORD ANYONE IS SAYING!!!!!

Marvin, I just read the reviews on Netflix and some people really HATED it. But you would recommend it?

I liked it, but I am not very good at disliking movies. My sister loved it, and most of her friends did as well. My dad (50+ yrs) thought it was funny in some parts. There's not a lot of action, it's mostly situation type humor that is inherently funny and not having to do with jokes. I also think the more people who watch it at once, the funnier it is. Something to do with contagious laughter, I think.

Come with me Arcane Jill - I am not coming back to this site - I will NOT be made to feel stupid - if anyone wants to talk to me, come to some other thread :)

panda - don't take this personally - judi's never posted anything I've sent, so that fact that you were posted means you're a celebrity!!!!

I just looked at the headline for this thread and noted that it said, Attention Young People -

so I didn't belong here in the first place - now I don't feel so bad -

*leaves happy*

Nice parting gift, Eleanor (simulpost, that is).

And btw: when I went to the main page, there were two new posts, both with zero comments, and one was about Jackson (don't know which one) and the other one i didn't read the title. But it was really strange, because it was formatted like they were posted on new days, and the text was really big (all in caps, but a couple of font sizes bigger than normal). I clicked on the comment sections to anti-first, but there was about fifty spam comments already. Did anyone else see this? Because now it is gone! Did Spam hack the blog? Can we officially kill them now, without repurcussions (reapercushions? *snork*)? I know it wasn't just my imagination...although I just sneezed three times, which I've never done before. Maybe that's a sign. Of what, I don't know.

*Runs after Eleanor* Wait up!!!

Oh good Lord. I have to wade through enough leetspeak on LiveJournal. Now I have to deal with it here, too????

Uh, Marvin, I think your motherboard needs to be defragged....or something.

Anytime I simulpost with an Android i feel good about myself - even if it's with an Android who's on the juice!

Marvin, I just went to the MB and there are no new posts!

*gives Marvin some rusted Advil*

Eleanor, where are we going? Geezerland?

LTTG here. OK, the Geezer Bus driver is back. I read leetspeak pretty well for an old fart though. T-storms knocked out my internet connection for a while. Looks like I missed a lot. I see we now have an Emergency Exit Monitor

Pogo - just don't set foot off the bus! I hear there's gators in Florida that'll eat your foot right off! Also, and even more dangerously, there's college students in some parts!


COLLEGE STUDENTS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


2 b 0r /\/0+ 2 b, +a/-/+ i5 teh kw35+10/\/...

D0|\|+ \/\/ry+3 $h4k3$p33r d00d. \/\/ry+3 $0|\/|3+hy|\|g \/\/3 c4|\| 4|_|_ u|\|d3r$+4|\|d.

just kidding, Doug. One of my favorite daughters is a college student.

AND, I graduated last year myself.

The 'gataors, however....that's another story,

because i'm always waaay behind on the comments this may not make any sense...but:
What does Snoop dog use a umbrella for?

wait for it......
'fo drizzle...you may now commence groaning :)

2 b 0r /\/0+ 2 bI prefer:(2b || !2b)I think even less people understand it.

"Stewardess, I speak Jive."

Where's Barbara Billingsley when us geezers need her?

James, is that under the class method question?

And Eleanor, I know that there aren't any new messages on the main page NOW, but there used to be! (for about half a minute)

I don't understand when parents are supposed to utilize this knowledge. Are they spying on their children's conversations in Everquest or something?

It would appear, contrary to all outward evidence, that the sum total of your military or other extra-national, as well as domestic military security and training facilities, are presently under our complete control.



Of course there were Marvin - whatever you say!

Why is it that the lingo tutorials always seem to show up about 5 years after the lingo becomes obsolete?

i tld u vwls wer over-ratD

nad i thought leetspeak is what Leetie does whn she opens her mouth...

Not too surprising, since Microsoft has kids working there!

Yet another example of todays kids being left to their own computers. Their typing is hard to read and hurts my eyes.

I say you oppose this 'leetspeek' like you do spam!! Where is Mr. Grammer Person when you need him?

just ridin along on the geezer bus.... i thought the lingo thing was far out and groovey.

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