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February 25, 2005


AND a good name for a rock band: Nude glowing rodent.


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Nibbles Zimmer sounds like a nefarious character.

better than a Jimi Hendrix poster, cool

In addition to his academic duties as a professor of chemistry, molecular science and environmental chemistry, Zimmer is a computational chemist who quantifies research and data in what is called GFP

bet he gets LOTS of dates.


On one hand"Zimmer says. “No one of us will cure cancer"...
and on the other "It used to be that you had to kill lab mice to do cancer research on them. Now, that's not near as frequent..."
Why the experimentation then...Got tired of pulling wings off of flys?

Dressed in jeans, a sweater and running shoes, Zimmer is a boyish 43-year-old Ph.D. with his native South African accent and a “Rubber Soul”-era haircut.
Is Rick Koster trying to set Zimmer up for a date or what? What is the "Rubber Soul" era? (don't answer that, I may not really want to know)

the mouse needs black velvet accessories, he does look like a black light poster

And probably some slaps in the face to.

"Would you like to come up to my room and see my glowing rodent?"


The reason Glowy, well, glows, is because scientists discovered why certain jellyfish and fireflies do. They then located that specific gene, isolated it and found a way to remove it and replicate it.

Uh-oh. I think I know what the next generation will do for body enhancement now that tattooing, piercing, and branding have become passe. Thank gods I don't have kids . . .

"Zimmer adds that, for those thinking a neon mouse might be fun to have around the house, the animals are developed for research purposes and typically would be far too expensive for domestic entertainment."

Why? Is their diet restricted to depleted plutonium, or something?

Janitor, women really go for the geeky intellectual types. At least that's what my mom keeps telling me.

Lab - like this ? ;-)

Is it necessary to clarify that the mouse is nude? Are mice wearing clothes these days?

Oh, I get it. The last scientist who announced a glowing mouse had actually just dressed a mouse in a glow-jacket, like ya do.

The professor is apparently married w/kids, since they mention his family frequently in the article. He probably doesn't need to get dates.

C'bol, interesting euphemism... although I'm not sure how many ladies would be interested in a dude who calls it his "mouse"... references to a glowing "jacket" aside...

C-bol, stating that the mouse is nude is an obvious way to draw attention. Otherwise, why not just call the mouse hairless? Most people would rather see anything nude than hairless.

... how 'bout nude and hairless? Just thinkin' out loud...

I understand that Cher(not share) is undergoing this gene therapy for her next "Honestly, This Is Really The Last Time I'm Going On Tour, Farewell Tour".

MOTW, that looks almost *exactly* like me. Only I'm sexier.

Hmmm...Cher and Manilow nude and hairless....

Nope, it's not working.

For the love of all that is holy, Christobol! What are you trying to do to us?!

I'll have nightmares for weeks now.

This blog needs an exorcist.

It should be stated for the record that

"nude glowing rodent"

can be anagrammed into

"wriggled unto no end"

Oh My God! I want a nude, glowing, hairless mouse!!! (I don't think my husband will let me have on though.)

Nude mice?

Well, Pixie and Dixie at least wore bowties.

D. Crow, maybe if you wear something sexy he'll show you his "mouse"... or have you been married a while?

They sometimes wore Firemen's uniforms

what a great idea Sean! Glowing Poo!!

Yes, Glowing Poo!!
Just the thing to repel the growing epidemic of toilet snakes.

Wonder what Johnny (Glowing) Urinalcakes would say on this?

This is hardly new. We've been using GFP-crossed mice in this lab for years. I am well acquainted with one of the principle scientists who developed this technique.

To igloo: no one here takes a life, even of a mouse, without due consideration. If there was a way to do all of our experiments without taking life, believe me, we'd do it. The group with which I work at the Salk Institute is attempting to build computer models of biological systems on which we can do experiments, but, believe me, we're a long way from being there.

Well, I was beaten to the scatalogical punch.

However, what I really want to know is if this will propagate into mucous. I would kill for glow-in-the dark boogers.


