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February 16, 2005


You know how that smarmy guy on Battlestar Galactica is pretending to develop a Cylon detector? Here's one for geeks: What is your reaction to this page?

(Thanks to Kasey Rogg)


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oooohhhh... cool!

You should post a warning for that page!

and it is updated HOURLY!!

All together now
1,3,5,7,11,13,17, Oooh, look, something shiny!

Way cool! I love primes! 51 is my favorite random prime.

I'm embarrassed to admit it but . . . I submitted this.

I've lived a narrow and shelted life. Haven't seen sunlight in 3 years.

*returns to TRS-80 restoration project*

ummm... Lab ?

*never mind*

I'm more of a Fibonacci guy, myself.

But hey, to each their own.

You know, there was a reason I changed my major AWAY from engineering.

(Calculus. The reason was calculus.)

What do you mean, "reaction?" That's my homepage.

my brain hurts

"Discusses how big have the largest known primes been historically (and uses that to predict how big they will be)!"

need i say more........

I feel so left out! I know about primal urges but not so much about prime numbers. Why on earth would they need to be updated hourly?

I failed my pre-Calculus class in high school. And the matheletes didn't want me. I love math, but it doesn't seem to love me. Although when I say the matheletes didn't want me, I don't mean they didn't want me; they certainly encouraged me to stick around...but... they were matheletes.

From the FAQ

"Why?" we are often asked, "why would anyone want to find a prime that big?"” . . . [reason #]4. For the glory!
Look at the incredible size of these giant primes! Those who found them are like the athletes in that they outran their competition. They are like the mountain climbers in that they have scaled to new heights. Their greatest contribution to mankind is not merely pragmatic, it is to the curiosity and spirit of man. If we lose the desire to do better, will we still be complete?"

Greatest contribution to mankind?

Aim high.

Funny how there's not reference to "Prime"-ates.

Primates - Prime Eights, get it?

*Ducks Quickly*

I searched through the FAQ's and did not find what must be the most asked FAQ:


Leetie- hey, that hurts! i'm a contributor to the online encyclopedia of integer sequences!
*realizes now he can never post again*

I'm too excited by this page to comment...

Quick, somebody make a booger joke. I'm sort of losing you on this one.

I love prime numbers - I don't know what they are, but I love the concept!

Is 51 a prime number????

El. - no, it isn't since 51 = 3 x 17, I didn't mention it above because having my geekdom 'outed' was too painful.

*shifts into 'lecture' mode:*
"A prime number is a positive whole number greater than 1, which has no factors besides itself and 1."

In other words, 5 is prime because 2,3,4 don't divide evenly into it, only 1 and 5 do. 6 is not prime, because 6 = 2 x 3.

I'm with Tamara. I don't get why it needs updating. Do the prime numbers change with the tides of the moon? Is someone, somewhere adding new numbers? Are there more numbers today than there were this time last year?

Insomniac: Zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

OK, that was rude, Insomniac and I'm truly sorry. You are clearly excited by this and if you want to explain about "primes" and "positive whole numbers" well, then I should
zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzz

This page is supported by UTM - U of Tennessee at Martin, which is where my family works and where I was raised (the town, not the college).

We are on Dave's blog! We're going platinum!

What does this have to do with Battlestar Galactica?

Okay, I'll admit it. This stuff makes me hot.
I loved Calc and Diff-E-Q

hangs head in shame

But my ex was a bigger geek than me!

PS - I think I actually have a functioning TRS-80 at home - No, it's a TI-85, and a TI-82. And a supercharged HP-86 something or other, too.

Okay, I'll admit it. This stuff makes me hot.
I loved Calc and Diff-E-Q

hangs head in shame

But my ex was a bigger geek than me!

PS - I think I actually have a functioning TRS-80 at home - No, it's a TI-85, and a TI-82. And a supercharged HP-86 something or other, too.

Sorry 'bout that, I was playin' with my Emale

SB: I'm a professional geek, was married to an even bigger geek, and we both watched Battlestar Gallatica. Coincidence? I think not. I had a crush on both the guys, but favored Starbuck for his rebellious nature.

Insomniac - I just want to be clear that my "Zzzzzzz's" are directed at the concept of "math", not at you. I generally LOVE your posts and I'm feeling a bit guilty because I just read on another thread that Eleanor may have possibly zzzz'd in your direction over something else. Rest assured that your poems and comments are funny, pithy, clever and - I think I speak for the rest of the ladies on this blog - VERY sexy. (I don't really know what that means, but I want you to know you are NOT boring!)

I am so into math, I flunked "Math for Liberal Arts Students" in college, the only F I ever got. Unless you count the two times I took Algebra I in high school. Maybe I should make that my homepage. www.girlsgonewildinpeoria.com is wearing thin.

