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February 18, 2005


Look no farther.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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That's just ear-ie

I wonder if he uses earplugs when he goes swimming, to keep from drowning...?

Forget that; can he drink through his ear?

*shoots Debbie for thinking of it first*

So instead of boogers, this guy shoots earwax across the room when he sneezes?

Well, if the factory worker gig doesn't pan out, there's always the birthday party circuit for the 4-and-under demographic.

So...do you talk into his nose?

If I were a gorilla I'd find that WAY more entertaining that looking at Ms. Patterson's nipples all damn day.

Ah, blow it out your, um, ear.

It's a tough gig, the party entertainment business. I had a friend who could blow up balloons with his arse, and yet, he always found himself home on a Saturday night while all the strippers were booked.

Go figure.

Maybe he should have opted for the frilly, lacy boxers, Cbol.

he looks like he is gonna stroke out

Yeah, C-bol, I dig your friend's plight. It's a specialized skill, too, blowing up balloons (well, blowing up anything) using nothing but the power of one's ass.

Here's an idea for those lonely Saturday nights at home, why doesn't he start a bowling league where everyone has to wear those fart shoes... I bet that'll cheer him right up.

I guess some people don't need to buy an Airzooka or Megazooka.

D'Art - that is an excellent idea. I think combining that with shortty's lacy boxer idea means I ...er my friend will never stay home on Saturday night again!

I tell ya, airheads these days....SHEESH!

I know I know...that was WAY lame, but I had to.

didn't Benny Hill do a skit once about a lacy-boxer-wearing, shoe-farting bloke who knocked down bowling pins with his ass cannon?

LOL on the ass cannon

Let's book him for the next bloggers' reunion!...

This is soooo, not a big deal. I can fill up water balloons using my penis and I don't need the help of a straw.


I knew there was a reason why I liked you so much!...:-)

but can he play any Sousa tunes on his armpit?


If it's not too personal, where are you from? You've said a couple times that you don't think your english is good, just curious as to from where you originate.

Brian baby,

I am from a beautiful country called Venezuela....I have been in the US for 20 yrs and I love Dave Barry because I owe many of my written English skills to him!!!!...his books and columns have been very educational!...

ps: I am not that old...I came here when I was 16!


I can imagine that his wife blowing in his ear during moments of 'burping out white clouds' has rather messy side effects......

WC, you made me snork v-8 all over my screen!!

but, to answer queensbee's question, I bet she can play 'Oh, Susahanna' when blowing in his ear and fingering his nostrils........

'Air Conditioning' or 'Swiss Cheese!'

If he smokes, can he blow 'smoke rings' out of his ears? He might make the Dave letterman show.

wc, ix-nay on comparing your enis-pay to an aw-stray. Unless you're filling weather balloons.


Reminds me of the really old joke about the man that sat at the bar all night drinking beer. The bartender finally told him that if he didn't go to the loo, he might pee right there on the floor. The man said," Oh, I don't intend to pee on the floor right here, but 'WAY' over there!"

The photo is priceless.

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