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February 18, 2005


You need this.

(Via Gizmodo)

Update: You probably also need this.


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hell yeah!

I was hoping it would use a REAL hamster -- I have one I could donate!

oh what FUN to irritate all the anally retentive people in your immediate vicinity

I have an airzooka - they are very cool.

However, it should be noted, most men are born with an airzooka.

Why are these two seperate products? I need an ClockAir HampsterZooka, for measuring how long it takes me to knock the wind out of a rodent.

I love that product!...I am getting one!...

Just think of the spitball fights you could have!

Now, if I could stick the hamster in the airzooka and shoot it at my unsuspecting office mates, THAT would be funny.

Well, maybe not for the hamster.

I'm getting an Airzooka to use on morons talking to their girlfriends on their cellphones while driving.

sign me up.

Objection your honor! If the Megazooka is admitted to the office we will never see women in short skirts again!

What do we use on the morons trying to shoot an airzooka while driving?

*picks up phone and dials police*

LMC - "I was hoping it would use a REAL hamster --I have one I could donate!"

Uh-huh. Suuuure! Thats what they ALL say.

*non emergency 911 operator answers*

"Yes, I'd like to let you guys know that the we've found the robber who stole the turtle and hamster... they just tried "donating" it, and everyone KNOWS you don't just go around "donating" hamsters!"

This looks very which like a device I invented years ago for shooting rancid kippers across the office.

... but this one has two legs????

Well, since I can't bring my leafblower to work...

pogo, there will still be women in short skirts, they just won't have panties on, for your viewing enjoyment

Has anyone tried this on their cat? 'Cause I'm thinking that would just be friggin hilarious!

I can't tell you how many times I've been told to "cock your MegaZooka in position while waiting for the air assault to begin."

If you love me, you will get me that hamster clock for my birthday. And I will probably need a new one every year, because the cat will probably break it. So you'll need to make sure that the company doesn't go out of business within the next 12 years or so, until I get tired of getting a new hamster clock for my birthday. I know that's a lot of work--making sure a hamster clock company stays in business for 12+ years--but, like I said, if you love me...

"Well, Blow me down!"

"A little to the right, please."

"Aaaaah, perfect."

Airzooka. For all your Blow on the Go needs

[makes note of Tamara's unique needs]

Now, for those of us who are pyros (and you know who you are), there needs to be a way to incorporate flaming aerosol into the airzooka.

*greets DEON with a big hug*

What about flaming hamsters?

I hope Dave & Judi get specify FedEx™ Overnight delivery with their order. Once they get it installed, I think the blog clock will finally be synchronized with that of EVERYBODY ELSES ON THIS PLANET!

Hamsters don't burn good.

Hah! That air-zooka won't effect me, as I have in my office a browser that blocks pop-up sites.

Now pop-up sights, on the other hand...

This does look to be the right weapon to fire penguins of mass destruction.

Oh sure, post this *after* Valentine's Day...

Flaming Hampsters wbagnfarb

I had a Wham-O Air Blaster when I was a kid in the '60s. My friend Jimmy and I used to blast leaves and stuff around the yard. Probably terrorized a cat or two also. This thing looks like it has more high-tech doodads -- a pop-up site for example -- but basically it's the same kind of gun I had back in the '60s. Wham-O was the neatest toy company ever. And some cool ideas never die.

Now if only I still had my vintage original Green Machine...that thing was a work of art. I firmly believe that my toys were way cooler than the toys that are out today.

"And then there was the true story about two janitors playing around with an air hose after work at the Southern Cotton Oil Mill (Newport, Ark.)when everyone else had gone home.(1960's) One man put the air hose to the other one's astroid orfice and literally 'blew' him up! When the case came to court, the judge (A. Ponder) decreed that the culprit was innocent due to 'stupidity!' (a first) The story made the national news."

It's actually pretty easy to incorporate flames. All you'd need is a propane tank, a blowtorch, and a filter that keeps the tank from igniting. Now THAT I could buy.

Oh, and Flaming Hamsters wbagnfarb

..gives new meaning to "that blows".

My Cousin Mark would come to visit with his taco bell dog Bambi and he would put Bambi's head in the air blaster, until his mom found out....I still remember my air blaster, what fun!!!

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