Giddy: I had a TI-83 in high school, when everyone else had TI-82's, and I was Hot Stuff.

Thanks, "Gerald." ;)

I'm worried for the author of the page....Anyone else seen Pi?

giddy: on the NEW battlestar galactica, starbuck's a girl ;) and a pretty hot girl if you ask me.

Thanks Giddy... finally something I can relate to - Battlestar Galactica and Starbuck... she is hot! Seriously, if you haven't noticed on the new Sci-Fi channel series Starbuck is a woman. I only caught the pilot and one other episode but the series kind of snuck up on me. The pilot was done last year with much fanfare but word on the street was that it wasn't going to be picked up by anyone.. then all of the sudden I found it on a couple of weeks ago.

And prime numbers don't excite me in the least. They are positive and as a CPA, I tend to like positives better than negatives, but I'm seriously not getting anything out of the web page.

Haven't had cable or dish
since I kicked that bum out,
Now sexy ol' Starbuck's a chick?
Get the f^^k out!

It's just... it's just.. (sniff)
I get a little sensitive, only having the major broadcast networks (the UNcable), what with 2 kids not yet in school. I miss Nick Jr., Playhouse Disney, Noggin..

Tamara - yer TI-83 must've kicked some mathematic butt! You GO girl!

Disclaimer: don't feel too sorry for me and my teevee antenna, I'll always have my DSL..

Judi - agreed! Starbuck rules! Cylons Drool! (except for the hot blonde one - oh yeah, Cylons can look like humans now... more opportunity for gratuitous hotties!)

Wasn't Starbuck a charater from Moby Dick?

pi=3.1415 etc., etc.

*proud she knows pi*

*when headache goes away is going to try to think of a prime number without cheating*

insom - thanks for the lesson - I thought it was just division, not multiplication -

Nah he/she (Starbuck)is an intergalactic terorist sent to wipe out the Earth with overpriced coffee bistros

The Starbuck I recall wore these tight beige pants with dark brown stripes, and with buns like two perfect scoops of butter pecan ice cream..

(the ice cream quote from Charlotte's gay friend, SATC, season 6)

dammit now the terrorists are taking my r's! (terorists)

Geek factoid:

I actually fell asleep the other night trying to remember how pi's derived..

(ay is pie are squared, then, it's d-squared over fore times pie.. *gulp* I think I need cable..)

Anybody remember "pie are roound, cornbread are square"?

No? ok then,

e to the x
dy dx
e to the x
three point one four four five nine!

Yea engineers!


I am so turned on!...you are sooo super hot!...

and Debbie stop apologizing!..if insomniac is a member of this blog he gets you and the fact that the zzzzs were not directed at him!..now go get a tequila shot baby!...


Should have been:

three point one four one five nine!

Of course 51 divided by 3 would be 17 - duh!

*awards self prize for bonehead remark of the day*

*fellow blogits take it back because of headache impairment*

My first online experience was on a borrowed Commodore 64, with like a 300 baud modem.

I think one of my brothers actually had that TRS-80.

Wait a minute! When I was in school, for a number to be prime, it had to, well, be prime.

Now they have "relative prime"? As in the 12 and 25 are relatively prime because the only common denominator they have is 1.

What the hell is this? Some kind of feel good program for non-prime numbers?

Hey! I'm 37 years old. I'm in my prime! Crap, I only have a few months left!

For some real excitement, check out the "Prime Curios" link, where we find that 313, in addition to being Donald Duck's license plate number (honest!), is "the smallest multi-digit palindromic prime of the form n x phi(n) + 1, where phi(n) is the Euler function." Be still, my heart!

Hey, I'm in my "prime" too! 19 is prime (wait... yeah, it is)

Apparently, the largest prime has over 7 million digits! I may be a little bit of a math geek, but THAT IS INSANE!!!!!

Pogo, that brought back old memories...

*clears throat*

Bless her little pointed head,
Mother was a Tech coed.
She couldn't cook, she couldn't sew,
But she could fix a radio.

Technology marches on... whereas in the past I had to be physically present to put people to sleep, I can now put people to sleep in other time zones, for free!

"How ironic, Batman, the Insomniac whose greatest power was to put people to sleep!"

"That's why he's so twisted, old chum."

Love those cheers, pogo/ErnieG ...

So, a prime is a hole number, greater than one ...

One, hole number ...

Two, hole number ...

Three, ... Holy Holes, Batman! (Holey Holes?)

Another of my favorite websites mentioned !

(at my school, we once tried to start a 'team' for math competitions, called M***** University Math Problem Solvers, or MUMPS)

a joke I received today:

For a good Prime, call:


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