Maybe they could put this food with glowing properties in food in Iraqi Grocery Stores..Like in Al Khida Saisbury Steak T.V. Dinners or Jihad Pot Pies..You know,in isle for suicide bomber frozen meals..."I am so proud of little Alwi,that for his last meal befor he goes to kill many infidels I make only the best..His favorite is Jihad Chunky Style Chicken Pot Pie..He loves the little carrots.." Then,the army could track the flow of glowing poo or urine to the terrorists...

I was just geting ready to buy one when he told me they were too expensive for domestic entertainment -

*gets in her Rolls-Royce and drives off in a huff*

I think glow in the dark mice are a great idea since my cat is pushing 15 (that's like 105 in human years) and can't see as well as she used to.....

I can just see her now, scurrying around the house carrying a black light....

I saw the picture...

Now I know what happened to that poor Taco Bell dog.

oh ...that would be so awesome...to glow in dark

anniversary night....guess what i did today honey :D

Infir taris
Inoke nonis
Incle nunnar
*makes sign of the cross* This blog is now excorcized of all powers of darkness.
*Note* Say what I intoned out loud, this one is mostly for Uncle Omar. ;D

If we put glowing genes into squirrels then they'd be easier to see, lessening roadkill, and it would be harder for them to sneak up on people!

Punky said to tell you all that she'll hold off until they come out with a neon hot pink one.

MOTW.....oh, you make me feel SO old....not knowing what a "Rubber-Soul" haircut was...sigh!
You should keep this in mind, though, the nerds rule the world...and all the money!

I just read nude and glowing and had to come here to be dissapointed...again!

insom - wherever you are, please see my post on other thread - Law Enforcemt -

*is turning blue from holding her breath*

El. see my post on the other thread.

*forgot what he wrote*

Blog Exorcits -

TNX! We needed that!

(Hi, AJ ... mebbe now I'll figure out how to get to there, and comment accordingly ...)

Actually tho, this mouse isn't really nude, it's just bald,>/i> all over ... (instead of just being like the old nomenclature r.e. the "bald-headed mouse" ...)

(Yes, I know that joke earns a perpetual ticket on the geezer bus ...)

I thank you, too, Blog Exorcist/Arcane Jill. Now maybe I can sleep tonight without having to resort to Jose Cuervo to erase the terrible image that bad, bad Christobol forced upon us...

Then again, I might just hang out with ol' Jose for the fun of it. *wink*

There is only one thing to do: We must kill Christobol.

Kill the Wabbit!
Kill the Wabbit!

Jose cuervo?...did someone say Jose Cuervo??

My NICKNAME is Rabbit, let's NOT kill the Rabbit!
You're welcome, Uncle Omar.
And couldn't we team-paddle Christobol instead of killing him?

think he said Wabbit, if i am not mistaken ...so ...you're pretty much safe :D

Did somebody say boogers? . . . .mmmmmm boogers . . . .

Key quote:

... far too expensive for domestic entertainment ...

O-tay, El driving away in a Rolls notwithstanding, (Or was it a Huff she drove away in, I'm not quite clear on that ... El?) just watch how the glitterati pick up on theis and they start showing up at all the events (mebbe as soon as the Oscars TM ???) with their glowing ferrets, boa constrictors and purse-sized puppies that glow in the dark !!!

[And then, in about six months, all these critters start showing up at animal shelters, after the fad wears off ...]

I wonder how long it will take before someone will start a big ethical debate by wanting to have the first glow-baby...

I could think of cool possibilities. For example, this guy could be his own "ghost host" at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. And it would be a riot to have him get his hand stamped there at the exit, and then watch the Disney employee's reaction when he re-enters the park by placing his hand under the UV lamp, and his whole arm lights up like a Disney glo-stick!

Corn -

Cool concept! I hadda chuckle when I visualized their reactions to the Glo-Stick arm ...

nude glowing rodent = would tin green dong ?

I once drove off in a huff but it got lousy gas mileage and when I asked for a tip she lived up to her nickname

If they're going to make the 'mouse' glow, than they should play fair and make the cat glow, also.
Like in baseball, they could play at night, too

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