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February 23, 2005


It can be useful after all.

(Thanks to freelance fred)


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Yeah, but do they serve food?

* darts out of work to acquire Big Chief tablet and chalk *

Wasn't this blogged already?

There's a strip club in Worcester MA that serves food. The sign says "Hot Box Lunch". Yuck!

So THAT'S what Tamara meant when she said she was signing up for an art class......

This club is full at 60 people? I guess the easels must take up a lot of room!

Wasn't there a story some time back about strippers staging mini-productions of Shakespeare and doing dramatic readings, etc. to get around the same kind of ordinance....

You've got to admire their dedication to their craft...

I dated a stripper once many moons ago... She was actually one of the nicer women I've been out with and as an added bonus, she could always break a $20 if you needed change....

Hey, I got your artistic community right here.

igloo -

... r.e. food servings ... mebbe tacos?

(Ducks and runs, to avoid nickel police ...)

I may not know art, but I know what I like . . .

"Man, this is so artistic it's really, erm, moving me, you know?"
"I hear you. Give her a $20 and watch what she does with your pencil."

"When I Hear the Word 'Art,' I Reach for My Wallet"

(Merci monsieur Godard)

Ultimate Observer,
Now I know where I can spend the $20 I found at the Rose Bowl Parade. AND get a Taco just the way I like it.

Gotta love the inventiveness of entrepreneurs!

*pulls out sketchpad*

I can't draw for crap, but I'm always willing to learn!

..and let the dancers go without their G-strings and pasties.

I had no idea what 'pasties' are, so I looked it up:

"Tradition has it that the original pasties contained meat and vegetables in one end and jam or fruit in the other end, in order to give the hard-working men 'two courses'. Cornish housewives also marked their husband's initials on the left-hand side of the pastry casing, in order to avoid confusion at lunchtime."

Now I'm even more confused.

MKJ: recovered from the Andes trip?

You found MONEY at the Rose Parade ?????
You must have been sitting under the bleachers near the Texas fans, right ???

philippe, pasties like this are more likely to lead to intercourse than they are to 'two courses'.

Phillipe: Think of the thing Janet Jackson was wearing at Last Year's Superbowl.

Cornish lunchtimes are somewhat more lively than English ones Mr. Philippe. That is without haddock slapping for afters.

Near the Quad Cities, on the Iowa/Illinois border, was an extablishment called The Center for the Performing Arts which was basically the same deal, although admission was free. You could bring your own booze for those long days working on your art project. They had your typical burger and fried food faire. You got a sketch pad and art supplies -- albeit limited -- where available. I have been there a couple times. "Would take some serious multi tasking if I had a beer, a sketch pad and was sitting up there at sniffers row," a buddy of mine once said.

Debbie: Thanks for clearing that(not them)up!

Debbie -

Those look sorta like bananas ... or at least one end of a banana ... if you imagine away the pasties, that is ...


First of all, "if you imagine away the pasties" is almost redundant. Pasties were invented to be imagined away.

Secondly, why are guys always comparing women's ramparts to "fruit"? Melons... grapefruits... cantalopes, etc. Could it be that men just really, REALLY like produce alot and only ogle ramparts because of their similarities to fruit?

Thirdly, I have to say that, while I've heard many sexual references to "bananas", they're not usually referring to girls. Uncle O, are you absolutely positive you are not secretly coveting "bananas" and then just projecting that lust onto ramparts to hide something you can't admit even to yourself?

Debbie - sometimes it's best not to over-analyze the way things work. Men like ramparts and women like for men to like ramparts, along with various corollaries.

Disclaimer: No generalization is entirely true including this one.

Debbie -

1. Ya, I gnu that, r.e. "imagining away" stuff ... including mostly all of an attractive persons items of attire ... whatever ... that "imagining away" is part of the fun ...

