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February 15, 2005


You do not want to move to Germany.

(Thanks to Steve Lancaster and several others)


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Bodily Harm???!?!?!

COCK - Doodle-doo!! First!!!

"Crowing Cock"
Enuf Said.


Appears they forgot to pack their alarm cock.

i just like the name of the town. [one of the several others who sent it in . ..]

Wacken rooster alarm clock wbagnfarb

SO Phonetically "Itzehoe" works out to...
Its ze hoe?
So we have a crowing cock in Itzehoe? Inquiring minds want to know.

Is it just me or would anyone else have filled up their house with chicken poop before the cops were called?

WC - most of just don't have access to that much chicken poop.

cock crowing???..Is that what I think it is???

"angry vaginas" and "crowing cocks"

hummmmm, this needs more investigation......

So, next they'll tell me my little prank of burning down my neighbor's house when he went to the market is somehow a crime?

Whatever happened to the good old days of progressively stupid pranks until someone dies, with NO POLICE INVOLVED?

This story is from circa mid 1970s. My husband's sister once had some upstairs neighbors who played their brand of music very loud. Several attempts to contact them and ask them to turn it down failed.

Sis-in-law obtained a 45 rpm record of "Disco Duck." She loaded it on a turntable set on a 6-foot step ladder under the vent to said neighbor's apartment. She turned the volume to max and set it to automatically replay when the record was finished. She went out of town for the weekend.

Neighbors were quiet after that.

"Neighbors were quiet after that."

Good one, MOTW. They probably moved.

no history of antagonism? bet there will be one now

I bet they were just tired out from all the dancing. Because, when you hear Disco Duck, you just have to dance.


I'm only trying to determine what would make one say to onesself, "You know, if we do this, with or without a history of antagonism, we're bound to be in quite a spot of trouble when we get home. So, jolly good idea."

Why I've suddenly come over all pseudo-British is another mystery entirely.

I say deary, just say `Oh golly gosh' six times each morning.

Have you British in no time.


For those with phony cocks, we salute you!
*this would also work for the Tom Sizemore thread*

A cock crowing at an enormous volume can definitely be a problem, if you know what I mean.

*snickers* Ah, my friends, obviously we have taught ze youngt Musketeer well! MORE WINE,WENCH! *pinches wench*

"I have never known a crowing cock to be a problem....."

**ak girl blushes, and tells her angry vagina to quit talking....**

A Cock is no laughing matter!

Thought about posting G#1 giving G#2 something to crow about, but thought better of it.

Apparently their cock was bigger, louder, AND a better lov--crower.

Louder G#1 and Angry G#2. Hmmmm

Is there any cock au vin left or did the Cardinal's Guards suck it all down?

Stop making so much noise!

So THIS is how Hitler got so much power! What did Machiavelli know?

"Appears they forgot to pack their alarm cock"



My guess is that the sound effects (tape, whatever) didn't taste like chicken ...

Here's one: "Reverend Arthur Weaselboinker" anagrams to "Unreel her, wivern skateboarder!"

Just for the record, I have never been boinked by any reverends, Arthur or otherwise.

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