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February 24, 2005


Nothing says "character" like giant fiberglass frogs.

Key Quote: "We have a bigger committee this year, so we were able to devote an entire subcommittee to security."


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First, maybe...

Key quote:
"Although pigs were decorated last time, this year’s decision was to decorate something everyone can relate to."

Law & Order: Amphibious Intent

Barry Manilow is performing RIGHT NOW on GMA!!!

Robot frog?

Marvin, do you know anything about this?

" "Astro-Frog" has a less traditional, more futuristic design."

I didn't realize there was such a thing as traditional frog art. Learn somethin' new ever' day!

I was in Lafayette once. "Livin in Lafayette" is an oxymoron.

That's what we call "tax dollars at work"!....

Yeee-Haw!!! I'ma roundin' up my pirogue, gigs, headlam...wait...scratch.

I'ma gettin' me a bottle of Jack Daniels, roundin' up my Kip's Big Boy/Spongebob caper buddies and some of them RU-21REDS...YEEE-HAW!!!

Pigs, frogs, bears...it's all just a rip off of Chicago's cows (followed the next summer by extra large fiberglass couches....)

"It’s just stuff you would see living in Lafayette," she said.


"Honey, pack your bags, we're moving to Lafayette."
"But, why? Our lives, the kids, everything we have is here..."
"There is all this stuff you would see living in Lafayette, though."
"Like what?" *tears*
"Decorated pigs, and painted frogs. One frog is even painted in burgundy and silver, colors that represent Lafayette Life."
"Alright, you pack, I'll clean."

Ive been reading this blog for awhile and Ive thought of who some of yu remind me of. Christobol is like Fox Mulder, XFiles, Lab Specimin, Larry Sanders, title character, Eleanor, CJ Cregg of West Wing, Julietine like Jackie Burkart of That 70s Show, Jeff Meyerson is Toby Ziegler of West Wing, Scatilogical is Frasier Crane, title character, UO is Louie Depalma of Taxi and Arcane Jill is Linsay Bluthe Funke of Arrested Development. Am I right or what.

Doesn't C-bol live near there?

This could explain A LOT!

Jackie Burkart!...???...why??..is she a slut???...

oatmeal breakfast reminds me of my accountant.

*snorking at julietine*

And don't forget, I am the walrus (coo-coo-coo-choo, etc.).

Fabulous Lafayette Frog Follies! Film at five.

When I was in college, my best friend and I would pair our instructors with animals they looked like. One guy with naturally wavy brown hair in a mullet and big eyes looked like a Cocker Spaniel. The department chair had large glasses and a very defined chin that made him the perfect Owl. One large-ish male student had a hairy back and very long eyelashes - buffalo.

And speaking for myself, I've never really cared for oatmeal.

"This just in. Traffic is at a standstill in downtown Lafayette this morning. An unexplained phenomena has occurred. Thousands, upon thousands, of canines, of all shapes and sizes, have descended upon the area. Dogs are patiently waiting in line, one behind the other, to get a chance to climb up on these giant frog backs that you can see behind me. Once atop, the pooches seem to go into...what can best be described as a licking frenzy. A number of the animals have fallen off the frog backs due to dehydration. Medical units are on the scene administering IVs to the worst of the lot. The police chief has issued a warning to all residents...do NOT try to interfere with the dogs as they will react in an aggressive manner. Ears flat back, hair standing on end and eyes bulging in one report, almost like a crazed cat. More at 10. Back to you in the studio."

Did someone mention crazed animals who need to be shot?

* cocks gun *

These are not only an American sensation. Belin, Germany had a giant event two years ago where they sent 6 ft. tall bears to artist in different countries, to be shown and auctioned later in Berlin. I must say, Qatar's actually frightened me.

uhh, I meant fiberglass bears. You probably could have guessed that, but just making sure.

OK by me, oatmeal :)

OK by me, oatmeal :)

We had 'people' in Omaha. Kinda scary looking roundish cartoon people that stood about 8 foot tall. They were everywhere. Businesses started buying them up, and they are still everywhere, but just inside now.

I was going to submit a decorated frog with a few of my buddies. We were going to model it after our favorite "quirky personality" frog - The Bufo Frog.

Unfortunatly, we didn't get our frog in on time. We got a little distracted when mixing up our lickable slime...

I guess Alaska is lucky. No weird animal statues. Many people and businesses have chainsaw ice carvings in their yards/parking lots. They are kinda cool though. I would imagine it takes some talent to carve a moose out of an ice block.

From those wacky folks down at Purdue
A public pork park-art debut
"We'll knock all you pig spotters
Right off of your trotters.
Though it's 'ham'ateur hour, to be true."

Scranton, PA has had Miles of Mules. It's just as stupid as it sounds.

What this article really needed was about 10 more column inches, so it could explore the topic in greater detail...

Uh, and Oatmeal Breakfast, are you calling me an immature recovering drug addict? Cause if you are, I finished my prototype Crack Cat Launcher today, and I can show you how it works...*chambers a Crack Kat*

I believe it's Beatrix Potter, not Beatrice ...

(also improper usage as per AP Stylebook on usage/entry of CASAs ...
August what?! 1? 15? 31? Caesar? Guns?

Tsk, tsk, tsk ... and people wonder why I get upset about "professional" writers making mistakes ...

oatmeal breakfast -- Louie DePalma? THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I was sure you were gonna say "Jim Ignatowski" ...

Trivia question: Does anyone know Beatrix Potter's middle name?

Not sure if they copied Berlin ('Belin' ?) but for two years now, Grants Pass Oregon has had fiberglass bears. Six feet tall and painted like you would not believe, it's a big fund-raiser for local charities. First year they had just bears, last year it was one bear and one cub - a pair of bears - bear pair? um,,,time to go home now
*turns off compu*

Scat, I'm still angry about being mistaken for an immature drug addict. I have my Crack Kitty Launcher ready for action if Oatmeal Breakfast returns.

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