2. Not really, I was just referring to that other thread that had the "what kind of fruit does this remind you of ..." in reference to ramparts and stuff ... When I looked at the mannequin with the pasties, I recalled that thread, and then ... no, not pears, tho it's a nice pair ... not lemons ... not really the right shape for oranges and such ... then it just ... (oops, almost said "came to me" there) sorta seemed natural ...

3. No again. I was quite aware of the possible connotations associated with mentioning bananas, but the imagery still seemed to be right (and the left isn't too bad either) ... ("I'd like to peel those bananas ... " might be a fitting comment, if they were real ...)
Nope, no "projections" here ... and that's the problem ... as I may have mentioned prior, at my age, imagination and memory is about all there is ... besides which already, I'm quite satisified and secure in my hetero-ness ... no two ways about it ... !!!

UO - at my age I have trouble telling imagination from memory. It's kinda nice!

Uncle O, I was just goading you a bit. I know from your many other posts that you're quite a hetero- kind of guy.

But I think you and Pogo need to stop painting yourselves as old cronies. You're both as young as anyone else here. This blog is the great age-equalizer!

Reminds me of Woody Allen's line when, for a promotional stunt for Playboy magazine back in the late 60s, he worked as a dresser one weekend at the Crazy Horse in Vegas. (quoting from memory here)

"I developed a simple backstage philosophy. If it moves, fondle it."

"Comes in an awesome multi-color hi-gloss box"

It figures you'd probably just play with the box (no puns were unintentionally not uninformedly proposed in the above statement)

Debbie - Yah, OK ... I gnu that ... just havin' fun ... and yes, your philosophical analysis of the blog as an age-equalizer is amazingly true ... I've chatted with others who turn out to be younger than my own kids ... and it's all one-to-one-as-equals here ... except when 'lota and them others are on the nickel posse huntin' down transgressing MCPs ...

pogo - yup, I know exactly ... um ... what was the question?

Balanchine - with you & pogo & Debbie & MKJ here, I've had as many LOLs in the last four posts as in the rest of today's blogging ...

MKJ - Well, 1-2-3 ... whatever ... that must be in Pounds, Sterling, and not in American ... (but now we know for sure ... she's not a "natural" blonde ...)

M/PA -

Yeah, right ...

U.O. - thanks but I defer to the Woodman for your yucks.

Balanchine - au contraire mes amie ... (hope I din't butcher that effort too badly) ... just the fact that you remember these great lines earns you the kudos ... I'm fairly familiar with Woody also, and I'd forgotten that one ... I've got a great memory ... it just doesn't last very long these days ...


you have the professional courtesy to acknowledge sources ... that also earns you even more honorifics ... when they're ours, we claim 'em, when they're not ... some folks still try to claim 'em ... (there's a really old -- 70-80 years ago? -- anecdote about that concept, but later ...)

You do fine, just keep on with more of the same humor-inducers ...

I bow. I scrape. Now I can't stand up.

Pinto: I dated a stripper once many moons ago


*in overly snooty British accent*

I've always been a patron of the arts.

my yr. sister is an artist, in school she took figure drawing courses and one of the male models was also a stripper.
This seems like a natural (or au naturel)progression.
"You here for the class? There's a two-drink minimum."

"But I'm just auditing."

"Then you can just listen to the naked ladies."

MKJ -- I noticed no bids on those pasties. Personally I think it's because they give a woman that furry Koko look. You have a point on the counting issue. I'm further concerned that the Brits seem to think self adhesive ornamentation is okay at all three locations. I can see it in the northern regions, but I don't know about at the equator. Not sure that merkin is OSHA approved.

Insomn: good ones.

"On what it calls Art Club Nights, the Erotic City strip club charges customers $15 (8 pounds) for a sketch pad, pencil, and a chance to see completely naked women dancers."

I've been to Boise. I used to live near Boise. And I'm fairly certain that they've never charged anyone 8 pounds sterling to get into this or any other establishment in that fine city.

Oh hi Mad... um, yes, my art class is going on a field trip. Can you break a $20 for me before I go?

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