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February 21, 2005


Look no farther.

(Thanks to Claire Martin, who notes that the whole sign site is excellent)

Update: Here's a sign for judi.

Update: If we see this thing, we are running it over.

Update: If your dog's poop appears to be this color, one of you needs prompt medical attention.


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Notice Sign #175-- the translation reads, "Place Urinal Penny Here"

On that last one, Dave - why is the dog grimacing but the child is smiling?

No, wait, it's lunchtime. Don't answer that one just yet.

hey, thanks, dave! can i hang it on the office door?

I'm thinking about putting #19 in the conference room ...

I think they mistranslated that last one. It should read: Beware of Dog Poop Thieves!

I would have thought sign 119(judi's) would have been captioned...
"Caution Woody Crossing. Please maintain your distance."

Why do I even come here? Poop, again?

Exactly Kick Shoe,

Why do you???

Completely offtopic:
As I left corporate cafeteria a little while ago, I heard one of the (all female) casheirs call out, "Does anyone need any nipples?" I spun quickly and stared at the source of the voice. Nobody else seemed to have noticed. I'd been staring like an idiot for a while by the time I realized that she had too many nickles in her register.

I love those all female cashiers, especially when they let me tease their nickles.

Yeah, I had lunch in a cafe in SanFran once, and I'm pretty sure my cashier was only part female.

judi, #114 is either an impressionist sculpture of an oyster with a pearl, or some kind of failed, king size, outdoor skee-ball deal.

judi, that's a sculture of an oyster with a mirrored gazing ball, set in the center of a pond with sprinkler fountains.

judi, that's a sculpture of an oyster with a mirrored gazing ball, set in the center of a pond with sprinkler fountains.

judi, judi, judi,
#114 is an american oyster with a single WMD lodged in it's innards. It is an W-1038 planet buster, that has mistakenly and perhaps tragically ended up in someones sunken driveway. This W-1038 was placed off the American coast by our good friends the French.

Make sure you take your dogs (sic) shit with you is definitely a sign we could use in Brooklyn, believe me.

Especially after Thai food, our dog enjoys a bit of Italian ice to cool things down.


Interesting. It went up the second time.

reneviht - thanks.

Egyptian walking never really caught on in Canada.

It's very tricking on ice.

reneviht - thanks.

Egyptian walking never really caught on in Canada.

It's very tricky on ice.

That sign that says Toilet-thru sounds like a drive thru potty! I could use that sometimes because I have a newly potty trained daughter and a son that is almost ready to potty train. So, we're driving down the road, and from the backseat comes the yell, "I gotta pee!" Now we're calculating trips based on how far apart bathroom stops are going to be! A drive thru could be a great convenience for my family.


I think you have something there. Seeing as my penguin fuelled engine project is going nowhere (running very low on penguins) I need a new project. One of my vehicles has a bathroom in the back, which is very usefull, but cannot be used on the move.

Any ideas on the vehicle modifications that would be needed?

I don't understand the one "for Judi". Why would Judi be interested in a sign of a guy in a wheelchair with a giant erection??

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